Knife Laws In Hawaii


Knife Laws in Hawaii

Knife laws vary from state to state in the US and are slightly different as per limitations. Nevertheless, a citizen of Hawaii, a tourist, or just a migrant to the state should abide by the rules and regulations. However, you are allowed to use survival knives for your safety. Hawaii knife laws demand respect and obedience from the dwellers of the state and urge people to know about the legislation before involving in an activity where weapons or knives are allowed.

Hawaii, the gift of nature

Hawaii’s landscapes and culture captivate mind and soul. It is an ideal tourist spot that instantly calms the mind. The year around people from all over the world visits Hawaii. Being one of the top tourist destinations in the world, keeping peace and harmony is mandatory for the state to enjoy tourism. People fond of knives need special care to know about the law imposed by the place famous for volcanoes, blue waters, and hibiscus flowers.

Hawaii Knife Laws are stringent for law-breakers and normal for the rules-lovers. To have a better idea, we will take a deep hive to grasp the knife regulations in the state.

State Knife Law in Hawaii

The state is far from violence and the government levies regulations and limitations on knife usage for the safety of the citizens.

According to Section 134-52 of Hawaii Knife Law,

“Whoever sells, manufactures, posses, and transfers automatic or switchblade knives will be guilty of a misdemeanor as switchblades are illegal to Hawaii.”

Limitations to Carry Hawaii Knife Law

According to Code 134-51,

“Carrying any illegal knives openly and concealed is an offense. You will be guilty under Class E Felony for doing this offense, and you will be kept in jail for one year. If you have a permit for carrying any knife, then only you can carry it. If any citizen is found using illegal knives or blades without permission, then he or she will be immediately arrested without any warrant.”

Knife Length Limitation

According to HRS Section 134-51,

“Double-edged blades are illegal as per Hawaii Knife Law. You can use less than 6.5″ knives in Hawaii, otherwise, it is an offense under Federal Law. for violating the regulation, you have to compensate $500.”

Exception for Carrying and Using Blades

According to the knife legislation, following identities can enjoy the exception of the rule

  • People in the armed force
  • Security department
  • Butchers
  • Fishermen
  • Hunters can carry any size knife for their profession,

But they are authorized by law to keep their id proof to present before officials when required. Moreover, the particular lawful document is the legal requirement to prove their claim and identity.

Types of Legal Knives in Hawaii

According to Hawaii Knife Law,

“Some knives and blades are not prohibited to buy, sell, carry and use. However, the length of the knife should not cross 6.5”.”

Here are the names of such knives that are legal under Hawaii knife laws

• Bowie Knife

Bowie is a large fighting knife with a crossguard and a blade with a clipped point. It is usually banned in various states in the US due to its sharpness which makes it a deadly weapon. However, in Hawaii, it is permissible by law.

• Throwing Stars

Throwing stars or knuckles are allowed under Hawaii’s knife legislation, and as per the law,

“The law allows to own throwing stars and knuckles but these knives are not legally permitted to carry outside because they are deadly weapons.”

• Disguised Knives

Undetectable knives are hidden and are permissible but are not allowed to carry outside. For instance,

  • Sword canes
  • Lipstick knife
  • Belt buckle knife
  • Penknife is legal to own and use

• Stilettos

Stilettos are needle-like pointed knives that have long and slender blades. It is crafted in a shape to harm others and is intended as a stabbing weapon but it is usually used for self-defense.

• Kitchen Knives

Kitchen knives are crafted for utilitarian purposes and of various types and those are often used for cutting and slashing vegetables, fish, and meat. Kitchen knives are also crafted with extremely sharp blades and are widely used for mincing, and dicing and a few are even suitable to process small games. Kitchen knives are also used for safety.

• Dirk

A dirk or a dagger that has an extremely sharp pointed shape and is usually used for self-defense. Dirks is heavy and difficult to manage the weight and sharpness, and people who are trained to handle such tools are only allowed to keep dirk or daggers. It can be carried but after the permission of the weapon officer in your community.

Types of Illegal Knives in Hawaii

Many knives are illegal in the state as per Hawaii Knife Law.

“You can use them in your home but you cannot carry the knives without authorization.”

• Switchblade

Automatic knives or you can also name them switchblades are explicitly banned under Hawaii’s knife legislation. You will fall under misdemeanor if you use Switchblade because it is banned in Hawaii.

• Butterfly Knife

Butterfly or balisongs are banned in Hawaii and the law forbids their manufacturing, selling, carrying, and transferring. Butterfly Knife is illegal because it is outlawed in Hawaii.

According to the law, 

“You will be guilty under Class C Felony of Code 134-53 (2012) if you carry and sell Balisong Knife. Using a Balisong Knife for threatening anybody is also a crime.”

• Gravity Knife

It is the anatomy of the gravity knife that puts it in an illegal category. A gravity knife is also an automatic knife that has a blade that comes out by pressing the push button. Similarly, to the Switchblade, Gravity Knife is also illegal as per Hawaii Knife Law.

• Double-Edged Knife

This type of knife is quite treacherous because it has two extremely sharp ends. You can use it from both sides for a different purposes. But it is not permitted in Hawaii, because, it can destroy peace and can become the reason for violence in the state.

Penalties for Using and Carrying Illegal Knives in Hawaii

According to Section 134-52,

“The person who will use an illegal knife will fall guilty under Class C Felony. Moreover, he or she will be kept in the lock-up for five years. You may also have to compensate up to $10,000.”

Restricted Places to Carry and Use Knives in Hawaii

As per Hawaii Knife Law,

“You cannot use or carry knives wherever you want. Some restrictions venues are strictly banned and you cannot enter carrying and using blades and knives.”

Some places are prohibited to carry knives and blades as follows:

• Schools

You cannot carry or use any kind of knife or blade on the school premises. It is strictly forbidden by the state’s law and stringently enforced.

As per Hawaii Knife Law,

You cannot even carry a paper cutter or a nail cutter without the permission of the authority of the educational institute or school. This rule is specially made for the safety of the student and other staff of the educational institute. Violating the law can be punishable and you have to compensate $500 for that offense.”

• Public Places

According to Hawaii Knife Law,

You cannot carry any weapons and sharp tools like knives and blades in the street, public crowds, and market areas because it is an offense.”

• Vehicles

According to the law,

“Carrying knives and blades in vehicles is also a felony and you can be detained without a warrant for this offense. If you need knives and blades in your profession, then only carry them in vehicles but with a license. If you have no id proof, then you might have to compensate $600.”

• Government Buildings

As per Hawaii knife law,

“Using or carrying knives or blades inside the government buildings such as post offices, banks and court is an offense and you have to compensate $500 for that. You will also be imprisoned for two years.”

Final Thought

Hawaii Knife Law is not very harsh as compared to the laws imposed in the other states of the United States. Nevertheless, some regulations are only made and enforced to curb knife-related delinquencies that are a constant danger to tourism. The knife legislation is developed and enforced for the safety of the citizens in the state. Following these regulations will be helpful for every people in the state, whether you are a resident, migrant, or tourist, you need to be safe and secure. The law in the state keenly observes and castigates if finds any suspicious activity. The criminals are punished for doing any malevolent activity which is against the law of Hawaii.

Your wellbeing is always the state’s responsibility, but it is your basic duty to abide by the rules and regulations levied by your state.

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