Knife Laws in Alaska


Knife Laws In Alaska

Alaska has cultural and geographical riches and dwellers love hunting and fishing. The state allows its inhabitants to get the thrill of hunting and can own knives for the purpose. Multiple knives are used in hunting, skinning, and gutting, with particular features respectively. It is always permissible by law to keep survival knives, and not mess with the law.

Alaska is one of the states of the US where citizens are allowed to enter the woods for hunting with extremely sharp knives. They can also use their tools as rescue knives. Nevertheless, it does impose a few obligations on individuals who own concealed weapons and are restricted to inform officers about them.

Knife ownership in Alaska

Knife ownership in Alaska is profoundly associated with the state’s culture. People love outdoor activities and are fond of maintaining outdoor survival kits. Moreover, hunting and fishing require special knives that are purposefully built to meet the purpose. That’s why the state permits people to get complete rights to their knives. For that, the state of Alaska legislated a highly uniform set of knife laws. Alaska’s law offers knife owners rights by allowing the purchase and possession of a wide range of knives.

It is pertinent, to have little idea regarding state laws regarding knives to avoid inconvenience. One thing to remember is that the knife laws were updated in 2013, so anything before that is considered out of date. And mere neglection can cause serious legal glitches.

Respect the laws

Whether you need a knife to handle domestic chores or for hunting, or you are a professional chef or butcher, or a daredevil, you are restricted to follow the law. To curb flailing corruption Federal Legislation has put a certain limitation on its citizens. And it is to control knife rights and its mishandling that can fondle criminal delinquencies.

Be a responsible citizen of the state and follow them while buying, selling, or using knives, just to stay away from high penalties.

The Legitimacy of Knife Possession

Alaska’s law offers knife rights to its citizens by allowing them to purchase and possess a wide range of knives. Most of the big sharp knives are legal because, they are used to hunt big games like bears, deer, hogs, and elks. The state permits people to use tools for self-defense and is allowed to craft their knives.

Federal Knife Law in Alaska

As per the Second Amendment of the Alaska State Constitution for self-defense,

“It is the right of every citizen of Alaska (AK) to bear arms”

 Nevertheless, according to AK Cons.Art.1 – Section 19,

“You should not infringe the legal limitations and exceptions made by the State Government on using knives or other weapons.”

The only way out to escape from compensation is to avoid violating the knife laws.

State Legislation

According to Alaska Statue,

“Any deadly weapon or anything that, under the circumstances in which it is used, attempted to be used, or threatened to be used, is capable of causing death or serious physical injury is illegal.”

However, a knife is undeniably a sharp and deadly weapon as per state law, and the holder’s intention makes it lawful and unlawful.

Knife laws about Minor

As per Section 11.61.210(5) of Alaska Knife Law,

“You cannot sell or transfer knives to a minor who is under 18 years without his or her parent’s concern. It is a 4th Degree Misconduct and Class A – Misdemeanor of the Federal Knife Law. Violating the rules will put you in the lock-up for 6 months or charge $500 from you.”


According to the law, the exception can be made,

“An individual below 18 years can carry the pocket knives with the permission of the Peace Officer of Alaska while camping, cooking, or fishing. He/she can buy and carry knives with the written consent of parents.”

Types of Legal Knives in Alaska

With the permission of the Peace Officer and the Federal Government in Alaska, you are permitted to own knives. However, it is obligatory to know about the legal knives as per Alaska Knife Law.

Get an idea about the legal blades and knives as described below before getting involved in the knives fare

• Pocket Knife

You can happily carry small foldable pocket knives. For instance,

  • Toothpick Knife
  • Pen Knife
  • Talon Blade
  • Clip-Point Blade
  • Sheepsfoot knife
  • Drop-Point pocket-size Blade

These knives are utility tools and help in cutting, chopping, and dicing fruits or vegetables, whenever required. Moreover, a tiny multipurpose pocket knife can also cut paper and fabric with great precision.

• Bowie Knife

Bowie knives are subject to legal issues in the different states of the US. Nevertheless, Alaska knife laws are flexible for this large and double-edged sharp knife. Moreover, it is used by chefs, butchers, fishermen, and hunters to slice meat and fish. Bowie seems deadly weapon, that’s why the law and legislation are always concerned about the tool. It is required by law to ask for the permission of the Peace Officer of Alaska before buying or using it in your home. People who professionally need this blade can show their ID proof to purchase Bowie.

• Stiletto Knife

Stilettos are pointed needle-like blades that are extremely sharp and slender. You may use them for slicing fish, deer, and rabbits in your kitchen or restaurant.

• Balisongs

The other name of Balisongs is Butterfly Knife or you are familiar with it by a fanning knife. Moreover, the tool is foldable and can be used in Alaska as per state law for self-defense.

Legal Restrictions for Knife Length

Like other states of America, Alaska is not a knife-bound state and does not levy rigid knife laws. You can use a 3 to 4-inch knife in this state as per Alaska Knife Law. Unless you have reached the permissible age. People below 21 years should only buy or use pocket knives. If they want to purchase another knife then the law demands written consent of the minor’s parents and have to ask permission from the Peace Officer of Alaska. However, if you disrupt these rules then you have to give monetary compensation.

Types of Illegal Knives in Alaska

Alaska maintains a strict law against knives that can act as deadly weapons. Beware about the illegal knives as per AK 08.76.100 or 08.76.020 of the Alaska Constitution before buying them:

• Gravity Knives

A gravity knife is one of those knives that are illegal to manufacture, buy or sell. It has a large blade and a strong sturdy handle. By holding the knife, you can feel the gun’s grip and a  trigger and fulcrum lever that can easily harm someone by throwing a knife with a push at the trigger point. So according to the Switchblade Act, these knives are strictly prohibited to use in Alaska.

• Switchblades

Like other states of the US, the Switchblade knives are forbidden to own. It is an automatic knife that can be opened by pressing the switch fixed at the handle of the blade. Other names of the knife are,

  • Ejector Knife
  • Flick Knife
  • Springer

Using this outlawed knife would be a serious act of violation of Concealment Law in Alaska because Switchblades come under the category of concealed weapons that can injure people.

• Metal Knuckles

Knuckle knives can act to harm people and can be of different types like

  • Metal Knuckles
  • Brass Knuckles
  • Gun-Shaped Knuckles

These are deadly weapons to attack people. Therefore, the law does not allow you to use Knuckles in Alaska.

Point to remember

It is pertinent to note that a few professionals are liable to use the above-mentioned knives, nevertheless, restricted to show their respective ID proofs. For instance,

  • Armies
  • Fishermen
  • Butchers
  • Animal hunters
  • Chefs of the state

Penalty for Using Illegal Knives

According to the 5th Degree compensation for breaching AK 08.76.100 or 08.76.020 of the Alaska Constitution,

“Keeping illegal knives would cause you to bear monetary compensation of $500 and you will be imprisoned for 6 months in jail. And have to labor for the entire state in the prison.”

Moreover, if a person attacks with a knife in a public place then it’s a crime that falls under AK 11.61.220.

According to the 5th Degree Misconduct of Deadly Weapons,

“Violating the law will put you in prison for 4 years. If the individual is just 18 years then he or she will be jailed for 6 months, and a minor of 16-17 years old will be imprisoned for 4 months.”

Concealed Carrying of Knives

As long as your knife is concealed, you’re permitted, and your knife is legal to legally carry anywhere in the state of Alaska. Moreover, people who are 21 years or older are allowed to carry switchblades and gravity knives. In case the police officer stops you, you are legally bound to inform him about your concealed knife immediately; it will make you secure.

Places that are Prohibited to Carry Knives

The knives are utility tools but the wrong custodian can make them dangerous weapons, so according to Switchblade Law, some places in Alaska are strictly restricted to carry knives such as:

• Private Places

According to the AK 4732,

“Carrying knives in the private residence or childcare center is a breach of AK 4732 that falls under 2nd Degree. This will result in a monetary penalty and imprisonment.”

• Educational Institute

According to AK 25.35.010(b) or 25.35.020 under 3rd Degree,

“You cannot carry knives and other deadly weapons to schools and colleges. For violating this law, the students or teacher may be expelled from the institute.”

• Public Transport

According to AK11.46.320,

“Selling or transporting knives in public vehicles is a serious violation, which falls under 3rd Degree crime. The exception lies when you carry small pocket knives or other legal knives with the Peace Officer’s permission. You would be jailed for 6 months for this misdemeanor.”

• Parking Places

It will be the infringement of AK 47.32 under 5th Degree felony if,

“You carry or sell knives in the parking places. You have to compensate $500 for this offense.”

• Federal Property

You are also disallowed to carry the knives on federal properties according to AK 47.32 under 5th Degree.

  • Banks
  • Courts
  • Police station
  • Municipality office

Breaching the law will cause bear monetary compensation, and can be hand-cuffed for more than 6 months.

Brief and comprehensive info on knife laws in Alaska

Let us take you to have a bird’s eye view of the knife laws in Alaska to avoid legal awkwardness

  • Anyone below the age of 21 carrying a concealed non-pocket knife
  • Hiding a concealed knife from a police officer
  • Escaped convicts carrying any type of knives irrespective of legal or illegal
  • Using a knife to harass people
  • Talking to a person who has a restraining order against you while carrying a knife
  • A knife display in prohibited places such as schools, colleges, banks, and police stations

Concluding expression

Due to the increasing crimes in Alaska, the state is trying to limit the knives that can act as deadly weapons by upgrading existing laws and levying new ones. So, a state like Alaska has accredited several constitutional rules and limitations to the common men of the state for using various knives. If you are a home cook and interested to purchase a knife for the household and a professional chef wants the tool for chopping, free to buy. However, you are restricted to obey the aforesaid legal regulations to avoid penalties under Alaska Knife Law.

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