Knife Laws In Delaware


Knife Laws In Delaware

Delaware is a state where you don’t need to be startled as far as you are a person of rules and principles. Unless you will suffer legal consequences, to avoid a nasty situation always abide by the knife laws. Delaware imposes a variety of restrictions related to the use of knives. However, survival knives are always suggested to handle an emergency. The law for knives is strict in Delaware as compared to the other places in the US.

Always remember a “concealed weapons limit”

Delaware has no legal worries as far as citizens respect a concealed weapons permit. You can carry only an ordinary pocket knife with a blade length of not more than three inches. There are many other legislative hindrances when it comes to the use of different kinds of knives within the state.

This reading material will explore the restrictions imposed under Delaware law to give you a better insight into the knife laws.

So, let’s dig in a little deeper to comprehend the legal framework regarding knives

Federal Rules of Delaware Knife Law

As per the Dei.Const., Art: f.1, S 20 of Delaware State Constitution,

“It is the right of every individual to bear arms for self, family, and the state but with some lawful boundaries. Though it prohibits exporting and selling undetectable knives, magnetometers, and metal detectors, as per Dei. C – Section 1446A. Any person who violates the regulation will be guilty under Class G felony.”

According to the Federal Knife Law of Delaware,

“You cannot sell deadly weapons and knives to a minor under 18 years, even the minor cannot purchase any knife or blade without the consent of his or her parents.”

Legislative Restrictions on the Length of Blade

According to Title 11 – Dei.C. S 222(5) of Delaware Knife Law,

“It is legal to carry 3-inch blades or short pocket knives but without hiding the tool. Keeping long knives and deadly weapons can lead to monetary compensation or imprisonment. You need a license under Section 1441 of the Federal Constitution. You also need to renew the license after every two years.”

Concealment Carrying Knife Law in Delaware

As per Concealment Law of 11 Dei.C. S 1442,

“There is no restriction to carry legal knives with the permission of the Peace Officer of Delaware but a knife dealer or owner cannot carry by hiding with a deadly blade misleadingly. “

The legal consequences of breaching the regulation will fall under Class C felony and Class D felony. Moreover, if you have been involved in battering or threatening someone by brandishing deadly knives or any other sharp-edged tool then you will be punished under 11 – Dei.C. S 222.

Compensations for Breaching Delaware Knife Laws

As it is mentioned earlier, the Delaware Knife Laws are more stringent than the legislation of other states of America, so it is evoking for the dwellers to do not overlook the state knife laws unless you may be punished and will be penalized as follows:

For the breach of Dei. C – Section 1446A,

“You will fall under Class G felony, i.e. imprisonment for 12 months. So, avoid manufacturing and selling undetectable knives without a permit.”

Knife transit to minor

“If you sell knives to a minor then it is a Class G felony, and you will be in jail for 12 months.”

Violation of Title 11 – Dei.C. S 222(5) of Delaware Knife Law

“Carrying large knives, which are more than 2-inch without a license or special permission then you have to compensate $500 or will be jailed for 12 months.”

Infringement of Concealment Law of Title 11 Del.C. S 1442

“It falls under Class C and Class D felony for which you will be imprisoned for 2 years in the state jail.”

It is unpretentiously suggested to stick to the grounds of law and try to stay far within the laws as possible. Sometimes, you own a legal knife but are caught in an act of ignorance. And ornery police officers can make your life a living hell.

Violation of Title 11 – Dei.C. S 222

“Assaulting someone with knives or any deadly weapon will penalize you with a $2300 fine and imprison you for 1 year.”

The legal definition of a "Deadly Weapon"

“Deadly weapon” includes a “firearm”, as defined in paragraph (12) of this section, a bomb, a knife of any sort (other than an ordinary pocketknife carried in a closed position), switchblade knife, billy, blackjack, bludgeon, metal knuckles, slingshot, razor, bicycle chain or ice pick or any “dangerous instrument”, as defined in paragraph (4) of this section, which is used, or attempted to be used, to cause death or serious physical injury. For this definition, an ordinary pocketknife shall be a folding knife having a blade not more than 3 inches in length.”

Knife types that are explicitly legal in Delaware

You are free to carry legally approved knives as per Delaware Knife Law but with exceptional restrictions. For instance,

Let us take a glance at the legal knives and blades of Connecticut

• Pocket Knives

Pocket knives are illicit to keep and carry under Delaware knife laws. Nevertheless, it is obligatory to hold a pocket knife without concealment. You can carry them with a license as a rescue knife or cutting fruits or cardboard boxes.

• Folding Knife

The Lock-Knife is a folding knife that is easy to manage and hold. Moreover, it is kept in a bag and pocket for self-defense purposes, and the law allows you to keep it with you in Delaware.

• Bowie Knife

It is a fighting knife, though, apparently look-alikes a deadly weapon but is legal in Delaware. Bowie Knife is usually used by hunters, butchers, fishermen, and medical practitioners. It is used for works like slicing, hunting, and therapeutic handlings whenever required. This knife is legally permissible for the citizens of Delaware, nevertheless, if you are intended to use Bowie for professional purposes then it is mandatory to keep an authorized document to prove your purpose. ID proof is a legal document to get the state’s permission to use a Bowie knife.

• Balisong Knife

It is also called butterfly knives; it has two handles with a counter-rotating blade that can be closed. You can only use a 3-inch Balisong knife in Delaware.

• Dagger

It is a self-protective stabbing weapon generally used in the past. Currently, they are the least desirable option because of their heaviness. However, if you are obsessed with daggers then a license is required while buying.

Knife types that are overtly illegal in Delaware

Some knives are highly prohibited and banned in Delaware. The law will never permit such treacherous blades and knives in the state. It is pertinent to note, that you cannot carry illegal knives and blades in a hidden or concealed manner. It would be serious misconduct and can land you in an offensive situation.

Have a look at the illegal knives for the use of the citizens of Delaware:

• Switchblade

As per 11 Dei. C Section 1446,

“It is unlawful to sell, buy and carry switchblades that can be easily opened by pressing the spring or switch in the handle of the knife.”

It is proscribed because it’s designed for belligerent activities with an unclassified misdemeanor.

• Metal Detectors

As per 11 Dei. C. Section 1446A,

“The Metal Detectors fall under the category of the undetectable hidden knife. So, you cannot manufacture, sell, buy, import, and carry these blades”

The blades of these knives are crafted in a way and get separated from the handles to harm others.

• Brass Knuckles

As per Delaware Knife law of 11 Dei. C. Section 1452,

“Knuckle Knives can be easily carried by the ring-grip handles with the lumps of the hand. By pressing the trigger, one can harm someone with a knuckle knife, so it is banned because its usage will fall under Class B misdemeanor in the state.”

• Throwing Stars

As per 11 Dei. C. Section 1453,

“The sharp-edged deadly Throwing Stars are generally used by armed forces in the state or martial art team for their work. However, other than the soldiers, fighters, and the police department of the state, common men of the state cannot use martial arts knives. Breaching the rule will fall under Class B misdemeanor.”

Penalties for Holding Illegal Knives in Delaware

The compensations for carrying illegal knives are very harsh in Delaware. So, infringement of the Delaware Knife Laws by carrying the illegal knives will penalize you under these misdemeanors as follows:

Committing a Class B misdemeanor is a felony done for carrying

  • Brass Knuckles
  • Throwing Stars
  • Martial Art Knives

For this offense, you will be convicted for 3 years in state prison.

For the offense of doing Class C felony by carrying

  • Gravity Knives
  • Metal Detectors

You will be in jail for 12 months to 2 years or a $2300 fine.

Weapon-free Zones

As per the legislative protocols made by the Delaware (DE) State Statutes, some places are completely prohibited from carrying blades, knives, and other dangerous weapons such as:

  • Educational Institutes (Schools, Coaching, and Colleges)
  • Public Transports (Bus, Shuttle, School Transport)
  • Government Buildings (Courts, Police Station, and Municipality Office)
  • Federal Properties (Airports, Banks, and Post Offices)
  • State Parks or Wildlife Sanctuary (Zoo)

Legal Consequences for the Violation of Carrying Knives in Restricted Venues

Some properties are subject to severe security and monitoring in Delaware, and breaking the rules by carrying knives or weapons at those places is a serious disciplinary offense. For the misdemeanors, you are required by law to compensate in the below-mentioned ways:

According to Section 1457 of the Delaware Crime Code,

“You cannot carry knives or other arms in educational institutes. It falls under Class G & D felony where the individual will be arrested and kept in the lock-up for 6 years or he will be charged $25,000.”

As per Title 14-1100,

“Public transports are restricted places to carry and sell knives. It falls under the misdemeanor of Class F, where the guilty person will be convicted in jail for 6 months to 1 year”.

Under the regulation of Title 11 – Section 1256,

“You are not allowed to carry knives and weapons in courts, police stations, and other Government Buildings. It’s a Class E felony and you will be imprisoned for 3 years in jail for that.”

According to the regulation under Title 7 – DNREC,

“You cannot carry knives in the parks and wildlife sanctuaries in the state. It is a Class B felony, where you will be put inside the bar for 1 year.”

Bottom Line

Wrapping up the discussion, carrying any weapon or deadly knives misleadingly is a grave offense, and you can get trouble from imprisonment to monetary penalty, depending on the situation.

The strict laws are maintained due to the rapid growth of knife-related crimes and corruption spread in Delaware. That’s why the Supreme Court of Delaware has made strict knife laws to curb criminal delinquencies. The effort is made to safeguard the inhabitants of the region and make the city corruption-free.

So, being a citizen or tourist to the place, use knives for utilitarian purposes, and stick to the Knife Laws to avoid high penalties.

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