10 Best whittling knives for beginners

best whittling knife for beginners

Whittling is the hobby of so many people and many newbies are adopting this hobby as it’s really productive too, however, for them, it’s always hard to choose the best whittling knife that is a perfect fit for beginners so that they can use it safely and can enjoy the best results out of it.

Well, now you don’t need to worry anymore because in this article I’m going to introduce you to some amazing and easy-to-use whittling knives that will make your whittling experience easy peasy lemon squeezy. At the end of the article, you can also find a buying guide which will help you to choose the best. So, scroll down to know more.

If you’re just starting out whittling and it’s about choosing the best whittling knife then choosing Mora 120 is going to be the best decision of your life.

As a beginner whittling knife it’s providing what all you need. The knife of length around 165mm has an oiled birch wood handle.

Birchwood has always been an excellent choice for knife handles and when it comes to oil ones these can be used for years and are ergonomic too. Because of the handy shape of this handle, it’s very easy to carry and you can use it for hours of working without any aches in your hands.

Mora 120 comes with a small 60mm(2.4inches) blade of laminated steel which makes the carving a fast and easy process you don’t need to sharpen the blade before use as it’s already very sharp and can be used for the detailing process while whittling. The reason for wicked sharpness is the presence of scandigrind which is flat.

It comes with a very simple sheath which is a must-have for the fixed blade knives so that you can enjoy
your whittling journey safely.



2. Beaver craft C15 1.5” Whittling knife

Beaver craft is a name known for its high-quality knives but this one has something special for beginners and anyone can use it anytime and anywhere on soft and hardwood as it’s pocket friendly and specially
designed for someone who is in the learning process because in such scenario one need an all in one whittling knife.

The Ash Wood handle of this knife is durable and the elasticity of ash wood makes it easy to use for long-term work also the handle has a very unique design which gives the knife a very fancy look.

When it comes to the durability of this tool then trust me you won’t be disappointed as it’s a knife that can be used for years.

As far as the sharpness is concerned so the carbon steel blade which is 1.37 inches long has razor sharpness and you can use it right after opening the box. This blade is excellent for delicate cuts and you can use this blade for small detailing in your wooden object.

It comes with a leather sheath that helps to protect your whittling tool from getting damaged.



3. Flexcut Whittler’s Knife Set

If you’re someone who wants his whittled craft to be perfect so this Whittling knife set is for you. Flexcut has designed an all-in-one solution for your concern. The package contains two detailing knives one big and one small along with a gold polishing compound so that you can enjoy the best whittling experience.

Both the knives are very handy as the ash wood handle provides immense support and you can use the knife with ease also the handle design is perfect for beginners.

Ergonomically, this knife set is perfect and is very durable so one can enjoy carving with this for years.

Steel blades (1 inch and 0.5 inches) of these whittling knives are hand-sharpened and can provide you amazing results because of the flexibility of the blades you can carve the complex areas too.

The best part about this knife set is that it comes along with a gold polishing compound and it’ll help you to produce a better-looking wooden craft with a perfect finish.



4. Empire Essentials Wood Carving Knife

Do you want to begin your whittling journey by making bowls spoons and glass then this whittling knife set is for you?

This set is specially designed for making concave curves and that’s the reason why it contains two knives one sloyd and the other one is hook knife the package also contains sharpening stone so that your knife edges remain nice and sharp.

The handles of both the knives are made up of oak and are very smooth this will help the whittler to have a strong grip for a long time without any fatigue in the hands.

The carbon steel blade of this amazing set has some special qualities for the sloyd knife the 2.4 inches blade has a pointed tip that helps in intricate work while the blade of the hook knife is 2.1 inches long and is designed specifically for working on rounded edges and for making holes. The blade is quite sharp and hand-hone but you can sharpen the blade according to your own will by using the sharpening stone they provide.

Overall, the quality is superb and the knives are very durable.



5. Old Timer 24OT Splinter Whittling Knife

If you are looking for a little but efficient tool that covers all of your whittling needs then a 24OT splinter of the old timer is what all you need.

Old Timer is a name known for its trustworthiness, when it comes to its products their knives are super cool and sharp.

24OT is a foldable knife of brown color with a very nice and decent-looking sawcut handle having a smooth texture that helps you grip it properly so, that you can perform your whittling task without worrying about any injury or damage.

1.5 inches long wicked-sharp blade of 65Mn high carbon steel of this 6 inches long knife is very good at slicing the soft and hardwood there is no worry concerning slipping off the blade, as it’s fixed deeper
into the handle.

This knife isn’t only durable but is very aesthetic too. It would be a great addition to your beginner whittling kit.



6. Beaver Craft Sloyd Knife C4

Beaver craft is C4 has always been the first choice of beginners as it has a very classic yet aesthetic look and it’s perfect for roughing and carving wood.

The handle is ergonomic and made up of oak and has a very handy design that allows you to carve with it for hours without pain because it is thick at the center and thin at the edges and this makes a handle very easy to carry.

As far as the blade is concerned so it’s 3.15 inches long which is comparatively bigger than other whittling knives but it’s for a reason as the blade is pointed but the blade edge is rounded which allows the whittler to do multiple tasks using this carbon steel blade.

When it comes to durability so this knife of beaver craft is one of the best sellers due to the same reason as this is the knife that can last for decades.



7. Morakniv Wood Carving 106 Knife

Whenever it’s about whittling the best choice is always Morakniv because of their simple but amazing knives. 

Like all other Mora knives, this knife also contains an oiled birch wood handle which we all know provides you the best griping experience and hence you can have complete control on your knife while whittling and there is no worry concerning slipping out.

The blade is laminated and has a carbon core which provides you the benefit that it is easy to sharpen so you can hone it according to your will. The length of the blade is 3.2 inches and it allows you to carve the narrow places properly.

This knife comes along with a black-colored sheath and this protects your knife from corrosion and you can easily carry the knife with a sheath.

The durability is on point so one can rely on this product for a long time.



8. Opinel Carbon No. 8 Folding Knife

Opine no 8 is an all-in-one knife it isn’t only good for whittling but can also be used for other everyday tasks. So for a beginner, this kind of knife is a perfect tool to have.

It has a very classic and elegant design the handle is made up of Beachwood the shape of the handle is very nice and handy even a child can grip it properly.

The carbon steel blade is very sharp and can cut paper like butter but you have to keep it away from damp and moist places as we know that carbon steel can rust easily so you have to take care of it a little bit. The blade is 3.35 inches which ain’t too big nor too small. One can easily carve the finest design on wood by using this blade.

The knife comes along with a sheath so that you can easily keep it in and is very pocket-friendly.

The best part is that it comes with a wooden gift box so you can gift this to someone who is just starting the whittling.

As far as durability is concerned so yes it is very durable and can last long.



9. Flexcut whittling jack

This one is for professionals as well as for beginners use because it has what you need as a whittler.

The walnut inlay handle isn’t only aesthetically cool but can provide you with good grip and it is ambidextrous so anyone can use it.

The knife is multi-coloured and has two blades one for detailing and one for roughing the detailing one is 1 1/2 inches long and roughing one is 2 inches long so you can have the best whittling experience through using this. The blade is made up of carbon steel and can be sharpened easily.

This knife is ergonomic and very easy to carry so you can take it anywhere also it is easy to use not only for adult beginners but for children too.

Durability is on point so if you have decided to buy this then you are Investing money in the right place.



10. Beaver Craft Wood Carving Kit

Beaver craft has designed the best whittling kit for beginners that is affordable and is excellent for those who are just starting their carving experience.

It includes two knives one is a basic whittling knife and the other one is a chip carving knife for detailing purposes that enables you to carve beautifully and with perfection, the kit also gives you 5 basswood blocks so that you can start practicing as early as possible.

The handles are made up of wood and the design is very handy you can work with these for hours without feeling any hand fatigue.

Its high-quality carbon steel blades are very sharp and both the knives have different blade shapes one has a pointed shape for intricate work and the other one has a curved shape for working on rounded edges and creating holes.

These knives are durable and ergonomic too, Buying this would be a good decision for your whittling journey.



Buying guide:

If you are a beginner and just starting out whittling then this section is for you as it’ll help you to select the best whittling knife that can help you to start the journey of whittling.

In this article, we have shown you some excellent whittling knives but obviously, you can not buy all of these so let’s see what will be a perfect fit for you.

So, while buying a whittling you have to keep the following factors in your mind.

  • The blade thickness
  • The blade length
  • The Blade material
  • The Handle
  • Extra blades
  • Size of knife

- The Blade thickness:

In the case of whittling the blade must not be too thick and it should not be too thin. One should go with a moderate thickness because if it’s too thick it won’t allow you to do those intricate and delicate tasks that one is supposed to do while whittling and if it’s too thin you won’t be able to cut the thick slices of wood when needed, and chances are that it won’t last for a longer period and most of the time thick blades are easier to maintain and sharpen as compared to thin ones.

However, the choice of thickness depends on your needs so, you have to choose accordingly.

- The Blade length:

The length of the blade must be less than half of the length of the handle because that’s how it’s safe to carry and easy to use. A curve sloyd-style blade is mostly preferable for roughing purposes while for intricate work narrow blade is a great option.

- The blade material:

For whittling knives, the blades of high carbon steel are always a better option as these can survive in the damp atmosphere without any corrosion, and carbon steel blades are always easy to sharpen. On the contrary stainless steel blades take a lot of time while sharpening.

- The handle.

While choosing handles you have to keep two things in mind one is the size of your hand in case if you are buying it for yourself or the hands of a person you are buying this knife for. Secondly, if it’s comfortable to carry or not most of the time the handles of whittling knives are larger than the size of the blade because that’s how you can make a good grip while whittling and it gives you complete command on the mobility of your blade. The handles, which are thicker at the center and thinner at the edges are always good for whittling.

- Extra blades.

Extra blades for whittling are always a plus because a knife with multiple blades will allow you to carve according to your will. While whittling one may encounter different cuts small and big so, instead of spending money on different knives, one should go for a knife having two to three blades.

However, if you are a beginner you can start with a single blade knife like Morakniv 120 because it’s easy to use for beginners.

- Size of the knife:

Mostly ideal whittling knives are those that are easy to carry so these must be not too big and should be of the size of your pocket so that you can carry these along with you. One should also keep in mind that it should not be too small because in that case you won’t be able to grip the knife properly and there is a danger of slipping and injury.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the knife if the blade is good quality and razor-sharp it may not require sharpening for a long time but if it’s not of good quality so you may have to sharpen it on the first day of receiving it.

However, whittling knives after use of a week or two may require sharpening. So, for good results, you can sharpen your knife every two hours of whittling.

20° is an ideal one but you have to be very careful while doing that.

A folding or fixed blade pocket-sized knife of carbon steel is an excellent knife for carving wood.

Check the blade and other specifications before buying so that you can get a good knife according to your needs.

There are different types of whittling knives

1. Fixed blade knife

2. Folding blade knife

3. Multi-blade folding knife

4. Single blade knife

If your child knows to whittle properly then it’s completely safe but keep in mind that one should keep these knives away from kids under the age of five.

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