Knife Laws In Alberta


Knife Laws In Alberta

Alberta imposes legislative restrictions against concealed knives less than 30 cm long. However, it announces sword canes and sword umbrellas as legal knives where at least the blade is 60 cm long. Alberta allows the dwellers to keep cutting tools for good intentions and use them as survival knives.  The law does not forbid carrying knives in public with sheaths and also allows owning stated down knife types

  • Knives that take both hands to open
  • Any fixed blade knife

The law presumes that the purpose of holding these knives is not to destroy public peace or to commit a criminal offense.

Legal-size knife to carry in Alberta

Under the Criminal Code,

“Any blade less than 30 centimeters that are concealed and don’t appear to be a knife is a prohibited weapon. Someone caught with a [credit card knife] on their person can be charged criminally under the Criminal Code for carrying a prohibited weapon.”

Blade length allowed in Alberta

Knife blades that are longer than 5.5 inches are prohibited in Alberta. Certain types of knives, such as switchblades, spring-loaded knives, swords, spears, and daggers are also outlawed and are under great scrutiny.

Permissible knife length in Alberta

According to the law,

“The maximum legal length for a knife is 2 inches. It is illegal to carry knives which are designed for concealment.”

Knife Laws about self-defense in Alberta

According to the Criminal Code,

“A weapon can be anything designed, used, or intended to cause death or injury or even just to threaten or intimidate another person. “

However, it is entirely permissible to carry a pocket knife for self-defense. Nevertheless, using it recklessly is illegal, and can lead to serious legal glitches. It is suggested to avoid using a knife in public unnecessarily.

Why the knife laws are strict in Alberta?

The knife laws are made tougher to curb criminal delinquencies. Due to the increasing corruption shipment of treacherous knives are seized. To limit the use of deadly tools the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) ban all but the most innocuous knives, such as multitools primarily used as rescue knives.

Knives that are explicitly forbidden in Alberta

It is suggested that if you are intended to travel to Alberta, you should carefully consider the knife laws that are implemented there.

1 . Gravity Knife

It is one of the most banned knife types. Its blade is placed in the handle and opens by force of gravity. The blade requires either gravity or a spinning motion to force it from the handle. Gravity knives are a one-handed tool and are designed to use in case the other hand is busy. The anatomy of a gravity knife is based on the following mechanism

  • Fulcrum lever
  • Trigger to open and closed blade positions

2 . Push Dagger

A short-blade dagger has a T-shaped handle. It is outlawed to buy, sell and carry push daggers in Alberta. The blade does not crinkle, and the holder holds it in his or her fist to use. It is also known by

  • Push knife
  • Punch knife
  • Punch dagger

3 . Butterfly Knife

It comes with several names. For instance,

  • Centrifuges knife
  • Balisong
  • Fan knife
  • Batangas knife

The butterfly knife is considered to be a kind of pocket knife. Moreover, it opens automatically with the use of centrifugal force. The Balisongs can be opened by the riffle of the wrist in a globular motion away from the body. Apart from cutting and slicing it is also used for both fun and trickery. Though, Alberta does not allow to carry butterfly knives.

4 . Automatic Knife

Automatic knives are also known by

  • Switchblade knives
  • Pushbutton knives
  • Ejector knives
  • Spring knives

The blade is contained in the handle and opens mechanically by a spring when the button, lever, or switch on the handle is pushed. These knives have fame in American gangster culture. Though, due to the hype about corruption Alberta knife laws disallowed the people to use automatic knives.

5 . “Constant Companion” or Belt Buckle Knife

It is a belt-holding knife and is withdrawn when required. Moreover, multiple knives could be served as a belt buckle knife. For instance,

  • Butterfly knives
  • Push daggers and many others

The grave reason to take away a belt buckle knife from the permissible knife list is its concealment. The law in Alberta is strict about concealed weapons, and it presumes that if you are hiding your knife then you must have a nefarious purpose in mind.

6 . Concealed Blades Under 30 Centimeters

Everything was fine with blades 30 cm or less but what makes it an illegal knife is its concealment. The law forbids concealed blades under 30 cm because they can be used to harm anyone. The banned concealed blades also come with other names, for instance,

  • Penknives
  • Knife combs
  • Lipstick knives

7 . Throwing Stars

They are star-shaped hand blades and are hidden under cuffs. Moreover, throwing stars are considered an add-on throwing blade originating from Japan. The extremely sharp outer edges are used as a throwing tool and are concealed, that’s why are strictly forbidden by the law.

Knives that are Legal in Alberta

Although, Alberta’s knife laws are dubious and are hard to understand by the common men, nevertheless, stated down are knife types that are legal to own by the people of Alberta.

• Multitools/card tools

The multitasker tool with which you can perform multiple tasks and owns several functions like compass, tweezers, or scissors. These tools are always accompanied by a kind of small blade; however, as long as the tool is not to designed as a weapon, it is legal. In fact, It is to facilitate you.

• Sword canes/umbrella daggers

 A sword is contained in a cane/umbrella and must be longer than 30 cm.

It is pertinent to note that any non-folding knife with a utilitarian purpose, for instance, hunting knives and fishing knives, is permissible to own. The knife laws of Alberta are intent-based. For instance, if you walk into the office with a concealed hunting knife and are stopped by a guard you could be charged with an illegal weapon. So, be vigilant and responsible to go through all trivial legal details.

Age Restrictions to Carry a Knife in Alberta

The knife laws in Alberta are ambiguous to age and apparently, it seems no age restrictions to possess a knife in Alberta. Although a few retailers will only sell to eighteen years old and over-customers.

Laws of knife transit in Alberta

If you are enthused to use your knife with good intentions and for a utilitarian purpose, is not on the banned weapons list. Moreover, at the border, you should declare your knife or if tried to bring an illegal knife to the geographical boundaries of Alberta, you could be arrested or refused to enter.

Landing Alberta with a knife

If your knife falls into a legal category, as per the knife laws of Alberta, you can safely fly into Alberta with your knife. Moreover, the knife must be in checked baggage. Never and ever try to fly with a legal knife or any other kind of weapon in your carry-on luggage. It is your responsibility to declare the knife to the officials; it can minimize your sneak-in chances and be suspected by the officials.

Shipping knives Knife to Alberta

First, you need to know the laws Alberta imposes on shipping legal knives. You should be well aware of the proper legal shipping arrangements for knives. And also, as legislative restrictions on knives. Learn all required laws from the Alberta website to know what is legal to ship and what is illegal to avoid legal glitches.

Penalty for having an Illegal Knife in Alberta

You could face a maximum sentence of up to 5 years in jail for possessing an illegal knife in Alberta. Your knife will also be impounded. So, it is always a sensible approach to know and comprehend legislative restrictions and penalties within the legal framework of Alberta.

Final Thoughts

Before getting involved in a knife fare in Alberta, make sure your chosen knife does not fall into the eight banned knife types. Moreover, the above-mentioned listing is brief and comprehensive to save you from being caught in disregard. The citizens of Alberta should not misinterpret the law of “concealed weapons”, engaged in a concealed fashion though a good intention can land you in serious trouble.

So, be cautious to grasp legal complications regarding knives. Feel more comfortable taking legal advice than to stuck in serious trouble.

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