Top rated survival knives in 2022 [Reviews, Pros and Cons]

Outdoor explorers, survivalists and hunters know that heading towards wild without any survival gear is an open invitation to deadly consequences. Only a good survival tool made of premium quality materials guarantees one’s survival in an unexpected hazardous situation, when they have very few essentials with them to face all kinds of situations with superb skill and valor.

Different stores have different survival knives offering you impeccable features but all of them are not of same quality and standard. To pick the most sincere companion in the form of a trustworthy gear that ensures your survival in the hardest of the situation is really a big deal. Here we have listed down five most renowned and top rated survival knives under 100 dollars which are tested not only by the makers but by the actual users or survivalists and they make no compromise on quality.

1. ESEE Laser Strike

esee laser strike top rated knife

Let’s have our first versatile survival gadget which flawless making has made it the favorite of outdoor ventures. Esee laser strike is considered the most useful survival knife. This quiet beast may seem light in weight but possesses matchless features. Its extra ordinary powerful blade has proven its usefulness all around the globe.

The 4.75-inches high carbon blade can simply do wonders. In addition to its outstanding edge the Esee has adorned the knife with the special micarta handle having finger grooves over it allowing the users to grab the tool easily and strongly. The handle is 5.25-inches long and is perfect to hold and to balance the blade.

The very inclusion of bow drill divot is no doubt a blessing when survivalists need to light fire, beside the interior steel there are ferrocerium flint and a pair of tinder tabs helping the users to use it as a useful fire starting tool.

This light weight gadget seems delicate but is shockingly disastrous; it is a heavier chopper and is wonderfully good at batoning. Extended or longer use doesn’t affect its devastating power; the thick drop point blade performs all kinds of task with superb effectiveness. So whether scraping is the intention or any detailed task is your goal ESEE Laser Strike is the perfect choice.

The micarta handle is extra ordinarily grippy and provides a balanced hold over the super excellent blade. This terrific gadget comes in a kydex sheath that provides it sound security and keeps the blade unharmed and undamaged. The versatility of this gear has been proved itself by serving its users in multi sort of fields. Cutting, chopping, drilling, dicing, fire starting are just few of the functions it can do with exceptional expertise.


  • A giant chopper
  • Provides greater grip
  • Kydex sheath


  • Less carrying options

2. Fallkniven A1

fallkniven-a1-survival-knifeWhat a wow edition in the weaponry world, the super duper Fallkniven A1 has countless features to convince you of its matchless standard. Its VG 10 stainless steel blade lasts longer and provides wonderful edge retention. The harder steel bothers you very less in terms of care and maintenance.

The six inches sharpened edge is no doubt a signature of Fallkniven. It is a terrific grinder. The very feature of having a thicker blade plays the real role in the game. The blade is strong enough to cut through the hardest and toughest of the material with superb comfort and ease.

The handle is of premium quality that guarantees super smart grip over the knife. The handle simply fits into the palm of holder allowing him to do wonders with the help of this terrific giant. The overall size of 11 inches in considered to be the best in survival knives as it makes all kinds of chores easier to do. VG 10 stainless steel ensures longevity of the blade and its edge retention. It possesses wonderful cutting ability but sharpening of the gadget is somewhat complicated but as it is VG 10 so it troubles you very less often.

The A1 kraton handle offers non slipping grip almost in an all kinds of weather. The rubberized grip provides a perfect hold in wet and cold and the finger guard provides additional safety and comfort.  The full tang blade makes it an invincible gear tagging it with ‘an indispensible gear’ of your backpack for your next adventure. This full tang creation gives it surprisingly striking and hammering ability.

The zytel sheath in the kit doesn’t match the premium features of the knife. Though it provides complete protection to the blade but it seems compromising on quality. This beast gadget is the best companion of the survivalists as it enables them to get through all kinds of situations.


  • Premium quality materials
  • Perfect blade size
  • A perfectly comfortable handle


  • Low quality sheath
  • Sharpening is a bit complicated.

3. KA-BAR Becker BK2

ka bar becker survival knifeKA BAR knives are world famous for their toughness and impeccable features. The genuine quality materials, perfect design and awesome creation all put together in just one in the form of KA BAR BK2. The black coated, 1095 Cro-Van steel, 5.25 inches’ blade is worthy of dealing all kinds of unexpected situations but a skilled hand is must to avoid any kind of mess. The drop point blade is extremely suitable for stabbing.

This full tang knife is supported by two pieces of Zytel. It features an uncovered bit of steel at the pommel making it really strong and heavy so that it can be used as a powerful hammer or a striking gear. The Zytel handle is immensely comfortable and grippy, this perfect grip allows the users to get jam-packed control over the knife no matter how tough the situation or the task is.

The unbeatable power and astonishing features simply make it an excellent selection among all the other contemporary options. The carrying options are simply versatile and superb giving the users full confidence making them alert and ready in case of any sudden and emergency situation.

The versatile knife offers several carrying options which are exceedingly comfortable for the users to get themselves ready and vigilant where there is no second chance the knife wins the game in the first with the one who is expert in using knives.  The polymer sheath provides complete protection to the blade and can be worn or carried in a number of ways.

Apart from cutting, dicing, chopping, skinning, slicing, striking or hammering it is a great fire starting tool too. This handy tool is the best for all kinds of the toughest and the hardest tasks. From smashing the rocky materials and piercing the car’s window to skinning the game and slicing some delicate stuff this very tool is the best of all.


  • Ready for the toughest tasks
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Versatile
  • Alternative carrying options


  • Nil

4. Spyderco Waterway

spyderco waterway top rated survival knife

Commonly the blades are meant to perform in wilderness or some inner city survival situations. But when you are stuck at some island or trapped in some desert or stranded in some coastal area then the knives that are particularly designed for the situation on land fall short. There you need some gear that is specifically built to be used in water. So here Spyderco Waterway is the most appropriate tool.

Waterway is designed by Lance Clinton who is a professional kayak fisherman who has spent most of his life at sea. During his entire experience none of the knives satisfied him fully as they were intended to be used for survival related issues on land. This handy tool is exceptionally corrosion resistant and thus performs the best at fishing task or while in the sea. It works equally well at the other survival related functions. Its fine edge and agility make it to perform extremely well at water bodies.

The 4.5 inches long and 0.12 inches wide blade is built with LC200N superior quality nitrogen alloyed steel that is superbly rust resistant and ready to bear all kinds of toughness and hardness. For the maximum strength and power it is crafted full tang. This high quality full tang blade is outlined by contoured G10 scales that provide extremely anti slipping grip over the blade. The handle has jimping pattern on it thus ensures a permanent, waterproof bond. This textured finished handle maintains firm grip in wet environments and the inclusion of finger guard avoids user’s fingers from slipping.

It comes with a custom molded Boltaron sheath that offers the users innumerable carrying options as one finds easy and suitable to carry. It keeps the knife secured and protected avoiding any kind of damage.  The versatile G clip provides variety of carrying options so your only gear remains ready to be drawn and played in the game. Convenient drawing options and wonderful accessible options make it a worthwhile choice for the sea adventurers.

The Spyderco Waterway is the answer to all the problems we may face at sea or while dealing with fish or other sea creatures. Its features have surpassed other standard fishing knives providing an excellent ease at fish cutting, gutting or cleaning.


  • Solid grip
  • Highly corrosion resistant blade


  • Not suitable for tough materials

5. Gerber StrongArm:

gerber strongarm knife

Another amazing option that is not less than all the others in terms of features and quality is Gerber StrongArm. This USA made knife owns wonderful unbeatable features. Its 5 inches ceramic-coated 420HC steel blade has proven its ability in the hardest of the situations by expert survivalists and professional outdoor explorers. With this appropriate blade size it suits the best for all kinds of survival chores.

This is no doubt one of the most dependable and reliable tools specifically built for combat and survival situations. Providing the users a brutal strength this is a typical product of Gerber. This fixed blade knife owns matchless strength and is highly versatile capable of dealing all kinds of situations with a perfect skill and expertise. It comes with innovative sheath that allows the user to carry the knife the way they like. The sheath gives sound protection to the blade and offers multi mounting options.

Gerber is famous for the making of highly functional and effective military weapons that never fail a militant who knows the knife using skills well. The premium quality materials are perfectly adequate for extended use. The rubberized handle is extremely grippy and too comfortable for longer use. It has diamond pattern on it that fixes the users palm over it. The pommel and lanyard hole are some additional features. The pommel is heavy enough as to be used like a hammer. The price tag is another attraction as the features it offers, only the best knives can offer to its users and most of them are double in price.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Versatile
  • Highly durable


  • Sheath is of low quality

The above mentioned survival knives are among the top rated survival gears of the year 2022. Though they are similar in features and design but they are intended to be used in a specific situation and for a particular purpose. Your purpose will define the gear with the most appropriate qualities suited to your task. If the user is not skilled enough then the best of the best will even fail to ensure his survival in a hazardous situation. So the right skill accompanying the super adequate tool guarantees one’s success.

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