Knife Laws In Missouri


Knife Laws In Missouri

Maine knife laws are somewhat wildering like Louisiana but are comparatively more stringent, especially on the concealment issue. Because of the ambiguity regarding knife legislation, people find it more difficult to figure out what is legal what is not, and what are the restrictions imposed by the state. Moreover, people are enthused to keep survival knives for their safety and protection.Knife Laws in Missouri prohibit people to involve in a chaotic felony. The state upholds a citizen’s fundamental right to keep themselves safe and sound and allows them to bear survival knives. We might think that weapon charges are only gun-related delinquencies but simple is not that, the knife is also a brutal weapon if wrongly wielded by a mentally infirm person. Missouri is one of the knife-cordial states in the US.

Let us take you a deep dive to know everything necessary about the knife law in Missouri.

Switchblade knife is the only concern of the people of Missouri

Missouri is a state where people hardly bother with the knife type and what statutes discuss the particular knife. But they need to think twice when it comes to the Switchblade knife. Under the statute, the only time a switchblade becomes prohibited is if it specifically violates the Federal Switchblade Act, which only averts people from legally possessing a switchblade in explicit circumstances.

When it comes to the knife law in Missouri; it would be good news for migrants and tourists, especially because, the laws are stress-free.

As per the legislation:

“You can’t conceal a knife with a blade that is any longer than four inches or that is classified as anything other than an ordinary pocketknife.”

Laws are clear though bewildering statutes need a little guidance to understand the law in books. Until 2012, Missouri was against carrying switchblades or automatic knives. After 2012, as per 15 USC Chapter 29, carrying switchblades is not circumscribed in this state.

According to Section 23 of Missouri Knife Law,

“Everyone has the right to bear and keep arms for their safety, but the state laws are needed to be followed whenever you buy and use a knife.”

State Knife Law in Missouri

According to Section 571.107 of Missouri Knife Law,

“Using dangerous firearm weapons, and sharp knives such as Blackjack and Sword are restricted in this state. In the Supreme Court of Missouri, Dagger or Dagger is defined as a short and sharp-pointed weapon to stab people. So, it is restricted to carry sharp and pointed knives in the state.”

Concealed and Open Carry Knife Law of Missouri

According to Missouri Knife Law,

“You can conceal pocket knives and folding blades which have a length of fewer than four inches. Concealing knives in vehicles is a crime. Carrying legal knives openly is allowed, but not in the restricted places of the state.”


“You have to compensate $600 or you will be imprisoned for six months.” 


As per the law,

“The government employees who need weapons in their jobs such as police inspectors, armies, and forest officers are only allowed to carry knives and blades in the state.” 

Knife Length Limitation in Missouri

You can legally carry 4-inches knives and blades in Missouri.

According to Section 571.010 of Missouri Knife Law,

“The citizens and migrants of Missouri cannot manufacture, possess, repair, sell and transport knives.”


“For violating this rule, you have to compensate $500-$600. Moreover, you will be jailed for more than one year.” 

Knife Types that are Explicitly Legal in Missouri

According to Section 23 of Missouri Knife Law,

“The citizens of the state have the right to bear arms or weapons for their safety.”

 So, some knives have been granted a “legal status” in Missouri. The dwellers of Missouri, the migrants, and tourists can carry them without any hassle and stress.

• Balisong/Butterfly Knives

Balisong knives or Butterfly Knife are widely used for artistry to amuse people, and most people keep them in their pockets to use as a rescue knife. Moreover, people use butterfly knives for their work such as flipping fish and slashing meat. This knife is illegal in several other states in the US. However, it is legal in Missouri.

• Bowie Knives

This knife is known as a large hunting knife to accomplish a butchering game. It is also a promising self-defense tool that has a sharp edge and is credible to get you out of nasty situations. But what you have to do before getting a bowie in Missouri is to take permission from the peace officer of the place and make a valid license to carry this knife. The curved clop of the bowie knife is usually used by professional chefs. It is also a legal knife in Missouri.

• Throwing Knives/Stars

Throwing stars/ ninja stars or throwing knives are used in games and martial arts. Throwing knives require expertise to manage and hold the knife precisely. In many states throwing a knife is illegal use, however, it is legal in Missouri.

Types of Illegal Knives in Missouri

Apart from the tranquil knife law in Missouri, there are still some rules and regulations imposed by the state. Every knife or blade is not permitted to use in Missouri. There are some knives and blades that are outlawed to use, own, carry and sell in Missouri.

Take a look at the illegal knives of Missouri.

• Pocket Knife

Pocket Knives are tiny knives that have usually a folding mechanism. Moreover, it is used for cutting paper, slicing fruit, shredding timber, or cutting ropes on hiking trails. Some people carry this knife for self-defense. Nevertheless, the anatomy of the knife makes it a small gear that can be concealed in your pocket or pouch, and the law in Missouri is stringent for conceal carry knives. The law presumes that a concealed knife has bad intentions and can be dangerous for the people around. So, pocket Knives are restricted to use in Missouri.

• Switchblade/Automatic Knife

According to the Missouri Knife Law,

“A switchblade and automatic knives are restricted to use in Missouri.”

• Disguised Knives

These are undetectable knives and it is hard to notice them. They have many names. For instance,

  • Lipstick Knife
  • Cane sword
  • Pen knife,

And other small and hidden knives are proscribed to carry in Missouri.

• Daggers/Stilettos/Dirks

Dagger or Dirk are extremely sharp tools. The slender knife was used in ancient times on the battlefield. However, some dirks or daggers are still used as gaming knives but are ridiculously dangerous to manage mere negligence can hurt you and others. That’s why it is illegal to use in Missouri because of its sharpness.

Penalties for Using Illegal Knives in the State

As per the knife legislation,

“If you carry illegal knives in Missouri, then you will be imprisoned for two years and the penalty will be $600.”

NO-KNIFE places in Missouri

As per Missouri Knife Law,

“You are not allowed to carry all types of knives and blades in Missouri.”

There are also some venues where knives are strictly prohibited, regardless of legal or illegal, open or concealed. The state’s law does not want any violation and is strict to enforce the law in these places.

• Schools/Colleges

If you are a student or a parent of school-going kids, these lines are important for you. It is illegal to carry any knives and blades in schools and other educational places like colleges, universities, and other educational institutes. So, don’t carry knives in such places. The law is stringent in this regard and a felony is a felony and can be justified in any way.

• Government Buildings

 There are several high-security arenas in the state where visiting with knives can be a serious crime. For instance,

  • Government properties
  • Courts
  • Banks
  • Federal houses
  • Party boards
  • Municipality offices

These are the places where you should be very cautious while crossing the threshold, a tiny pocket knife in your pocket can put you behind the bars.


It is pertinent to note that you cannot travel with knives in Missouri. Carrying knives and blades in public transport such as buses, metro rails, and cars is strictly outlawed because it is important to maintain the security of the transport and to curb knife-related crimes that are increasing day by day. And traveling with knives regardless of personal safety can prompt knife-related crimes.

Private Properties

As per the knife law in Missouri,

“In the private properties of anyone like someone’s house, shops and fields, you are legally not allowed to carry knives and other weapons.”


Public places are usually crowded places such as airports, bus stands, and markets places are the centers where you should not carry knives and blades because they could be hazardous. And being a dutiful citizen, it is your responsibility to respect the federal rules.

Legal Consequences for Carrying Knives in the Restricted Places of Missouri

According to the law,

“For carrying illegal knives in Missouri, you may be kept behind the bar for six months to one year. You may also have to compensate $500 to $600 for violating the rules and the sections that restrict you from carrying knives and other weapons“.

Final Verdict

The knife law in Missouri is not cumbersome for the people, and the grave reason is to protect the state and people. Surprisingly, there is no legal binding for a minor in Missouri. The law does not prohibit minors from being able to carry a knife. in the eyes of the law in Missouri, adults and minors are the same.

So, it is highly suggested to go through the lines of law in Missouri to have a better idea of the knife legislation. It could be the esteem precautionary measure every dweller in the state should seek.

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