How to use a Survival Knife

how to use a survival knife

A survival knife is the most important part of survivalists’ backpack, this only gear makes possible for the outdoor ventures to face the most intimidating phase of their lives with the best skill and with the best gadget they have selected for their survival. The versatile survival tool enables the users to enjoy their toughest and hardest of experiences.  We have listed down some of the tips and techniques that will help you to use this multipurpose gadget for a long time with the same perfect ease and flawless features.

Learn the Art of Using a Survival Knife

The following techniques will increase your gear’s life, multiplying its utility reducing the chance of risky applications that may harm the user.

1. Sharp blade:

Make sure the survival knife you are using must have a sharp blade, a dull blade will not only consume your extra effort but time as well.  Moreover as in a survival situation there is no second chance, so sharpness is a pre requisite to do any of the survival chores where you don’t have time to bother its dullness and dreariness, so be very careful while buying your perfect gear for your perfect experience. Always check its sharpness before going on an outdoor venture.

2. Keep your knife sheathed:

Always keep your knife in a perfectly fit sheath when not in use. A good quality sheath will definitely protect the blade from any possible harm and damage. This sheath will give your gadget a longer life and secures the blade’s tip, sharpness and its respective edge. Even the sturdier and premium quality built blade can be damaged if not kept in a perfect sheath. You can wonderfully increase the longevity, utility and functionality of your blade just by using a good quality sheath.

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3. Cut away from your body:

While cutting move the blade away from your body so as to avoid any kind of accidental mistake. Always keep yourself focused and attentive, have your eyes on what you are doing. Extra firm grip can’t make your hands slipped up.  Cutting towards your body may harm you so avoid such actions and be alert while using this beast as even a single slash can take your life.

4. A first aid kit:

Another necessary item you must bring with you to your outdoor exploring site is a First Aid Kit, it is nearly as important as your gear itself. In case of any serious injury or wound you need to bandage it and clean it by using some medicated gauze and an antiseptic cream.

5. Avoid distracters:

You need to be vigilant and watchful while using your knife, so be very careful as it can equally be useful and harmful depending the way you are using your gadget. Hunger, thirst and sleep can be some of the powerful distracters that can take away your attention and may cause to bring deadly consequences. Use both of your hands while closing any of folding weapons.

6. Avoid triangular death posture:

While using your survival gadget, don’t sit in a posture where your legs are making a triangle having the floor as its base. Cutting in that posture may bring threatening consequences, as if you get a cut over your legs it may take your life or can put you into a deadly situation.

7. Proper oiling and regular cleaning:

Proper oiling and regular cleaning are the unfailing techniques to guarantee lifelong usage of your gadget so it is ready to perform vigorous jobs. This will not only keep your blade secured and strong but will also ensure its sturdier performance.

Along with the above techniques your expertise and proper usage are the pre requisites to make your hunting adventure, camping experience or an outdoor exploration worth remembering and successful. Hoping you have a good time with your skilled hands and the superb survival gear you have chosen for your respective outdoor trip.

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