Knife Laws In Arizona


Knife Laws In Arizona

Apart from the positive uses of knives like hunting, camping, skinning, gutting, and cooking, its role in the US is quite dark and negative. The state of Arizona is one of the most lenient states in the US which allows its citizens to go for any knife if they are over 21 years of age. You can use it as a survival knife or can play with throwing knives to improve focus.

Buy and sell any knife, if you are over 21

You can buy your favorite knife without being reluctant to have a keen eye on the state’s law. Arizona permits its citizens to enjoy the wild fun but the only obligation it levies is the age limit. The distinctive knife law of Arizona is strictly imposed and the violation may result in serious consequences. The compensation may cause a monetary penalty or imprisonment, or both

Let us take a deeper look to comprehend how the Arizona knife laws work.

Local Municipality Knife Laws in Arizona

Arizona regulates knife laws to keep peace and drop-down crime rate in the state that is badly affected over time due to the violation of the law. The knife’s law and legislation are to monitor all cities with uniformity and clarity.

According to the ARS 13-3120,

“The state makes sure enforcement of legal binding on every dweller of Arizona. It forbids local governments from restricting the transportation, possession, or use of knives of any type. ”

Before updating ARS 13-3-3120, there was confusion in people understanding of the law. The Arizona State Statutes (Section 1, Title 13, Chapter 31) state, that the amendment has preempted all local and municipal laws and legalized uniform knife laws across the entire state of Arizona.

It is done to seek regularity regarding knife laws in Arizona, and for acute monitoring to control crimes.

A uniform law is maintained in Arizona subject to knives,

“The knife laws of Arizona permit almost unlimited rights to its inhabitants as long as they are at least 21 years old, with just a few restricted venues. You can own, sell, buy, carry or trade any type and any length of knives across the state.”

The Arizona knife laws for less than 21 years of age

If you are less than 21 years, you are allowed by law to carry and own pocket knives. However, the law does not specifically determine the type of pocket knife that is permissible for a person less than 21 years. Though, it is presumed that folding knives with manual opening mechanisms may fall under the permissible category. Moreover, the folding knives that would be considered illegal for a person under 21 are as follows

  • Centrifugal-force knives
  • Gravity knives
  • Automatic knives like switchblades

Limitations on the Length of the Blade in Arizona

The knife laws are lenient in Arizona, and it makes it one of the most knife-friendly states in the US. You are free to carry and own knives of your choice of any blade length concerning the age limit restricted by the law. People who are under 21 are allowed to keep pocket knives that are less than 4 inches.

Open Carry vs. Concealed Carry

The state of Arizona keeps its inhabitants free from the restriction of open carry or concealed carry knives. The state’s law does not maintain a line of difference between open carry and concealed carry weapons. As you hit the age of 21, you have an open world to unleash wild fun and can boost focus.

The capital of Arizona, Phoenix outlines,

A “deadly weapon” is defined as anything that has been designed for lethal use. The term includes a firearm, but it doesn’t specifically include knives. This is because knives are observed as cutting tools rather than weapons.”

Penalties for Breaching Knife Laws in Arizona

Arizona has a vivid perception of knives. Moreover, it puts the tool in the category of a deadly weapon or a utility tool according to its technical usage. As knives are to perform kitchen activities or to satiate adventure quests, can not be regarded as a “deadly weapon”.

Therefore, it is very important to know the penalties for breaching the knife laws.

“A person will fall under misconduct involving weapons if by knowingly: they carry a deadly weapon (except a Pocket knife) in a concealed manner with themselves or travel with it on a means of transportation”

According to the sections 13-706,

A violent crime as defined in Section 13-901.03 or any other felony offense, when hiding the truth from a law enforcement officer when asked about the existence of a concealed weapon. Carry a deadly weapon (except a pocket knife) in a concealed manner with themselves or travel with it on a means of transportation and they happen to be less than 21-years old.”

Types of Legal Knives in Arizona

As long as you cross the threshold of the restricted age limit, you can possess any of the following knife-type and move around the state with liberty.

• Butterfly Knife

It is a famous Balisong, Batangas, or a fan knife. Moreover, it is a folding pocketknife in which the blade is connected with two handles that counter-rotate around the tang. The movement takes place in a manner that when it is closed, the blade is covered within the grooves of the handles.

• Pocket or Folding Knife

It refers to a tiny pocket knife that comes with one or more blades that can fit inside the handle, and comes fitted in a pocket.

• Bowie Knife

It is a type of fighting knife with a fixed blade. Bowie knife is famous for its extreme sharpness and precision.

• Switchblade pocket foldable knife

 It is also referred to as an ejector knife, springer, automatic knife, flick knife, or pushbutton knife. Moreover, it is marked by a sliding blade confined in the handle that opens up when a lever or switch on its handle is fondled.

• Sword

Sword is an entire blade constructed weapon that is known for slashing or thrusting and is identified by its long size.

• Ballistic Knife

It has a detachable blade that can be turned out to a detached area on the trigger of a switch or lever located on the handle.

• Dagger

Undeniably, a stabbing weapon refers to a variant of the knife in which both ends are pointed and are extremely sharp.

• Dirk

It refers to a variant of a knife that is similar to a dagger but is a longer version of it.

• Gravity Knife

A type of knife that works when open it by force of gravity. Moreover, the blade is inside its handle.

• Stiletto

A needle-like tool has a long slender blade.

• Machete

It has a broader blade and can be used as an axe or as a short sword.

Illegal knives in Arizona

All aforementioned knives are considered to be illegal if you are under the age of 21. You are completely disallowed to own, sell, buy, carry or trade. However, if you are above 21, then the law allows you to own any of them except in certain places where you cannot enter with your knife.

Restricted Places in Arizona to Carry Knives

Although Arizona is a knife-friendly state knife and one of the fifty states of the US where lenient rules are maintained against knives. Even horrible knives like machetes, swords, dirks, daggers, butcher knives, and even bowie too are permissible to own. And all these leniencies are for those citizens who have attained the age of 21. Though, there are a few places where carrying knives is strictly prohibited either openly or in a concealed manner and to be observed “irrespective of the owner’s age”. Moreover, these are the places where you cannot get the privilege of your age.

These places include:

  • Schools colleges, and other educational institutions.
  • Government Buildings such as police stations, courtrooms, administrative buildings, municipality offices, and others.
  • Federal properties such as airports, post-office, and banks, among others.
  • Public transport.
  • Organized public events and gatherings.
  • Polling places on Election Day.
  • Exceptions/Other Restricted Circumstances
  • Moreover, if you are caught escaping prison, and then seen with a knife the charges against you will be more stringent.
  • An owner of the establishment can restrict you to move inside without your knives.

Penalties for Using Knives for Criminal Acts

You will be penalized if you are caught involved in these activities

  • Reckless knife display
  • Caught with a knife in restricted places
  • Less than 21 years
  • Trafficking knives in criminal activities

If you commit a crime while in the possession of a knife, the charges against you will be much sterner.

Final Thoughts

It is observed that the state of Arizona presumes a knife as a cutting tool rather than a weapon to harm anyone. Henceforth, laws are unnecessarily relaxed than in other parts of the US. However, a competent attorney can address the problem that lies behind the leniency. The prosecutor can strike with his convictions that not all but a few knives are seriously lethal weapons and can become more perilous in specific contexts. As it is to keep peace and harmony in the state, an attorney can provide details to prove his claim.

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