Choosing between a survival knife vs a hatchet – What’s best for you?

survival knife vs hatchet which one is better

In the weaponry world, the debate over the issue that which is really the best knife that can ensure your survival is endless having different opinions of different people. The only answer to all questions is actually, purpose defines the suitable gadget”. The expert hunters and survivalists know that different knives are intended for different goals. The user needs to focus on his goals to get the most capable gear.

A good survival knife guarantees your survival in a hazardous situation so is extremely versatile as to serve you in all kinds of unexpected circumstances. Whereas a hatchet works more efficiently and quickly when it comes chopping, cutting or clear felling of the tress like job is the target, no matter how huge they are. Let’s have a look over the differences between a survival knife and the hatchet.

  • Portability:

The knife is smart in size and easy to carry as they come in different designs and different styles to be carried and worn with the help of a belt. The user may wear them or carry them the way they like. The folding gears can easily be put in the pocket, because they are light weight and nifty in size. On the other hand, hatchet even of the smallest size is hard to carry and needs a prior decided place to be put in.

  • Proper concealment:

Survival knife in case of fighting or any other life threatening situation can be concealed easily but hatchet being heavier and bulkier is not a gear that can be concealed and hidden.

  • Fire starting:

The survival knife comes with the feature of fire starting that can be an indispensable requirement of a particular event that questions one’s survival. On the contrary, the hatchet is meant to do the hard chores only not to light fire.

  • Skinning and cleaning the game:

Skinning and cleaning the game need a sharp and thinly designed blade. Survival knife can do such delicate tasks more efficiently and capably in less time and using less effort of the user. The hatchet can do the above chore too but not as fine as survival knife can do. The hatchet comes ahead when chopping and cutting the meat is intended.

  • Fine chopping:

The survival knife takes time in chopping finely but hatchet can do this chopping with amazing speed and ability. A fine quality hatchet can chop the rocky materials and hardest of the substances with superb skill what a survival knife can’t do at all.

  • Self-defense:

Both the gears that are built with premium quality blades and materials ensure one’s defense in a particular situation. Although some experts believe that due to increased access and momentum a hatchet is more likely to win the votes when the close combat is the case.

  • Durability:

The material which is used for the construction of survival knife or hatchet certifies its durability. A truly strong constructed weapon will definitely last longer. The survival gadget is intended to face all kinds of unexpected challenges so it is built with fine quality materials and proves to be a durable one. The hatchet is meant to do hard chores so it is built with strong and quality materials so it is quite long lasting and durable. In short, both the weapons if constructed well with fine quality steel and other materials they give life time guarantee to their users.

  • Hammering:

As the name suggests, the hatchet being heavier is ten times better in hammering than survival knife which is smart in size and weight.

While summing up all the above details, we conclude that there are a number of chores where the survival knife is the best choice than all the other gadgets, where as in some tasks the hatchet can perform superb. You can find some quality survival knives under 100 from here. Being the user you yourself know the purpose so the selection depends on your respective objective. The quality, durability and versatility are the pre requisite for both to serve you the best. The inclusion of both in your survival kit will help you in tackling the jobs in which they are best at.

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