5 Best survival knives brands

best survival knife brand

In order to choose the best survival knife for yourself, firstly you need to know about the best survival knives brands out there on market. So how will you find that out? You don’t need to bother. As here in this article we have reviewed some best survival knife brands for you.

Best Survival Knife Brands in 2022

let’s scroll down to find out the best one for you.

1. Fallkniven


There are so many impressive things about this magical knife brand. It is one of the most amazing brands of survival knives and at the same time it’s very affordable that anyone can buy this.

There are so many impressive things about this magical knife brand. It is one of the most amazing brands of survival knives and at the same time it’s very affordable that anyone can buy this. 

About their product

This company is known for manufacturing the best quality knives. However, the main reason for this brand’s success is their F1 series of survival knives. These survival knives are preferred by the Swedish military because of their excellent features.

Fallkniven produces both fixed blades and folding pocket knives. Their knives are known for their sturdy material and that’s the reason why these can be used for the long term.

Fallkniven series

As a family business, fallkniven owners have very good knowledge about knives. They know about the needs of hunters and professionals that’s why they keep on producing new series and improving the old ones.

Some of these series include F1, F1 pro S1 and A1

Why Fallkniven

Now as you have gone through the details let’s see why one should buy fallkniven knives. Their blade is made up of high-quality stainless steel. They use various types of stainless steel including VG10, 3G, and laminated cobalt unique steel. This is one of the reasons why their knives are perfect to be used for survival.

Their handles are very ergonomic. They use different materials for the manufacture of their handles including micarta, wood, MOP, stag, and bone depends on what sort of knife you want. When it comes to quality and durability their knives are just perfect and can be used for decades after purchase.

Price Range

These knives are a little bit expensive. The price range starts from 150$. However, their quality is something that worth the money.

2. Morakniv


In 1891 the first Mora knife was made in Mora, Sweden. Earlier it was a brand known for its craftsmen’s knife. However, now it’s known as one of the best survival knives brands too.

About their product

If you are someone who knows a little bit about knives then you must have heard of the name of morakniv. Morakniv is known for manufacturing the best-fixed blades knives. Their knives are simple and classic and at the same time very sharp and horrific when used against the wilderness for survival purposes. This brand manufactures all sorts of knives from small-sized to large-sized ones. These knives are polished and harden amazingly and this perfection is the reason for the brand’s success.

Morakniv series

Morakniv has introduced various series of knives for the customer’s need. They manufacture all sorts of knives including survival knives, craftsmen’s knives, whittling knives, etc. Following are some of their series: kansbol, Mora 2000, basic, classic,  companion, wood carving, etc.

Why Morakniv:

Morakniv uses the best quality material in the manufacture of their knives, especially their survival knives series kansbol. Their blades are made up of high-quality carbon steel, laminated steel, and stainless steel. The blade sharpness is also on point. Morakniv knives are used by the Swedish royal family members and this is proof of their high quality. This brand has won the title of best Swedish design in 2020. So next time when you want to buy a good survival knife I’d recommend you to go for Morakniv.

Price Range

By now you must be think that their knives are going to be very costly and expensive. But let me surprise you so TADA! Mora knives are available at very reasonable rates.

3. Opinel


This knife brand has been working since 1890. The brand name is on the name of the founder Joseph opinel. He established this business by creating the most elegant and efficient pocket knife in the mountains of the french alps in the 19th century.

About their product

Opinel is famous for its pocket knives. One of their most famous knives is the opinel no 8. These knives are known for simplicity and affordability. Opinel knives feature a virobloc lock mechanism which makes these knives good to use. This brand is manufacturing all types of knives from everyday folding knives to the best survival knives to carry in Woods.

Opinel series

Opinel has introduced many series of knives during the past years. It includes coloroma, the artistic escapade, and much more.

Why opinel

Opinel is working for more than 130 years now and their knives are special. Their knife handles are made up of beech wood. When it comes to blades they use high-quality carbon steel and 12C27 modified stainless steel for making their blades easy to sharpen. These knives are very durable and easy to carry. Without any doubt, one can say that they have some best survival knives in their stores

Price Range

These knives are extremely affordable and budget-friendly so you can easily buy a good survival knife for under 20$.



ESEE is a brand known for its survival gears. The brand started working in 1997 and from that time till now it is known for producing some excellent quality survival knives in the USA.

About their product

Whenever you think of survival knives ESEE must be the first knife that comes to your mind. This brand is known for its fixed blade survival knives and now it is producing folding knives too. Their survival knives are used by military professionals because of their sturdiness and working efficiency.

ESEE series

ESEE has introduced various series of survival and combat knives so far. ESEE Model 2, ESEE model 6, ESEE model 5 are some of its series.


There are so many reasons why one should choose ESEE as their survival knife.

Firstly, they use 1095 carbon steel in the manufacture of blades to make these knives good for hard use.

Secondly, their knives have the most ergonomic handle design as these are designed by high-profile professionals.

And lastly, these knives are very sturdy and durable and can be used in long term.

Price Range

These knives are neither too expensive nor too cheap and their price starts from around 50$



The name KA-BAR was emanated by the union cutlery co for the very first time in the year 1923. Ka-bar knives were manufactured at the request of the United State military force. This shows that how much perfect this brand is for survival purposes.

About their product

These are the knives that were used in world war II by the US troops. KA-BAR is known for making the best quality survival knives in the US. When it comes to versatility this brand is unbeaten as their big range of knives includes many types of knife including hunting knives, folding knives, fixed blade survival knives, and much more. Their knives are multifunction and extremely efficient in cutting and slicing any hard material you want.

KA-BAR series

One of the most famous series of KA-BAR is Becker which is known for its amazing design and a very sharp blade that makes these knives perfect for survival.


Buying KA-BAR is going to be the best decision of your life and trust us on this that you won’t regret buying their amazing survival gears. These knives are made up of high-quality 1095 Cro-Van steel that is perfect for tactical and survival. You can use this knife in a rough environment and it won’t get damaged.

These knives feature various handle materials for different knives including leather, bone, and wood. Their handles are specially designed to maintain the ergonomics of the handle.

Coming towards durability so these are very durable and you can use these knives for decades once after buying.

Price Range

These knives are affordable and you can buy these for as low as 20$

Frequently Asked Questions

According to price and affordability we can say KA-BAR is the best one. However, if we keep the price aside then Fallkniven is the greatest survival knife brand and is unbeatable when it comes to quality.

Fallkniven is a little bit expensive when compared with other brands but the cost is worth the quality. So if you’re considering investing your money in a good survival knife Fallkniven is a good option.

Fallkniven, As it provides a variety of handles from small to big ones and all of these are designed in a perfect way for all types of hands. Most importantly these handles are very durable and ergonomic.

Opinel knives were thought to be used for EDC earlier. But with time they have evolved and they have now introduced some extraordinary survival knives for their customers.

There are so many impressive things about this magical knife brand. It is one of the most amazing brands of survival knives and at the same time it’s very affordable that anyone can buy this.

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