Esee 6 vs Fallkniven A1 – Review and In depth Comparison


When the problem comes of buying a good survival knife fulfilling all the survival needs then the famous Esee 6 and the versatile Fallkniven A1 pretty confuse the buyer that which to select or which to drop. Even the respective reviews make them in a fix that which would be the smarter one to be their best camping partner.

Fallkniven A1 vs Esee 6 – Which one is better?

Let’s have a look at their matchless features and extraordinary powers which make them the indispensable weapons for survival situations.


1. Respective origins:

Esee 6: It is a USA made survival knife. It began in 1997 by Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin. All the knives introduced by Esee 6 do not simply look good rather they are field-tested successfully before coming to the market as the most powerful survival gear. Esee stands for Escuela De Supervivancia means the School for survival training, Escape, Evasion.

Fallkniven A1: It is a famous Sweden based knife and was founded in 1984 in Boden by Peter Hjortberger. The company also introduced knives for the Swedish Army. This A1 is the mainstay in the Fallkniven lineup. Fallkniven actually means folding knives and now considered the famous fixed blade knives.

2. Fairly priced:

Esee 6: These knives are famous for their fantastic price. Its fine blade has a perfect balance and fabulously sharp edge, making it fairly justified. According to experts, they are cost-effective and comparatively cheaper than other bushcraft knives.  But equally powerful and a capable fighter.

Fallkniven A1: Fallkniven is highly reliable, well-constructed and fairly priced. It is big enough to deal with the hard tasks and at the same time small enough to do the delicate tasks. Being the perfect representative of Fallkniven’s mission, it is the most versatile of its type but some also consider it pricey.

3. Field-tested knives:

Esee 6: It is no doubt a well-designed survival knife and can do wonder in the woods. It will serve you the best by its carbon steel blade. It is one of the highest quality field-tested gear.

It has a unique expression of competence and masculinity. Before reaching the market it received a number of field tests and was used in several operations and combats.

It got huge appreciation and A plus feedback from Randall’s Adventure and Training School.

Fallkniven A1: This all-purpose knife is specifically meant for military personnel. And from a defensive point of view, it is considered ideal whether the attacker is a wild animal or a human being.

It chops, cuts and hammers with its bottom at wonderful ease. Its tough blade, impeccable strength and durability have made it the first choice for the survivalists.

4. Exceptionally sharp blade:

Esee 6: Esee blade is made of high-quality carbon steel 1095 and considered as one of the best-fixed blade survival knives.  Its 6.5” blade with 3/16” thickness cuts well through any kind of meat.  Its 5.75” cutting edge has a long drop point making it easy to get it sharpened. Its blade needs proper oiling otherwise will get rusted, so decent care will make your knife to fight for years.

Fallkniven A1: The A1 has an exceptional ultra-sharp pointed blade ensuring your perfect protection. Its VG10 steel having the hardness of 59 HRC is nearly impossible to break. Fallkniven’s blade measures 6.3” and 2.4” thickness have a strong cutting capability.  When not in use for a long time needs proper sharpening through a convex grind which is an easy task, unlike Esee which needs proper and regular maintenance.

5. Handle ensuring the impeccable grip:

Esee 6: Esee’s Micarta made handle survives the worst and provides the user with the most comfortable grip. The handle is connected at three places through the tang. It has a smooth grip capable of handling the toughest situation in the wild. It is available in different colors and the bottom ends before the tang to chop the woods or branches with superb ease.

Fallkniven A1: You can hold the Fallkniven A1 with the utmost comfort. The Kraton handle which is 5” long making its total length 11” allows to have the easiest and comfy grip. A metal hole at the end of the knife is a great option so you can tie a rope to the end of the knife while doing any heavy work for extra support and safety.  Its textured and ribbed surface ensures a safe grip even if the hands are wet or slippery.

6. Full tang:

Esee 6: Esee 6 is a full tang fixed blade survival knife. Its perfect design excels at chopping just like a machete and slicing like a perfect chef’s knife. Its full-tang blade can perform the finer task as well as the tougher ones. There is a large notch where the blade adjacent to the handle so the whole blade can be sharped though it’s a hard job.

Fallkniven A1: Fallkniven A1 like Esee 6 is almost a full tang survival knife. It has metal at the end serving for a number of various purposes. Even if the handle breaks the knife does not lose its versatile ability of cutting, slicing and chopping. The bit of metal at the end works as a hammer.

This very feature makes it unbreakable and the favorite of survivalists as they know that full-tang knives are the right ones to have to avoid any kind of camping risks.

7. Sheath with Belt Clip & Snap Button

esee-6-sheath Esee 6: The sheath of Esee 6 is not worthy as compared to the sheath of Fallkniven A1. A good sheath adds value to the working capability of the knife and gives it an impressive look and ultimate protection. A high mounted clip allows the knife handle to mount it as you feel comfortable. It can be mounted on the backpack. But the overall sheath needs to be upgraded by the company which must be worthy of a knife.

fallkniven-A1-SheathFallkniven A1: Unlike the Esee6, Fallkniven’s protective Zytel sheath is no doubt strong and attractive storage. The right-hand users and left-hand users find it easy and simple, the given snap button ensures the knife is safe in the place. To unbutton the knife is also quite easy with the Fallkniven A1 to get it ready at the time of emergency. The clip allows the users to wear it right on your belt. Unbuttoning is often an issue, but this is not the case with the Fällkniven A1. You’ll be able to quickly remove it from the holster and use it when you need it most.

8. Weight and size:

Esee 6: It has a 6. 5” blade with the cutting edge of 5.7 5”. Including the handle, the overall length of the knife is 11.75”. This length is considered a bit more to do some delicate task. This all-rounder knife weighs 12 ounces excluding the sheath.

Fallkniven A1: This is designed for heavy-duty use. Its VG10 steel blade is 10 mm with the length of 120 mm handle making its overall length is 11” that is 280mm. Its total weight is 12 ounces.

9. Care and proper maintenance:

Esee6: Esee 6 needs proper care and maintenance as its blade prone to get rusted easily. It needs proper oiling. It comes with a proper maintenance kit made of a khaki nylon pouch including EZE lap diamond Hone (a kind of polish) and stone, steel wood and leather protectant and an even skin balm.

Fallkniven A1: It comes with a sharpening stone and can easily be polished. Its regular oiling keeps the blade sharp and shiny.  Its laminated blade is extremely durable and remains sharp for a longer time.

The stainless steel blade is quite easy to manage and does not need regular maintenance. It works miraculously in the wild in terms of cutting, slicing, dicing, chopping, skinning or carving.

10. Warranty:

Esee6: The Esee 6 Company stands behind its knife ensuring the safety and defense of the user. It has a 100 percent unconditional lifetime guaranty. The company replaces the broken one if there is any without demanding any receipt and warranty registration. So whatever is damaged, the blade, handle, sheath, or the clip is immediately replaced right after being claimed. It can be claimed anywhere in the world and the company will do the same as they have already promised for the lifetime partnership of their buyers.

Fallkniven A1: It has 10 years warranty, any wear and tear to the blade tip and other parts of the knife are repaired by the company only if it is obvious that the damage is the result of the material defect. And unlike Esee6 it can’t be claimed anywhere around the world even if bought from an unauthorized seller or from any website at some discount then it will not be entitled the company’s warranty coverage. The sheath and clip are not guaranteed unless they have some apparent manufacturing faults.


Both are amazing Survival Knives. The Esee6 sheath is not perfectly suitable to the amazing functionality of the knife. But Fallkniven A1 is relatively expensive. Esee 6 has an unconditional lifetime warranty whereas the Fallkniven A1 has a conditional warranty of ten years. It is actually the Esee’s warranty that attracts most of the adventurers who are somewhat new in the camping world and the experts know well that which suits and serves them the best.

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