What is a Survival Knife?

what is a survival knife

Since ages man has been using knives to do a variety of jobs; to do kitchen chores, hunting, cutting, fighting, using it as a self defense tool, ensuring his survival in a risky situation or making his life easier, this small tool is simply irreplaceable. Though the modern technology has brought a revolution in the weaponry world and now the knives are not merely the knives rather they have been tagged with the respective purpose of their very creation.

Now the name introduces the purpose, the features identify the reasoning; the designs ensure the success and successful performance of the particular gear in the respective field. The weaponry world owns a number of knives that are equally useful and multipurpose if the user knows which category suits his final target and intentions the best.

Unlike other knives survival knives are intended to ensure user’s survival so whether one is caught in jungle, or his aircraft has got a crash or the hiker has stuck on a dangerous mountain or some other calamity has occurred so here this is the gear to protect you and get you out of any perilous situation with superb skill and speed.

This is the only rescue tool which is highly reliable and dependable as it is the one that guarantees your safety and do multi sort of jobs with shocking ability. The expert outdoor ventures and survivalists actually know why it is essential to have an exceptionally versatile gear while they are out in wilderness environment or in any outdoor venture.

In a survival situation there is no second option it is actually the only tool you have to fight with and overcome any risky moment where the slightest mistake can bring about your terrible death. No doubt, a perfect survival gear offers you to perform a wide variety of survival tasks with a perfect ease and excellent smartness.

Here we have listed down some most common chores what a survival knife can do for you. This small piece of gadget works wonder in all kinds of environment as:

  • To open cans and other packed items
  • To carve wood to get fire
  • To cut rope
  • To build a shelter
  • For self defense
  • To chop and to dice
  • To hunt your big or small game as well its skinning
  • To prepare your food
  • To get you out from any life threatening situation

This one is considered the essential tool for the outdoorsman, bush crafters, hunters or preppers, thus the survival knives are specifically tailored for all kinds of survival related situations.

The following features in a knife give it super survival ability.

  • Full tang
  • Solid and durable blade up to ¼ inches thick
  • 5-6 inches long blade
  • Supreme quality blade material
  • 90 degree blade spine
  • Extremely comfortable and grippy handle
  • Light weight to be carried an EDC tool
  • Rust resistant and razor sharp blade
  • The best protective sheath
  • Solid pommel

Wishing you to have a sturdier and a perfect survival knife so can fulfil all of your survival needs. Yet it is also true that this very tool’s best performance actually is in the hands of user. Only a skilful user can enjoy this multipurpose gear to deal with a multi sort of situations to ensure his safety and rescue. The truly wise selection that suits to your purpose from the market where almost all kinds of knives are being entitled with survival tag is your real skill.

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