15 Reasons Why Knife Is The Most Important Survival Tool

Going for an outdoor adventure, and in a fix that which thing you must carry with you to ensure your survival in a disastrous situation then it is, no doubt, a quality survival knife. It is the most important survival gear which is the only answer and solution of any unpredictable situation.

Reasons why knife is considered the most important survival tool:

A perfect survival knife is a tool that is a multi-purpose weapon with hundreds of functions. A knife works awesome when heading into the wilderness. The followings are the reasons why the survivors choose to have a knife as a chief survival tool.

1. Self-defense:

In the environment that can turn hostile any time or to save yourself from any natural catastrophe, you need to have a good survival knife with you to avoid any kind of tragedy. You will be courageous enough to face any life-threatening situation with a knife as your fellow fighter. With your knife, you will scare off your attacker to widen the chance of your survival. It will defend you from both the animals and people.

2. A source of psychological boost

The knife, no doubt gives you a psychological edge when facing an emergency. You face the situations more confidently and with more determination. A mental ease and readiness with the most suitable weapon work wonder and gives you satisfaction and confidence while confronting a tough situation.

3. Use it to clear the path

In a life and death situation, whether you are among the woods, between the mountains, or somewhere in the deserts, you need to have a knife with you to clear the path, specifically when you are going through the dense forests. Its sharp blade helps you to get through the thorny ways and thick wild trees.

4. Use it to build shelter:

This versatile weapon helps you a lot to build you a shelter for your perfect survival, to cut the woods, to gather the materials from your local environment, to make your shelter’s floor by collecting leaves, moss and other soft bedding materials. Cutting the branches and shaping the branches, all such work is done with the help of knife. The roof of your shelter is also built by cutting and shaping.

5. Use it as a fire starter:

Knife helps in creation of such tools which are really helpful in starting fire. In fact, all the basic needs when you are stuck in a survival situation can easily be made with a good knife.

When stuck in an emergency you need to have fire starters with you and for this knife works wonder. Your knife’s blade can quickly produce sparks. You gather tinder, firewood, dry leaves, twigs and branches in order to start the fire just by striking your knife’s blade against a stone to get spark and fire will be started with this simple multi-purpose tool.

6. Use it to prepare food:

Survival without food is impossible. Whether you talk about hunting or skinning the animals, to get meat in proper form the use of knife becomes inevitable. This versatile tool will help you to prepare your food, make traps and snares to catch the small animal. The knife is a necessary ingredient to have while you are out. It can be used as a spear to get fruits from tall branches.

7. Use it as a hunting tool:

Food is the basic need in the wilderness so getting food is the top most priority to have the energy needed in a bad situation. A good survival knife gives you the chance to hunt small animals or fish. For your easiness you can attach it to a long stick or branch which will also be cut through the knife. When you do not have rifle or gun with you a profound survival knife is an excellent choice.

8. Use it as a digging tool:

It works as a perfect digging tool. The survivalists can make holes in the ground for the disposal of wastes as remnants of meat, for making fire for signaling to call for help.

9. Use it as a skinning tool:

Once you have hunted and got the meat then you need to remove the animal’s skin to get away all the pathogens and expected bacteria which might be the part of animal’s fur or skin in that wild environment. Your good knife having a sharp blade get you the skinning job done properly in no time.

10. Use it as a first aid tool:

In any kind of medical emergency the knife works, through it you can get rid of any external object entered in your wound. You can tear apart the dressings you have brought with you and make a bandage to cover your injuries and wounds. In order to avoid any kind of further infection you can cauterize your wound.

11. Use it for batoning:

Of course in your outdoor adventure you can’t bring the bulk of tools with you, so your knife is the only important tool to get all the job done required in an emergency. Cutting and splitting of wood is done by making repeated strikes with the sturdy survival knife of yours. This method is useful to make kindling, boards, planks or notches.

12. Use it for making rope:

This important survival tool puts all of your worries away as it can make rope for you which is simply unavoidable for building shelter. You can use your knife to cut long stripes of bark from the tress and then you just need to weave all the smaller stripes (cut from the longer stripes) together to get a rope. This rope will be useful whether in building a shelter for you or tying anything.

13. Use it for making other tools:

A good quality knife helps you to make other tools that you may need out in the wilderness. You can make snares, fish hooks etc. It works terrific when quick modifications are required to be made in any tool.

14. Use it for signaling:

Your knife can save you if things go wrong or out of control, your knife’s sharp and shiny blade helps to signal your rescuer. You can use it to call and alert your rescuers of your presence and location and thus get the help you need.

15. Use it for hammering:

Your survival knife can be used as a substitute for various tools which you have forgotten to pack with you like the most wanted hammer. You can hammer the tent pegs to the ground with the blunt edge of your survival knife easily. Similarly you can do such tasks in your campsite with your most important survival tool.

You just need to learn the amazing jobs done by this important survival tool. You become more bold and confident when holding a knife which is the best companion of yours in your outdoor adventure. Go beyond waving it around and learn the facts and miraculous jobs of your particular knife. You will be utterly shocked that it has far more uses and benefits than those listed above. Your versatile survival knife can get you everything whatever you need in an unpredictable situation.

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