7 Best Survival Knives with a Compass [Reviews and Top Picks]

best survival knife with a compass

Are you the one who loves adventure? Or Are you fond of hiking and camping? If you belong to the above categories, then you know that a compass and a survival knife are the things that you must have.

Buying a compass and a survival knife separately can be costly for you. But don’t worry, as in this article, we have figured out a solution to your problem.

Here we are going to introduce you to the Best survival knives that come with a compass. Here the catch is that you won’t be asked to pay for the compass. What all you need to do is to select a survival knife of your choice from the below-listed knives and you’ll get a compass for free.

SE 8″ Survival Knife is designed for survival. You can use this tool as your last option when you have nothing left.

This fixed-blade stainless steel knife has a very sharp blade. The Blade has a compound bevel that is going to help you in your EDC too. You can use this 3mm thick double serrated blade on your hiking and camping adventures. Overall, the length of this blade is 4-3/4 inches. Although it is a bit shorter when compared with other survival knives. However, it’s completely okay as the blade is razor-sharp so its size doesn’t matter here.

Handle just like its blade is also made up of stainless steel. You can have an excellent gripping experience with this decent but ergonomic handle.

As the whole knife is made up of stainless steel so it’s corrosion-resistant. You can easily use this in damp places and even if gets soaked it’s completely fine.

Underneath the handle cap, you can find a compass along with a survival kit including a nylon pouch.

Overall this is a fantastic knife and is very durable too. One can use this for hours as it is very lightweight.




2. Ruko 163 11.75" Survival Knife

Black never goes out of style and this black-colored survival knife with a compass is not only cool but great to use.

The blade is super sharp and you can perform multiple tasks using this. It is around 6 inches long and strong enough for rough and tough use. This saw back blade is made up of stainless steel having a 420j2 oxide finish. It is completely safe to use in damp places because the blade won’t corrode.

It has a very ergonomic handle. The handle is made up of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and that’s why it’s durable and handy. This handle is a three-in-one thing. As it contains a fire starter and the pommel has a compass made of plastic.

The compass is convex and not flat like in other knives these days so it also adds to the beauty of the knife.

Overall, the length of this fixed blade survival knife along with a compass is 11.6 inches which is a perfect length for such knives.

This fixed blade comes with a sheath which is 1680D nylon. It is very durable and classy.

As a survival knife for long-term use, it is highly recommended.




3. Whetstone Cutlery The Vermillion Survival Knife

So here we have another masterpiece of whetstone cutlery and this one is what a survivalist must-have.

This knife comes with a whole kit including compass, Matches, bandage, fishing line, sharpening stone, and hook. 

Being a fixed blade knife it is excellent to be used for survival in the jungle or the desert. It has a double-sided serrated saw back blade made up of stainless steel. Because of its blade design, it is easy to use in wild. The blade is 6.75 inches long and is very sharp.

This knife has a watertight compartment in the handle where you can keep the survival kit safely. The handle has a design that provides extra grip.

The whole knife is made up of stainless steel and it is corrosion-resistant.

This 12 inches long fixed-blade knife comes with a nylon sheath which is very durable and looks good too.

This is a knife that will help you in the long term. Because of being versatile, it can be used for EDC too.

So, if you are thinking to invest your money in this tool you should go for this.




4. K EXCLUSIVE Sawback Survival Knife.

This green color tool is something that you can rely on. This knife is going to help you out in the toughest times.

It comes with a compass on its removable pommel. The handle also contains a small kit including a fishing line, hook, and sinker.

This knife has a very elegant green color which adds to its beauty.

The blade is made up of stainless steel and has a very sharp edge. The clip point blade of this knife has a saw-back serration. This sort of blade is very helpful in cutting ropes and other textured materials.

The handle of this fixed-blade is very ergonomic and is cord-wrapped which provides a slip-free grip. The guard protects your hand from any sort of cut or injury.

It contains a leather sheath too that is very sturdy. You can hang the knife around your belt with the help of this sheath.

It’s a durable survival knife and is corrosion resistant too.

So if you are someone who enjoys adventure and at the same time likes stylish tools then you will definitely love this.




5. 5-in-1 Pocket Knife Sharpener & Outdoor Survival Tool

This is a knife that anyone with a small budget can have it’s good for your pocket because of is very affordable. The best part about this knife is that it is not only a knife but a full package. It includes a compass, emergency whistle, and a carbide sharpener.

Coming towards the blade so yes it’s razor-sharp and good for hard use. There are two types of sharpening facilities provided. For fine sharpening, you can use a ceramic sharpening rod and for serration sharpening, you can use the diamond-coated rod. The blade is 3 1/2 inches long and is made up of stainless steel and hence corrosion resistant.

The handle is very ergonomic so one can carry this knife very easily.

when it comes to size, as it’s a folding knife so this isn’t very big. It has an overall folding length of 5 inches. But that does not make it useless as a survival knife as the design and sharpness are both on point. So you can easily perform the tough task with this tool as well.

This is a very durable knife and can be used for the long term without getting damaged.It’s a knife that everyone with a small budget can afford. It’s good for your pocket because it’s very affordable. 




6. HOLYEDGE 13" Fixed Blade Knife with Half Serrated Edge

This knife is a perfect survival knife no matter how you see this one. It full fills all the requirements that a survival knife must-have.

The blade is 8.5 inches long a very decent length for a fixed blade survival knife. As it is going to be your last option knife so it has to be very strong and sharp and no doubt that this one is. It is made up of steel alloy which makes it corrosion resistant. The blade is too sharp so one has to use this with care.

The G10 handle is very ergonomic made up of fiberglass and it is cord-wrapped. That’s why it is very easy to handle and provides you with a good grip.

It comes with a leather sheath which is very long-lasting. The knife has an overall length of 13 inches which is quite a good length for adult use.

This knife is extremely durable and effective so you should invest in it. As you won’t regret doing this, I assure you.





Although this one is on a bit expensive side. But trust us, this one is worth it.

This knife is a piece of beauty not only the design is good for wild use but it looks so good too. The silver-black is such a nice combination and gives the knife a unique style.

It has a very sharp blade that is going to help you out in camping, hiking, and even for EDC. So basically, this knife is an all-in-one solution to your many problems. As the blade is made up of stainless steel. So like all other knives we have listed in this article this one is also corrosion-resistant.

This fixed-blade knife has an amazing aluminum handle. Which is not only ergonomic but looks so great too. You can use this survival knife for hours without any pain in your hands.

It comes with a nylon sheath and a belt loop survival kit which also includes a very nice-looking compass. The nylon sheath is very sturdy and can protect the knife from damage.

When it comes to durability, so nothing can beat this knife in the ground because it is very long-lasting. In case if you buy this, there is a high chance that your next generation will also use this.




Buying guide - How to choose the right survival knife with a compass

Although we have shown you some excellent survival knives that we have on our list. But we know that you can not buy all of these. So for choosing what is best for you we are going to help you out in this section. Here we have listed down some very important features of a survival knife that one has to check to select the best one.

  • Size
  • Blade sharpness
  • Blade shape
  • Blade style
  • Tang
  • Handle shape

- Size

Most people assume that a survival knife has to be very large for wild use. But in actual practice, that’s not the case. A knife that is too large can be very hard to carry and it won’t provide you with a good grip. For cutting, slicing, and especially carving delicate objects, a very large knife is always not a good choice. So always try to go for a knife having a size between 8 to 13 inches and not more than that. This is how you can manage to have a strong and sturdy knife with you, which is easy to carry too.

- Blade Sharpness

When you are dealing with the wild, your knife must have a sharp blade. Because dull blades won’t work in such circumstances. For most of the work like cutting robes and conditions like hunting an animal for food, you’ll have to have a knife with you with a razor-sharp blade. So always go for a knife with a sharp serrated edge.

- Blade shape

A survival knife must have a sharp pointed tip because this is how you can cut and slice easily. The rounded tip knives aren’t a good option as a survival knife. So make sure to go for a sharp pointed tip when choosing a survival knife. You can choose drop point or clip point according to your need.

- Blade Style

Normally, a combination of plain and serrated blades is good for survival knives. Because plain edges serve as a sharp cutter and saw-back serrated edge helps in cutting textured materials like robes and metal wires etc. So while choosing a survival always go for a combination blade style.

- Tang

A half tang knife won’t be a good option as a survival knife because it won’t provide you that additional support that a full tang will do. Full tang is always good for hard use. With a full tang, there are no worries regarding the breaking of the blade. So a full tang survival knife is always more durable than a half tang one.

- Handle shape

When choosing a survival knife always look for a handle having different textures or patterns on it. Such handles are always very ergonomic and won’t slip away from your hand while heavy usage. These sorts of handles will provide you with additional grip.

Frequently Asked Questions

The saw back blades are specially designed for cutting textured materials such as robes and wires. Because in such cases a plain blade won’t help you at all and will get dull if you attempt such cutting with that.

For survival a knife with a moderate length is good. It shouldn’t be too long and it should not be too small. The blade of a survival knife must be very sharp and pointed because in the wilderness a dull blade won’t work at all. Normally, Fixed blades are recommended for survival use.

For adults’ hands, it should not be more than 13 inches and it should not be less than 8 inches. However, for someone with small hands, 6 to 7 inches may also work.

While choosing a blade one should keep in mind that a rounded blade isn’t a good option at all for survival. So, always go for a pointed sharp edge blade for this purpose. Also, keep in mind that such knives suffer a lot from the damp atmosphere. There is a high chance of corrosion, so make sure the material is corrosion-resistant. Mostly, stainless steel or Alloys of steel are usually preferred.

Aluminum and fiberglass both are known for their hardness. Both of these are considered very durable so one should go with these.

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