In a survival situation, where a knife is a must tool to cope up with all the expected dangers so is the knife sharpener too as a dull knife will fail you in all kinds of situations especially in a life-threatening situation when a survival gadget is the only tool you have to deal with the most hazardous situation. Whether the tool is folding or fixed it needs to be sharpened before going on survival, camping, hunting or exploring trip.

Here it is worth noticing that the survival knife sharpener is much different from a simple knife sharpener. A survival knife sharpener is a dependable tool that can work in the toughest of the situations and must not depend on any other thing. Survival sharpeners are the ones that fulfill our needs in a particular survival scenario where the least expected or even unexpected things can happen. A good survival knife sharpener must meet the following parameters to work most effectively.

Here we have listed down five of the top-rated survival knife sharpeners that possess almost all the must features that are signature to a survival knife sharpener. Their effectiveness has not only been tested by expert survivalists but they also offer unique and matchless features.

Going out to explore the wonders with the best of your survival gadgets but all will prove to be a harsh experience if the sharpening tool is missing or not working efficiently at the right time. Here we have an easy-to-use sharpening tool that will keep your blade’s edge aligned and as sharp as new. The Dalstrong Gladiator Series 10” honing steel is simply superb to get you the super sharp blade that is all time ready to win the game.

It is crafted with premium quality carbon steel and the G10 handle ensures a perfect non-slipping grip over the handle so one can sharpen the blade with extreme comfort. It has tiny grooves over the steel that allows the user to get the perfectly sharpened edge. The 10 inches steel is considered to be ideal to sharpen all sizes of knives easily and quickly.

Dalstrong offers a lifetime warranty against any defect and loves to serve its customers in the best way. This very honing steel maintains the perfect alignment of the gear. So it’s no doubt a worth buying sharpener to keep your blades super sharp and agile making your knives prepared to perform whenever you need them to fight and stand with you.



2. DuoSharpplus Bench Stone Fine Sharpener

Another smart addition of the very list is the 8” bench stone which is excellent to restore the fine edge of the knife when it has gone dull after prolong or single usage. DMT micronized monocrystalline diamond surface is highly reliable and provides a speedy sharpening service.

With this super hard diamond sharpening surface, the tool is way easy to be sharpened just in few strokes without using any kind of oil it provides you the perfect edge. This tool doesn’t need any other thing to operate so it is the most suitable sharpening tool that can work in all kinds of situations when the survivalists are stuck with a few of the things. The even surface of the stone ensures the even contact of the blade to be sharpened.

This USA-made sharpening gear is ultra-durable and can sharpen the largest range of knives, all kinds of cutting tools, and blades. It successfully transforms the dull edge of the blade into a super fine and razor-sharp edge. It works with greater speed and efficiency consuming less energy for the user. DMT is famous for its fine quality products and thus provides replacement of the sharpener in case of any defect.  Get your tools razor-sharp and ready to act in the fields with this only solution.

It is extremely lightweight and compact thus can easily be carried anywhere. It works equally well with larger and smaller pointed tools to get you the desired tip or edge. Enjoy the versatility and efficiency by having this super-smart sharpening tool.



3. Work Sharp Guided Sharpening System

Another superb quality sharpener is the Work Sharp Guided Sharpening System that ensures the sharpening of your tool at its best. So no matter which so ever the design and whatever kind of blade you have, the work sharp guided sharpening system simply helps you to enjoy the super sharp and consistent edge of your blade. The entire diamond plate allows the users to sharpen the curved and straight blades entirely and evenly.

To ensure perfect sharpening angles, interchangeable angle guides are really helpful. This very technique can sharpen a variety of knives. Magnets secure the guides and the pivot response adds extra expertise to the very gadget making its sharpening a way easier.

The ceramic field hone includes three ceramic rods that work wonderfully in all kinds of blades, they sharpen the curved blades, straight, serrated, or fish hooks with exceptional ease and quickness. This USA-made sharpener is famous among all the expert survivalists and outdoor ventures around the world due to its matchless and extraordinary features.  

When you are in the wilderness or in a favorable environment where the utilization of each weapon and move guarantee your life, this sharpening tool will provide you its unfailing service of making your blades razor-sharp and smooth so you could have the best experience of your exploring trips.



4. Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker with Safety Rods

Another outstanding option on the list is the Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker which can sharpen your blades in a fraction of time. This simple and easy-to-use gadget is no doubt a must part of your backpack where sharpening of multi-design and multi sort of blades has become much easier. So this few-minute practice of sharpening to get an extra-sharp blade is liked by professional explorers.

This durable sharp maker has ABS plastic base that contains keyed holes which are helpful to provide us the perfect sharpening angles for different blades. While sharpening you just need to keep the plane of the blade vertical and draw the edge along each stone to sharpen. For the serrated blades use the round edge of the stones so it could reach each serrations easily and effectively. The sharpener comes with a detailed manual guide so the users can get to know the various ways through which they can sharpen their kind of blade. 

The Sharpmaker system includes two sets of high alumina ceramic stones; grit stones are suitable for aggressive sharpening whereas the fine stones provide you the highly professional finishing of your fine blade. The whole pack includes pair of stones (2 Fine and 2 Medium Grit High Alumina Ceramic Sharpening Stones), safety rods, an instruction book and a DVD.

Safety rods are meant to protect the user’s hands from any kind of possible harm. In short, this one is really helpful during your camping, exploring or any kind of outdoor expedition to an unknown place to face any life-threatening situation with the super sharp and razor-edged blade. 



5. Lansky 4-Stone Deluxe Diamond System

Another smart choice of smart users is Lansky 4-Stone Deluxe Diamond System that keeps your blade all-time sharp and ready to perform. The sharpening becomes too easy as the knife clamps hold the knife tightly so it must not move to ensure the angle consistency while sharpening. This practice brings amazing results and the user gets super sharp blade. This technique can help the users to select their desired angle at each stroke of the sharpening process. 

Another smart choice of smart users is Lansky 4-Stone Deluxe Diamond System that keeps your blade all-time sharp and razor-sharp. The sharpening becomes too easy as the knife clamps hold the knife tightly so it must not move to ensure the angle consistency while sharpening. This practice brings amazing results and the user gets a super sharp blade. This technique can help the users to select their desired angle at each stroke of the sharpening process. 

This option is simply matchless to provide you the best sharpening experience in all kinds of blades. The diamond hones provide you the chance to maintain and care for the edge and sharpness of your very blade. Most of the experts prefer to use the 4-stone deluxe diamond controlled-angle sharpening system that perfectly guarantees to sharpen the edge as you find the best.

The metal sharpening hones are coated with mono-crystalline diamond, so they need to be replaced after a particular time when they become dull with use. The hones get wear off with excessive usage, with the pressure they bear during the sharpening process, with the hard steel of blades that are to be sharpened, or when they are not kept with care.

The hones include the following set of diamond stones from the finest to the most coarse grit to sharpen the blade. 

The multi-sharpening angles offer the users to set the knife according to their desired angle to get the desired specific edge or sharpness. The following angles are recommended in the mentioned cases as they will work ideally in the respective ones.  



The above are the best and matchless options to get you your gadget simply superb and perfectly sharp for your next trip. Though some features are similar yet they all have some unique characteristics to offer you the best services. Using stone sharpeners needs a perfect skill otherwise it may harm your blade’s edge. While removing the dull edge from your blade you have to be careful as you could not get the removed metal back. Similarly, you must know which stone will work the best in your case, either the course or the fine. Always ensure to have a blade that is super sharp to make your trip worth remembering by making your experience a pleasant one. So no matter for what your gear is intended, the sharp blade is the essential part of it.

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