Survival Knife vs. Fighting Knife – Which one should you choose?

Survival Knife vs. Fighting Knife - Which one should you choose

The expert knife makers have been striving since ages to serve their users with the knife that is appropriate and super suitable to their requirements. The survivalists go for the quality survival knife that is multipurpose and is meant to perform many tasks, predominantly wood processing, hunting and skinning of the game small or large, in short all the possible chores in a survival situation. Whereas a fighting knife is specifically designed for fighting, having no delicacy and any extra feature in it, it has an aggressively textured handle and a super sharp blade to get through into soft material effortlessly.

Survival knife vs Fighting Knife – Which one should you choose?

When it comes to what you should bring on an outdoor adventure, the answer is “it depends“. If you are heading towards wood where you need a versatile and a reliable tool to do cutting, dicing, chopping skinning, gutting then a fine premium quality survival knife would be the only and the perfect choice. The fighting knife would simply fail you as it is not optimized for doing all the above mentioned jobs.

But when you are expecting to have a fight, a military expedition, or a close combat with someone then your fighting gadget will guarantee your life. No matter how best the fighting knife is but if you possess the true strength and skill of using it, this ensures you success in the battle field. Improper employment will harm you and fail you in your respective task.

Functionality and usability:

The survival gear looks smart and handy and it is usually the part of one’s backpack when the adventurer has just few essentials to be packed. So the survival gear is a little bit thick and heavy to work like an axe, the sharp pointed blade does the skinning job well as to replace the gutting tool, the pommel is strong enough to work like a hammer, to do baton without bending or chipping the blade is strong and it works great in prying, digging and scratching that is why the clip points, drop points are common. It comes in variety of sizes, shapes, styles, edge configurations and points.

On the other hand, the fighting knives are made of quality steel so are strong enough to pierce through into your rival’s skin but are designed for fighting purposes only. When it comes the job of batoning and prying, this leaner piece of gadget will completely be flopped.

Size, design and Color:

The survival knife can be of different sizes from around 4 inches up to 14 inches, can be as small as to be hidden in boots and as massive or huge as to be worn in belt. It comes with other additional features as fire starter, a stone used as sharpener, sheath, a fishing line, compass map and many more etc. It is available in different attractive colors, shapes and designs.

But the fighting knife is just like a short sword of five inches or so. This is constructed for aggressive use thus the handle is too grippy and fits into user’s hands if he knows the real skill and owns mastery over using it. It owns rough and tough looks as it is made for tougher goals. The market will offer you dark and sober colors in fighting gears that reflect their serious and grave purpose.

The game starts with your real and appropriate selection as there is no second chance neither in the battlefield nor in the survival kind of situation. Wrong choice will simply take your life questioning your skills of using the most suitable gadget as per the requirement. By visiting the link, you can help yourself to get super smart gear that suits to your objective; ensuring your survival or confirming your victory over your opponent.

If you are on a budget, here’s our pick list of survival knives under 100 dollars.

Survival knives are more likely to be massive, such as machetes, but their large size is not always an advantage. However, it does offer a huge sheath and handle that can hold copious survival items such as matches, sharpening stone, fishing line, snare wire, water treatment tabs, compass, map and more.

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