How to dispose of knives ?


How to dispose of knives ?

All the knives do not last forever. Some new collections often replace your older ones which have lost their sharpness, attraction and usability. Even the high-quality knives need extra care and due maintenance for the lifetime service. So due to the excessive usage and improper care one has to get rid of his old, blunt, worn-out, and useless gears.

There are many ways to dispose of your knives in a safe way so one may not get harmed and injured by any of your careless behavior. Here’s the drop-down list showing some secured tips and tactics for the proper disposal of your dull knives.

Throwing in the bin

This one is a legal way to discard your gears in a wheelie bin or a non-recyclable section as no human handling is expected in that case and usually the whole process is automated. But beware of throwing them in the bins without covering the blades as it would extremely be risky and hazardous. As if accidentally the human handling would be the part of this machine-driven process your knife may injure the potential handlers who might be the trash collectors, any of your household members, or even you yourself. So better to be careful than to be sorry.  To avoid any emergency follow the following steps:

  1. Cover the blades with some paper or tape.
  2. Use some cardboard and tightly wrap your blade by using tape.
  3. Place your knife on some container or a cardboard box.
  4. Now it is safe to be placed in your trash can.

Recycle your dull gear

So whether it is a kitchen knife or a huge survival knife, recycling is one of the best options. But for this, you have to do some research to find out the closest scrap metal recycling center. The searching would make the process easier and quicker for you as you cannot simply discard it in the recycle bin. So checking the station where scrap metal is recycled will facilitate you with the desired service and appropriate guidance.  Wrapping and covering are still necessary if you are heading towards the transfer station. Be environment friendly and head to recycling centers.

Donating your gear to the donation centers

Sometimes we feel to get rid of knives just to add some new knives featuring exceptional and unique characteristics. In this case, one can donate his gadgets like knives and other gear to some local shelters and second-hand stores.  But be careful to clean your knives even sharpen them too before handling them at the donation centers. The other safety measures are still there including wrapping up and taping up your knife’s blade and putting it in some container carefully to prevent any mishappening. So donating them will bring satisfaction to you and provide you the chance to add other beauties to your kitchen world and your backpack.

Handling your knife to your nearest police stations

For the safest disposal, it is also suggested to handle your knife to the police station and if they refuse to take it then they would definitely tell you the way to other places where you can safely dispose of them. This way your knife will not get into the wrong hands.  Wrapping the cutting edges and following the other safety measures are the must-to-do steps.

Checking for secured drop off bins for older knives

In some countries, they have built some secured bins for the disposal of your older tools and weapons. Locate them online first and then take your gadget there. Such bins have some safety slots in them that keep your blades or knives safely unless the official collector comes and disposes of the discarded gadgets. Here as the bins are specifically built for the disposal of knives so covering and tapping up the sharp side of the knife is not necessary at all.

Sell your older gears to some online stores

A knife in a fair condition cannot be useless at all. You just need to make it ready to sell it to any online store that accepts used tools.  Even the knife selling stores can take it from you to make good use of it.  Sharpening, polishing, and cleaning must be done before handling the tool to anyone. The very act will not only increase the value of your gadget but also reflects your fine and courteous personality.

Knives kept with care last long, this careful handling is indispensable whether you are keeping it with you or want to discard it. The above tips would enable you to discard your gears in the most secure manner. It will take a few minutes of yours to search respectively and follow the techniques that suit you the best.  Wishing you to enjoy the new addition and hope to follow the right steps and adopting the proper approach.

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