Premium quality Cutco Knife Set Price in 2022

How much is a Cutco knife set ?

If you are a professional chef or home cook you must have a love for premium knives. The first name embarks upon the mind is Cutco knife set. It is one of the luxurious picks that are sold like hotcakes. The extremely sharp knife is capable to cope with the situation like the best survival knife and you can get it in retail stores and on, Amazon (via third-party sellers).

Premium Quality Cutco Knife Set

Why Cutco knife set is over the top in the global market?

Cutco has made a spell in the global market and can influence customer purchase; the grave reason is its exceptional reputation. Moreover, it has kept its customers happy and gratified over time by offering them one of the best chef knives.

Let’s take a closer look at its construction to know why it asks an earsplitting price.

Channel Construction

All knives are made of the same material. Moreover, the Cutco blades are laser stamped with high-carbon AISI 440 A grade stainless steel to ensure credence and competence. They are heat-treated before getting connected with handles and impact corrosion resistance. That’s why it has an edge over other kitchen knives and uses long expensive alloys. It crafts unique and durable knife sets that stand it out from the crowd. For instance,

  • Blades are triple-riveted to the knife handle and keep the handle surface neat and do not trap food particles. Moreover, it is also great to skin small game
  • Blades are crafted from a highly engineered thermo-resin
  • Dishwasher safe handles
  • Handles are BPA-free and non-porous
  • The knife handle is of supreme quality and will not harbor bacteria and will not either get chipped or cracked when contact with moist or heat
  • The 15-degree angle blade is sharp on both sides and can be one of the best rescue knives
  • A company is devoted to fine standards and takes 25 steps to craft a knife that is premium and plush
  • Each knife has a bit clunky handle to ensure an easy and non-greasy grip
  • The handle is fully ambidextrous and comes fit to every hand size
  • The love for the Wedge-Lock handle is rampant but many call it a mere attention-grabber
  • The hollow blade does not allow food to stick
  • Large holes help to release gummy food
  • Knives are full tang, durable and reliable
  • The blade has double-D and straight edges for delicate slicing

How does it Look?

Each knife portrays aesthetic touch and elegant design. From the handle to the blade tip what you will observe is adroitness.

Cutco Knife set is backed by Matchless Guarantees

Cutco is dedicated to customer satisfaction, offering multiple guarantees to create an indestructible bond.

Following are the perks you can enjoy

  • Cutco will replace or repair any knife, for instance, you are not satisfied with its cutting or it has been broken while doing its work
  • Cutco will sharpen your knives for a lifetime, and FREE
  • It offers a remarkable guarantee to get a new set at half price if your knife break, it is one of the spectacular replacement guarantees hardly finds
  • if you are not satisfied with its performance you can avail 15-day unconditional money-back guarantee

These are fairly extensive guarantees and can be the reason to pressure off the huge price Cutco knife set demands.

Watch out for the range of dollars the Cutco knife set asks from you

1 - Cutco 21-Piece Knife Set

2 - Cutco 19-piece Knife Set

3 - Cutco Steak Knives (set of 4)

4 - Cutco Gourmet Prep Knife

5 - Cutco Vegetable Knife

6 - Cutco 9-inch French Chef’s knife

7 - Cutco 8-inch Petite French Chef’s Knife

Why Cutco knives are expensive?

Usually, it is because of the US where manufacturing cost is relatively higher. Nevertheless, the shrilling question comes to your mind, is Cutco still a good value?

Before grasping the knife set you should also consider the following stumbling blocks mentioned down there

  • Cutco knives are expensive compared to the competitors that are also crafting the same quality premium knives. Nevertheless, they are far from offering “forever guarantees”
  • Stamped blades are least preferred, but Cutco knives are always stamped. Moreover, stamped knives also lack in weight and balance
  • The steel used in Cutco knives is of mid-range quality, that’s why frequently needs to sharpen

Apart from offering free lifetime sharpening, people find it difficult to send for professional sharpening. The shipping cost is always a concern

Bottom Line

Now, when everything has been discussed from the material and construction to pricing and warranties, we will give the final verdict. The brand’s permanence and track record demonstrate the quality of the knives. Moreover, and is entitled the largest knife manufacturer in North America. Cutco knives are well-built and come with promising guarantees. Though you are inclined to get an individual piece or the knife set, American-made kitchen knives, Cutco is an excellent choice.

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