What is the best survival knife?

what is the best survival knife

Survival in a hazardous situation when you most probably have a single gear with you to fight with the most unexpected and unpredictable situation can be one of  the toughest and hardest of your experiences if the only tool you have is not capable and strong enough to ensure your survival.

Any knife being tagged with some attractive features can’t be a successful survival gear, this is actually the one that can do chopping, hunting, dicing, tearing, skinning, gutting and cutting all simultaneously with superb perfection and greater speed. The following features are considered indispensable characteristics for an unbeatable survival knife:

  • Fixed blade
  • Full tang
  • Comfortable and grippy handle with hilt and a solid flat pommel
  • Blade metal – carbon steel or stainless steel
  • Blade design – straight edge or partially serrated, flat or serrated spine
  • Blade length – 4 – 9 inches
  • Blade thickness – 1/8 – 1/4 inch (0.125 – 0.25)
  • Lanyard hole  – to ensure security and greater flexibility
  • Useful sheath
  • Survival not Tactical

To perform all kinds of survival chores, the experienced survivalists and outdoor explorers find the premium quality Ka-Bar BK2 the best and invincible survival gear, the perfectly work in all kinds of life threatening situations.

No doubt it is a real serious tool that is specifically built to ensure survival for the outdoor ventures in the wilderness where the next moment can be the most risky in one’s life. Perfect size, ideal length and the most powerful, heavy duty, rust resistant, thick, wide  and drop point  5.5 inches long blade is simply matchless and capable of doing every possible chore while camping, hunting, skinning, fighting or facing any unpredictable situation.

The grivory 5 inches handle provides a superb comfortable grip. The very length of the knife is considered an ideal one for outdoor chores that are the toughest and the hardest.

The glass nylon sheath is of superior quality that looks decent and too smart when worn and protects the blade wonderfully keeping it sharp and secured. A little pressure on its back will release the knife making you ready to win the game in no time and with less effort.

The most durable and razor sharp knife has proved to be the best deal at this price with an awesome offer of lifetime warranty that attracts a number of professional and serious campers. Mr Becker is the real master of the outdoor world where a slight negligence can cost your life so is the selection of the right and most appropriate gear. At the same time, this knife is a fine quality razor, a robust hammer, a perfect chopper, an unbeatable axe and a professional spear meeting all the conditions of a true companion when stuck in a life threatening situation.

It is undoubtedly a magical device containing super saving powers. These matchless features would definitely work if one has the real skill and training how to use it for the maximum level of security and defense. This tool needs professional hands to prove its unusual powers and matchless ability.

Adorn your backpack and ensure your survival with the super duper KA BAR Bk2 which is actually a giant in the pocket, ready to fight and ready to defend its owner skilfully.

Here’s our pick list of survival knives under 100 dollars.

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