Most Expensive Throwing Knife in 2022 According To Daredevils


If you are a wild-game hunter or a daredevil then you probably are enthused to get the fun of throwing games. It is a competitive sport and requires expertise and opts for safety measures to stumble across the game. Premium quality throwing knives is an age-time entertainment that connects history. It can save you from an undesirable situation in the woods or streets and is considered to be the best survival knife 2022.

Most Expensive Throwing Knife

How throwing knives can be an expedient anti-depressant?

It makes you learn how to concentrate on a point, and sticking a knife into an aim with repeatable precision can be a huge victory. It is one of the premium but indestructible ways to blow off steam. So let the throwing knife pokes into your wilderness survival kit, as it is one of the spectacular survival knives of the era.

Here are the top picks to influence your purchase

1 - DXB-Sport “Vector” Throwing Knives Set

A stainless steel-based knife is a mind-blowing tool to boost confidence that shapes your development skills. It is a professional sport throwing knife that is not either sharp but perfectly safe for beginners too. It is one of the perfect rescue knives to enhance discipline and focus.

Created and Accredited by a big Name

It is human nature that they are always inclined to the product accredited by a big name. The DXB-sport vector throwing knife is developed by a world champion “the Bear” Melnikov, the champion of Russia and Europe. People love to follow his ideas and wild game strategies. It is one of the expensive throwing knives that are the true value of the product.


It is one of the most controlling knives, bringing out the gallant kept inside you. It teaches you how to hold a throwing knife like an angular. It manifests your hidden talent and takes you to the next level of throwing skill.

Robust Construction

Each knife is a solid depiction of stainless steel construction. The set houses three throwing vector knives. To keep the precious tool safe and secure individual black nylon sheath is designed. Sheath is exclusively designed with a secure plastic insertion and a huge utility from the DXB Sports team.

A non-weapon Throwing Knife

DXB-Sport “Vector” Throwing Knives Set is certified as a non-weapon by the manufacturing company and is one of the best throwing knives 2022. It is good for beginners and gives them the proficiency to tune out distractions and concentrate on a sole target. Your target is your prize bag with a premium knife. A soft blade throwing tool has the slightest probability to bring injury.

2 - Smith & Wesson Bullseye Throwing Knife Set

If you are enthused to stumble across a steel-hurtling fun then you are at the right place. Always choose the right tool for the right job. It is next to one of the finest fling knives that has several distinct features.


S & W’s blade is distinctive and empowers you with a striking experience. It presents six throwing knives and each one is well-balanced and has a lightweight soft blade.

Durable and Reliable

Each knife is eight inches long and weighs 4.7 ounces. A lightweight tool is easy to hold and is constructed with 2Cr13 stainless steel that ensures resilience. It is one of the knives that are adored by daredevils and survivalists. The shape of the blade is spear pointed. Handle and blade both are compatible and feature relief cuts to minimize the overall weight. All six knives are not vulnerable to rust but slightly susceptible to wind while in flight. Edges are sharp but sometimes require further sanding to make them smooth.


It is always necessary to take care of your throwing knife and keeps it clean. To serve the purpose a nylon belt sheath is designed to hold all six knives with care. The designed storage makes the knife easy and timely to access. The set of six tossing knives is an ideal choice for those who want multiple knives to minimize trips while keeping the throwing line accurate.

3 - SZCO Supplies10’’ Stainless-Steel Throwing Knives

A bit pricey but a robust knife is worthy of its price. Nicely designed three knives are highly recommended for a safe game.

Perfect for both Counterparts

It is elegantly designed to meet both professional and novice needs. If you are an experienced person of woods or a backyard player SZCO Supplies is equally good to greet and treat. It is crafted with thick and tough steel to enhance performance.

Nylon Sheath Protection

The sheath is always an obligatory component for a throwing knife in particular. A nylon sheath protection is designed to keep the tools safe from corrosion and to maintain the chrome finish. Knives are well placed in the sheath to keep them durable and reliable to prove the purpose.

Shape of the Tool

The 10 inches tool is perfect for safety and fun. The handle is six inches long with a four inches spear-pointed head making the knife well balanced and sturdy. The handle is contoured and delicate which ensures a solid grip. It strongly hugs your hand and does not let your grip loosen. It is out of the box a spectacular gaming knife that has nice and sharp blades. Each knife is 5mm thick and indestructible on one side and is vulnerable to hard chores on the other side. The handle is an ergonomic design that keeps the knife well-balanced.

4 - Magnum Bailey Mini Bo-Kri Knife

The set of three knives has distinguishing features that make it exclusive. Boker Magnum Bailey Ziel Set of throwing knives is a name of expensive but highly enchanted throwing knives.

Solid Construction

Each knife of the set is crafted with 420J2 stainless steel and supports three must-have features of any thrower

  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Corrosion resistance

Solid-based construction robust throwers are built to mean the purpose and leave little room for cracking or chipping.

Shape of the Throwers

Each thrower is delicately crafted and professionally designed to ensure competence. Each knife is 13.25 inches long and weighs 14 ounces. It is the true depiction of the length-to-weight ratio for experienced and novice alike.

Well-balanced Knives

Each thrower has a superb balance with a center of mass blow blob in the middle of the tool. For throwers longevity safety and cleanliness is obligatory. The leather belt sheath serves with an astounding storage option. And it is undeniably a huge facility, extended storage, and holding options is always a good choice and sumptuous for the holder.

A set of knives is a great and true value for money. The price may seem too expensive but it is capable to surpass others and could grab the victory. It comes with extensive throwing club requirements that stand it out from the crowd.

5 - United Cutlery Gil Hibben Throwing Knife Set

In the world of handy equipment and safety tools, the United Cutlery Gil Hibben Large Triple Throwing Knife Set boasts loud.

Promising Blades

Each thrower is blessed with a drop point blade that is capable to travel in the air with utmost ease and accuracy. Blades are compatible enough to take a handsome flight and land at the given target. The thrower is precise and dependable to behave exactly for what it has been designed. Blades are made of high-quality 420 stainless steel to minimize any cracking and chipping that ensuring high functional competence.

Shape of the Thrower

The set is housed by triple throwers that are upright and reliable. Each knife is 8.6 inches long and features a 4.6 inches blade and overall weighs 5.25 ounces only. Knives are too far from heavy throwers and as light as feather, and least annoys the holder.

Sheath Protection

A nylon belt sheath with a secured strap securely keeps the knives in their place. All three fling tools are well-balanced and lightweight and crafted with promising blades to put out from a perilous situation like a conqueror.

If you will take a round of the global market to cart in throwing knives, then The Gil Hibben-branded throwing set may seem like a pretty penny, but these knives are undeniably worth bragging about.

6 - SOG Clip Point Throwing Knives

SOG Clip point throwing knives are what throwing knives seriously are. Well-designed and elegantly crafted knives are purposefully built.

Specifically Optimized

The set securely holds three throwers that are designed to fling towards some hapless tree stump or a backyard board with great precision. Each knife is 10 inches long from tip to point and weighs 5 ounces and gives a holder a good smart heft on the tool.

Full-tang knives

Knives are full tang and made of 420 stainless steel. Each thrower has a hard-cased black finish for a combination of strength and corrosion resistance. Each handle features a sports look and a black paracord wrapping against it to ensure unbelievable grip.

Secured Sheath

All three throwers are coupled with a nylon belt sheath with a Velcro strap to protect the gaming tools. A reliable sheath extends the tool’s life and functionality.


Your money will not get ruined if you invest in SOG rather it pays you back in form of satisfaction and reliability. These are practical tools that are a little pricey but are capable to shock you with their promising features. The aesthetically appealing throwers are lightweight and known for versatility. The blade is sharp and not recommended for beginners.

7 - Cold Steel Perfect Balance Thrower

It is one of those knives that can take you to the history of throwing real knives. A solo knife is known for sticking with convention.

Feel the History

The blade of the knife is vintage and gives an old feel. The nine inches blade of overall 13.5 inches in length and weighs 15.5 ounces which sounds hefty. The blade is ridiculously sharp which determines its possessor. So do not think it is a toy, seriously it cannot.

Construction Material

It is made with 1055 carbon steel and persistently built to serve the purpose. The material is solid and reliable and built to last. The black rust-resistant finish increases durability and keeps the tool shining. The handle is 4.5 inches long and polypropylene design that has scales surfaced to support an anti-slip grip. The scales are patterned on the handle to extend the level of functionality.

Well Balanced Thrower

The shape of the fling knife is atypical and demonstrates unexpected functionality. The knife is somewhat weighty and requires an experienced hand to hold.

The weight and sharpness of the blade make it a professional throwing knife, a newbie should not mess up with it. The lack of sheath and extra knives makes it a bit reluctant to pick but its functionality steals the show.

8 - Down Under Kookaburra Throwing Knife

It is one of the dedicating weapons for the throwing game. If you cut, slice, or hurtle through the air Down under knives play their game to astound you.

A Purposeful Thrower

The Bowie-style throwing knives are made with the highest quality trusted 440C stainless steel that ensures durability. They are heat-treated tools to a Rockwell hardness of 52 that can hold out throwing abuse. Each knife is blessed with 12 inches long blade for perfect accuracy to hit through the mark. The cutting edge is reliable and sharp which makes it a professional thrower. The optimized specifications increase its competence. It weighs 12.7 ounces which makes it a hefty tool and necessitates an expert smack while engaged in a high-speed throwing game.

Low-profile Handle

 A leather draped handle supports a snug grip to give comfortable handling to sustain bulky throwing pressure. Each knife is featured with a solid leather wrapping for perfect control over the knife.

Leather Sheath Protection

A leather sheath gives plenty of space to keep the other knives to maintain life and shine. It is undeniably a huge utility that makes the knives live long keeping the precision high.

Don’t step back after looking at the price tag, though it can cause its functionality is tremendous and unrivaled.

A throwing knife that is a bit pricey may bother you in the first instance but cheap things are rotten when comes to exactness. Above picked throwing knives are in a league of their own. So, bag the original products how matter what it costs you, do not compromise a few notes on cheap handles and blunt blades. Though it could hassle your throwing game.

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