Knife Laws In Georgia


Knife Laws In Georgia

In Georgia knife, related laws are not stringent and rules and regulations are flexible. Georgia is one of the most beautiful states and is known for its soothing and peaceful ambiance. Nevertheless, sometimes the peace is disrupted by knife-related insane delinquencies. The apprehensive situation is taxing for the dwellers and the state as well.

So, the Federal Government of Georgia has levied various laws for manufacturing, using, buying, selling, and carrying different types of sharp knives. Though, the state is concerned for people’s safety and urges them to use survival knives.

Respect laws to stay safe and secure

Knife Laws are of great significance as most of the crimes reported in Georgia are knife-related. So, the government demands from the people to get complete awareness of the legal rubrics for purchasing blades, just to circumvent high compensation and lead a safe life.

State Knife Laws of Georgia

According to the constitution of Georgia,

“The right of the people to keep and bear arms is allowed. However, prescribe how arms may be borne.”

The law has clear legal statements regarding arms-bearing for self-defense, nevertheless, subject to some lawful restrictions with the duty of citizenship.

As per O.C.G.An (h) 1 – Section 16-9-129 of Georgia Knife Law

“For fishing and hunting blades and knives are required for knife dealers, fishermen, and hunters. Every person who is in this business or profession needs to make a license for keeping self-justifying weapons and carrying knives.”

Georgia Knife Law for the Minors of the State

Under O.C.G.A. Section 16-11-101,

“You cannot transfer or sell any illegal weapons and deadly knives to minors under 18 years old. Violation of this rule will result in a misdemeanor charge.”

As per the Federal Law of Georgia,

Minors are also not allowed to purchase the knife without the written consent of their parents.”

Limitations for Carrying the Length of the Knife

The blade length plays a crucial role in designing the knife legislation. Moreover, blades that are longer than the legal limit can transform into deadly weapons and may harm the citizens of the region. However, the state is still enjoying liberal laws and is not harsh.

According to the Georgia Knife Law Reform Bill – SB 49,

“You can carry 5-inch to 2-inch knives or blades, whether it is opened or concealed.  There is no such Concealment Law in Georgia, so you can carry a knife in your pocket or a bag without any restrictions. But if you carry a longer knife than 12-inch then you have to give a penalty under the Official Code of Georgia – Section 16-11-125.1 (HB 292) i.e. $500.”

Exception of the rule

As per the rule of the Supreme Court in Georgia,

“You can carry up to 5-inch long knife in a concealed way but not more than that. Misleadingly carrying a 12-inch knife can be punishable with monetary compensation. Moreover, you cannot carry knives without the permission of the respective owners of some premises like schools, vehicles, and public buildings or the Peace Officer of the locality, but if you carry the knives with a valid permit in these places then the length should be no more than 2-inch.”

Penalties for Breaching the State Knife Laws

The legal rules of the Georgia Knife Laws are amicable and liberal, and people are allowed to use rescue knives to avoid a nasty situation. Nevertheless, the legal consequences for breaching the mandatory regulations are highly vindictive. So, it is pertinent to note that violation of different Federal Constitutions will be considered a stern misdemeanor. Moreover, you will be disciplined for these felonies by the following vicarious compensations:

The violation of O.C.G.An (h) 1 – Section 16-9-129 of Georgia Knife Law

“Not holding the knife license is an offense. For this misleading act, you have to compensate $10,000 or you will be imprisoned for 2-3 years.”

So, it is suggested to avoid unnecessary knife displays. Moreover, always carry any weapon or knife with a license.

If you breach Georgia Code Section 16-11-121 of Knife Law,

“Selling knives to the minor will take you to jail for 5 years and you will also be fined $10,000 for the offense. Moreover, if the minor purchases the knife without the consent of his or her parents then that will be the breach of Code Section 15-11-601, and the child will be convicted for 4 months for buying deadly knives or other weapons.”

It is obligatory to get a license

According to the Official Code of Georgia – Section 16-11-125.1,

“You need to make a license or ask permission from the Peace Officer of Georgia for carrying a longer blade than 12-inch. Breaching the law will take you to pay $500 as compensation.”

Knife types that are explicitly legal in Georgia

You are free to manufacture, sell, buy or use knives in Georgia only when you keep a lawful permit. Holding a legal knife for self-defense also demands a legal license.

However, have a look at a few knives used for different purposes in Georgia:

• Pocket/Folding Knives

A pocket knife or a small folding knife that can easily make space in your pocket or a bag is allowed in Georgia. It is used for cutting fruits, and papers or to cope with an emergency. So, there is no obstruction in carrying different types of pocket knives in Georgia.

However, have a look at a few knives used for different purposes in Georgia:

• Disguised Knives

Carrying invisible knives is also permissible under Georgia’s knife laws. Undetectable knives are hard to notice. For instance,

  • Belt knife
  • Lipstick knife
  • Cane knife

These hidden tools are not circumscribed to use and carry in Georgia for various purposes nevertheless, with a valid permit or license. 

• Bowie Knife

This is usually a large fighting knife that is permissible to manufacture, sell, purchase, and carry in public. Bowie knife has no legal objection.

• Ballistic Knife

If you are intended to buy a ballistic knife then it is to be remembered that you cannot buy a knife that is longer than 12-inch. Nevertheless, small ballistic knives are permitted in the state, as per Georgia Knife Law.

• Push Knife

Push Knife is known by different names, for instance,

  • Fist Knife
  • Gimlet Knife

A push knife is made of a sharp blade with a T-shaped handle attached to a spring. Usually, these knives are used in sports. It is also used as a self-defensive weapon to beat an uncanny situation.

• Throwing Knives

The throwing stars and throwing knives are also used for tip-shooting games and self-defense.

• Balisong Knife

Balisongs are not banned in Georgia as per the Ownership Law of Georgia. However, a legal permit is obligatory to buy a balisong knife because of its strident blade.

• Switchblade

As per the Switchblade Act of Georgia,

“If you are buying any automatic or switchblades then its blade should not be more than 5-inches because more than this size is illegal to keep.”

Knife types that are explicitly illegal in Georgia

There are a few knife types that are illegal under Georgia knife laws. The extremely sharp knives are banned and are also considered deadly weapons. As the law believes they to design to harm others.

• Metal Knuckles

The knuckles knives are designed to harm others they are held with your fingers and these knives can be triggered like guns. The anatomy of knuckle knives is deadly dangerous, and due to its nature, a restriction by the Federal Government is levied on using metal knuckles.

• Sword

Sword is an ancient fighting tool that has a long size blade with heavy handles. Currently, people in the armed forces sometimes use this fighting weapon to combat their enemies. However, it is not permissible in Georgia.

• Dagger

Daggers are exclusively designed to harm and kill people. So, it is illegal to use large-hold sharp weapons like dirks and daggers in Georgia.

It is pertinent to note that the following vocations are permissible by law to own illegal knives but with proper ID proofs

  • Armed forces
  • Police departments
  • Certified legal practitioners
  • Butchers
  • Fishermen

Compensations of Keeping Illegal Knives

According to the O.C.G.A. 16-11-126 of Georgia Knife Law,

 “If anyone carries illegal weapons and deadly knives then he or she will guilty of the felony of a misdemeanor. For violating the section and carrying illegal law with concealment, the guilty person will be convicted to imprisonment for 2-5 years.”

Places that are entirely banned to Carry Knife

Some places are strictly restricted to carrying treacherous knives and other weapons, as per Georgia Knife Law. The restricted venues are as follows

• Schools or Colleges

As per O.C.G.A. – Section 16-11-127.1,

The Federal Government of Georgia has made schools and colleges violence-free and weapon-free school safety zone. Only you can carry pocket knives for camping, or any other works after getting permission from the Peace Officer of Georgia and the owner of the school or college, as per Code Section 35-8-2.”

• Government Buildings

According to O.C.G.A. – Section 16-11-136,

“It is legally restricted to carry different types of knives and other weapons in government buildings like a police station, court-house, municipality office, and polling house.”

• Federal Property

According to the Georgia knife law,

“Federal properties like banks, airports, post offices, and ship decks are high alert areas, and if you carry weapons or knives in a concealed way then you might get caught and arrested because it is against Georgia Knife Law.”

• Public Transports

As per O.C.G.A. – Section 16-11-127 of Georgia Knife Law,

“The citizens or migrants of the state are not allowed to bear or carry any arms and knives in the vehicles or public transports like taxis, and buses.  An individual can carry the legal knives with license, but after taking the permission of the Peace Officer of the locality.”

Legal Consequences of Carrying Knives in the Restricted Places

The Legal limitations are maintained to keep residents and immigrants safe and secure. So, you have to be cautious about the restricted venues where knives and weapons are strictly restricted. Breaching the legal regulations may compensate you with some high penalties as follows:

For breaching O.C.G.A. – Section 16-11-127.1

“Carrying knives or other arms in the premise of educational institute put you behind the bar of Georgia for 2 to 5 years.”

If you violate the rules of O.C.G.A. – Section 16-11-136

“Carrying the knives and weapons in the government buildings and federal property then you will be charged $10,000 under the Georgia Knife Law.”

Violation of O.C.G.A. – Section 16-11-127 of Georgia Knife Law

“Will compensate you with 2 years’ imprisonment.”


Knife-related laws are levied to curb corruption in Georgia. That’s why the Federal Government has designed a legal framework of rules and limitations subject to fewer exceptions. The rules are made to ensure safety measures. You are free to own legal knives, but the concealment and mismanagement will not be entertained legally by the government.

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