Difference between a Survival Knife vs Hunting Knife

survival knife vs hunting knife

Knife lovers know the specifications and amazing functionality of different kinds of knife thus they believe that the customized usage of any gear offers you maximum security and satisfaction. Here we are listing down the prominent features of survival and hunting knife to help you get the appropriate one suited best to your needs.

Survival Knife VS Hunting Knife:

Let’s have a short description of each kind to understand the purpose behind their particular design and style.

1. Multipurpose gadgets:

A survival knife is the most reliable and rock-solid tool to face life-threatening situations with superb power and strength. It skins, hunts, cuts, dices, chops, and a variety of tasks in the wild. It works like spears and daggers with an unbeatable sharpness. Its versatility has no match.

Hunting knives are specifically made for hunting purposes whether a small game or a large animal. It skins, cuts and chops with its amazing piercing blade. Hunting becomes easier and joyful when your hunting partner is the right one in the form of a good hunting gadget.

2. Difference of strength:

Hunting knives are no doubt highly reliable and strong. They can also perform multi jobs like can be used as a spearhead, work as a fire starter and cut comparatively soft materials with perfect ease. Hunting knives are known to be multifaceted knives. Hunters after hunting their small game use them for cleaning and boning their hunt to prepare their food.

Though both the knives are known for their superiority and powerful blades but survival knives have matchless strength and cutting ability. The blade is thicker and sturdier offering high-quality performance and durability. So it performs the hunting tasks too with amazing speed and easiness.

3. Difference of blade:

The powerful blades are common in both kinds. Hunting knives have a super sharp blade that enjoys a piercing ability. It cuts through an animal’s skin until it becomes dead.

Whereas a survival knife cuts the animal’s skin, kills the large animals, works wonderfully on hard and tough materials, clear the densely covered paths and a lot more which any other knife cannot do. This survival knife leads all kinds of other weapons in terms of greatness and outstanding performance.

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4. Size specifications:

Hunting cannot be done easily with any knife looking impressive in terms of size and style but the expert hunters always prefer to have smaller knives. Though the size of a hunting knife usually depends on the size of your hunting game. For small game hunting, the small and lightweight knives work the best, whereas to hunt a large deer or elk a tougher and a larger knife will give you an easy time.

In the case of survival knives, survivalists prefer to have a lightweight knife with a sturdy blade. The size which ranges from six to eleven inches serves you well in a variety of tasks. For effective and efficient hunting tasks, make sure you are selecting the knife which can give you a firm grip and excellent application without getting slipped from your hands.

5. Knife handles:

Handle is the part that makes you successful or failed in your respective job. In case of too big or too small handle, the usage becomes challenging for the user. Too big handle is difficult to control and too small handle makes you tired.

Survival knives come with leather, zytel and wooden handles. All offer wonderful grip specifically zytel which provides you an exceptional grip and control. Survival knives handles are highly durable and reliable.

Hunting knives also have grippy handles but not like survival weapons. For the safety of hunters, most of the hunting knives have guard on their handles to ensure a comfortable and anti-slipping grip. Medium-sized handles work the best for hunting purposes.

6. Difference of functionality:

Hunting knives are supposed to do the A to Z hunting-related jobs including butchering and skinning and cutting meat. It suits the best for the hunters.

Survival knives are intended to do all the tasks with super-smart ability. It is stronger, durable, more reliable, sturdier and exceptionally powerful and performs all the necessary chores needed during any unexpected situation.

7. Easy to Sharpen Tools:

A survival knife is an indestructible easy to sharpen tool. Just a little bit of care and maintenance increases its durability and high-quality performance. Similarly, the hunting knives also enjoy easy to sharpen high-quality blades.

Stainless steel blades and carbon steel blades are common in both kinds. Though carbon steel blades require special treatment but regular cleaning increase the quality performance. Sharp-edged, full tang thicker blades perform excellent jobs of cutting and hunting.  With proper care, the user can keep the hunting or survival knife last for years.

8. Price Difference:

Survival knives’ price ranges from fifteen dollars to seventy-five dollars. When stuck in a survival situation this price seems nothing when it saves the outdoor adventurer from the harsh, cruel, and unwanted natural calamities.

Hunting knives are indispensable for hunting a game. Different hunting knives are available in the market at wonderfully affordable prices. They are comparatively cheaper than a survival knife.

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In short, both the kinds mentioned above come with amazing features. The difference between the survival knife and a hunting knife is slight but your right selection of a perfect knife depends on you. When you figure out that which knife has those special features fulfilling your requirements when you will go out then you will definitely be able to have the most effective weapon with you.  But the knife which you should take in a life-threatening situation is certainly a survival knife.

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