Survival Knife vs Combat Knife

survival knife vs combat knife

A survival knife catering all of your survival needs is no doubt much stronger and versatile than a combat knife. Though the high quality combat knife enjoys more or less the same features as a good survival knife and it becomes hard to differentiate between them clearly. Let’s see the differences with this worth noticing fact that both are brothers in terms of wide scary blades and other designing features.

Survival Knife vs Combat Knife

1. Purpose defines the kind:

Survival knives ensure your perfect protection specifically in deep woods while dealing with a tough and life-threatening situation. It fulfills all of your survival needs whether you need to hunt or skin your small game or setting a trap or clearing your path. Here we have some of the best survival knives that you can choose from.

A combat knife is particularly designed for fighting purposes and thus widely used in military or police-related jobs. They work superbly perfect when cutting, ripping or slashing tasks are intended to be done. As it is mostly used by the soldiers or militants so it does almost all the jobs.

2. Usage specifies the type:

Survival knife is an ultimate tool that survivalists use to meet their survival needs. Whether hunting or skinning is required or lightening of fire is the issue, whether batoning or chopping is the problem or cutting job is needed, all are successfully done by a good survival knife.

A combat knife is considered a necessary weapon for the fighters and militants. It enables the soldiers to face all the problems that are the part of a battlefield whether opening crates and boxes whether digging trenches or underground tunnels.

3. Similar features:

A fixed blade knife usually having the length from eight to eleven inches works wonder in any unpredictable circumstances is actually considered the best survival gadget. It may contain a stainless steel blade or a carbon blade, only proper care and maintenance will make them last longer. They are preferably full tang and have a grippy handle. The sharp edged blade does numerous jobs and the durable handle performs many tasks possibly be the part of wilderness or the war field.

The combat knife enjoys the similar features as survival knives, the length, the blade, the handle, the weight everything and both are heavy duty, durable and sturdy. The shapes of the knives make them more comfortable for combat situations. And the handle comfort ability depends on the user’s hands and his way of gripping.

4. What they are meant for?

A combat knife is intended to work in an aggressive environment. Its blade is designed for fighting purposes only, so it enjoys maximum sharpness and penetration of soft materials. A combat knife is exclusively designed for military use and its primary focus is actually on hand to hand fighting.

A survival knife is meant to perform a variety of jobs at the same time, specifically the chores required in the wild. A reliable survival knife smartly does all the work which is needed to ensure one’s survival. A survival weapon being a versatile one also carries a number of additional gears in it which can satisfy one’s survival needs.

5. Change of environment:

A high-performance survival knife with its sharp edge proves to be the most reliable and durable tool when heading towards the jungle. Your move-in the wild becomes more confident with the presence of a good survival tool.

A fighting knife has the ability to fulfill all the fighting needs in a highly efficient manner enabling the fighter to do hand to hand or close combat fighting with superb ease. Its piercing ability works wonder and when used by the militants.

6. Each other’s replacement:

They replace each other amazingly as both enjoy more or less the same features, a good combat knife becomes the fully powerful survival gadget but there involves a little bit effort to perform all the chores that are needed in the wilderness.

Similarly, a high-performance survival knife pierces the skin of the rival in no time though it is not designed for this task specifically.  So in short you can certainly do the work of one with the other with super smart ability, you just need to know their basic functionality and complete knowledge to use them effectively. Their optimized usage ensures a perfect result and gives you easy control over the situation.

7. Mind preparedness and respective situations:

As the fighting knives are designed for fighting purposes so they are unsuitable for other uses. A perfect combat knife is an indispensable part of any fighting activity. A combat knife is usually used in a planned or expected situation. But in case of survival knife which is the essential part of your backpack while planning any outdoor adventure, you don’t have space and time to waste your time over useless weapons and just a few goodies are the part of your backpack to face an unplanned and unexpected situation.

In a nutshell, the selection of a knife solely depends upon your target use. The difference between the survival and combat knife is really hard to discover but becomes vividly apparent when the purpose is specified. Though both can do each other’s job easily but they are intended for very different tasks. Their optimized usage will serve the users best in all ways. So wishing you luck to have the most appropriate weapon be the part of your backpack which suits your need and purpose.

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