Neck Knives

People these days love wearing neck knives not only because it is stylish but also because it can save you from so many risky situations. You can carry a neck knife with you for self-defense, survival, and, EDC too.

However, a perfect neck knife is always hard to find because there is a list of things that one has to check before buying neck knives.

Firstly, and most importantly is the weight of the knife you can not wear a heavy neck knife as it’ll cause you fatigue and neck pain. So while choosing a neck knife one has to make sure that it is lightweight.

Normally, fixed blade neck knives are preferred over a folding knives. As in case of any emergency use, it’s hard to open a folding knife but fixed blades are always more accessible.

Another important factor is durability so a good fixed blade knife is supposed to be durable.

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