Best survival knives under 200$ [The three perfect options]

If your budget for a survival knife is 200 bucks then you know that finding a perfect survival knife under this price range of 100 to 200$ is not an easy task. This is because the options are too many but which one is perfect nobody knows. So here in this article, we are here to let you know about three amazing survival knives for under 200$. These survival knives are out of the perfect knives available on the Internet today.

best survival knife under 200

Best Survival Knives Under 200$ [The Three Perfect Options]

1. KA-BAR Becker Kephar

Becker Kephart Fixed blade survival knife is going to be proven your best survival gear. It is designed in a way that it can perform multi-functions.

The best Feature of this super sharp survival knife is its 1095 Cro-van carbon steel-made blade. The blade material contains Carbon, chromium, vanadium, nitrogen, and molybdenum. As you know the fact that Carbon is preferable for making the materials hard. While chromium retains the edge of the blade; thereby this useful element protects it from damage. Moreover, vanadium, nitrogen, and Molybdenum improve the machinability, edge retention, and strength of the blade. Also, the carbon steel blade has an anti-corrosive coating that will avoid it from rusting.

This razor-sharp knife is used for many purposes like wood carving, peeling vegetables, and fruits, cutting and chopping.

Moving towards its handle, The handle of this survival knife is manufactured for a firm grip. The knife has utmost grip because of the presence of walnut material. As you know, hardwood-like walnut is especially known for their durability. It gives you much comfort; thereby, you can use this knife with ease.

Not only this, but the knife weighs only 0.5 pounds. Since it is quite lightweight, your hands will not get tired.

There is no doubt that this is one of the most long-lasting knives available in the market for under 200$.




2. ESEE RB3 Reuben Bolieu Fixed Blade Survival Knife

Reuben Bolieu fixed blade survival knife is the most comfortable and high-quality knife.  This is one of the most versatile gears you have seen so far and most importantly made up of high Carbon steel.

 Firstly, the knife has a fixed blade that is manufactured using 1095 Carbon steel. We know that it is an undeniable fact that 1095 carbon steel is known for its strength. This is the steel that makes the blade the strongest and prevents it from damaging. The blade has an ideal length that is 3.50 inches which is great for combating the wilderness. Its thickness is 0.13 inches which show that it isn’t too thin or too thick. We know that the more balanced the thickness is, the better the knife works. Moreover, the scandi grind of this fixed blade knife makes it a multifunctional tool.

Secondly, the handle of this sharp-edge survival knife is constructed in a way that can help you to hold the knife tightly. It has a firm grip because of its material Micarta. As we already know Micarta is especially known for its sturdiness and when you hold the handle it gives you a secure and tight clutch.

Thirdly, this tremendous survival knife is quite lightweight as it weighs only 5.87 ounces. Since it is extra light to carry, it is proven to be easy to use.

Lastly, with all the above useful cited factors, the most interesting part is that this sharp survival knife has a lifetime guarantee.

Isn’t it a great deal? So if your budget is limited to 200$ then buying this survival knife would be a great idea.




3. Fallkniven A1 Fine Edge Fixed Blade Knife, Black

This survival knife is an actual game-changer. I can’t recommend you this gear enough. Every single thing about this tool makes it special. With unbeatable quality and amazing design, this knife has settled some new standards for survival gears.

Its ambidextrous and ergonomic handle is made up of karaton. This is one of the strongest and most comfortable handles that I’ve ever seen. The reason behind its excellence is its anti-slip design which makes the grip comfortable and strong.

In addition to this, the fallkniven A1 has a blade that has an outstanding level of toughness and hardness which makes the blade sturdy. The blade is super sharp and resistant to rust. This blade is made up of VG10 steel which is why the blade is super strong and wear-resistant and has an amazing level of sharpness.

To protect the blade and the knife the package includes a robust Zytel sheath. This sheath fits perfectly to the knife means neither too loose nor too tight.

Talking about the durability so this one is going to last for centuries and will damage only if you do it on purpose.

With all such benefits, this survival knife will cost you 195.87$ which is just perfect for your 200$ budget.




Buying guide

In this article, you have seen some great options of survival knives for under 200$. All of these three survival knives are chosen by keeping some important factors in mind so let me tell you what are those strategies one should apply while purchasing a survival knife.

It should be fixed blade

One should keep in mind that a survival knife is always a fixed blade knife. Normal folding knives can not be used as a last option survival gear. The everyday folder can not provide the necessary strength that one needs while dealing with wilderness. For example, while chopping a big wood piece you need to have a heavy-duty knife that won’t break.


Balance is a key while flipping so you have to check that before purchasing whether the knife you are going to buy is well-balanced or not.

Full tang is a must

Survival knives that cost around 200$ are usually the one that has a full tang. A full tang knife is usually more strong and more durable than a partial tang knife. In full tang survival knives, the steel goes deeper into the handle that’s the reason why full tang is stronger and hard to break than half tang knives.

Size should always be kept in mind

If your survival knife is too small then working with it isn’t going to be an easy task. We all know that we need survival knives for heavy-duty tasks and one can not expect a small-sized knife to perform these tasks easy way. However, this doesn’t mean that if a knife is too big it’s going to be perfect for survival always go for a moderate size knife that’s neither too big nor too small. Mostly 9inches to 13 inches is considered a good length for a survival knife.

Blade hardness plays an important role

This is the key factor that improves the overall functionality of the knife. The hardness of the knife plays an important role in determining its sturdiness along with its usefulness. A hardness of 57 to 60 HRC is a good option for survival knives. Keep in mind that balance between hardness and toughness is always a must for a perfect knife.

Check the blade length along with its overall length

The blade length matters a lot just like the overall length of the knife. Normally a 5 to 7 inches long blade is good for a survival knife and the length shouldn’t increase this limit. The blade length should be in proper proportion to the handle length. A blade shouldn’t be too big when compared with a handle and it should not be very small.

Handle must be very comfortable and ergonomic

The knife that you keep with you for emergencies is supposed to have a very comfortable handle. A handle that has an anti-slip design and offers a great grip is usually considered a comfortable handle.

Must not be too light or too heavy

A knife that is too heavy would be hard to carry and if the knife is too light one can not perform many important tasks using that. That’s why it is always recommended to keep a knife that has a balanced weight.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many good survival knives options available in the market that you can buy for under 200$. However, KA-BAR Becker Kephart is one of the best among those.

A razor-sharp strong blade preferably having longer edge retention and hardness around 58HRC along with an ergonomic durable handle is what you need in a good survival knife.

Yes, we can because most reputable survival knife brands like KABAR, ESEE, cold steel, and fallkniven have some extraordinary survival knives available for this price range.

Yes, it does if the quality overall durability and sharpness are all perfect. This is because a good quality survival knife can help you do so many tasks that aren’t possible using only one gear.

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