Bushcraft Knives

There is a misconception that bushcraft knives are the same as survival knives but in actual practice, this isn’t the case!

Bushcraft knives are supposed to be carried when one is deliberately going on a tour to the jungle. While survival knives on the contrary are used as last option knives for unexpected circumstances. That’s the reason why bushcraft knives are usually smaller in size when compared with survival knives.

Now as we have understood that why do we use bushcraft knives, let’s understand what are the specifications of a good bushcraft knife.

  • So while choosing a bushcraft knife one has to keep in mind that it is supposed to be medium-sized. A small knife is not good for performing different tasks including cutting and chopping in the woods. If the bushcraft knife is too large then it will be hard to carry and tough to use too so using a medium-sized one is always a good option.
  • It must have a sharp spine and a long cutting edge that can easily scratch and slash anything. If the cutting edge is not sharp enough then the knife won’t be of any use.
  • One should always choose a bushcraft knife having an ergonomic and textured handle that must features a finger guard to avoid slipping.

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