11 Best survival knives with fire starters ( Razor sharp blades with long-lasting fire starters)

Your arrival on this page confirms that you are someone who spends most of his time in the wilderness and you are in search of a combo of a good survival knife along with a fire starter. Because whether it be a simple bonfire on camping trips or a situation where you are stuck in the jungle and you have to burn some woods to survive, a fire starter in form of a Ferro rod or lighter is a must-have. We understand, how much crucial it is for you to carry both of these gears together. So to save your time and money here we have listed some quality survival knives with integrated excellent quality fire starters that last longer.

best survival knife with fire starter razor sharp blades with long lasting fire starter

11 Best survival knives with fire starters (Razor sharp blades with long-lasting fire starters)

1. NedFoss Survival Knife with Fire Starter

This one not only has a flint fire starter but a whistle too. Choosing rugged flint fire starters over matchsticks is always a better option because it will help you in all weather conditions whether it’s dry or wet.

Apart from the accessories it contains, the Nedfoss survival knife is itself an amazing survival gear because of its razor-sharp blade that is made up of 5Cr13Mov stainless steel. 5CR13Mov is a material that is known for its perfect toughness. This blade is around 3.9 inches long with a plain sharp cutting edge with comparatively low edge retention quality. The 58Hrc hard blade goes deeper to the end of the handle as it’s a full tang knife. For better performance, this blade has a brushed finish.

What makes this knife so handy and ergonomic is its handle, it is because of the handle’s anti-slip design which provides additional grip to the user and helps them to hold the knife more confidently. This excellent handle is composed of glass-reinforced fiber which is a durable material and lasts longer. Moreover, the handle features a strong pommel and a lanyard hole along with a finger guard for making your cutting and chopping an easy task.

The knife includes a Kydex sheath which features a universal clip that is adjustable and using that you can fit your sheath on your belt quite easily. This sheath is tight enough to the knife so that it won’t slip off.

Nedfoss survival knife has the perfect length of 9.25 inches for its weight which is 7.98 ounces. The accurate distribution of weight throughout the length makes it a perfectly balanced knife.

For just 35.99$, this knife is offering a great value and it is very durable at the same time.

So, if you want sturdy and strong survival gear that can help you as an EDC tool too then going with this option isn’t a bad idea at all.




2. Morakniv Bushcraft Survival Knife with Fire Starter

Talking about survival knives how can anyone forget about Morakniv carbon steel survival knives and this one especially. The fire starter this knife includes can produce strikes more than 7000 and give off the spark of 3000 degrees even if it’s not dry out there.

It features a 3.2 mm thick blade which is made up of high carbon steel and has an anti-corrosive coating for avoiding rust and improving performance. The blade has a hardness of around 56-58HRc and features a scandi grind for avoiding the sliding of the knife. Moreover, the blade is razor-sharp and has the edge slightly thin so that you can use it as a carving tool too. This blade is around 4.3 inches long and can be used for multiple tasks because of its unique shape.

The handle is very ergonomic and is made up of rubber. As the handle has high friction grip it won’t slip off from your hands easily. The little curve behind the blade act as a finger guard.

It comes with a black-colored trendy sheath that is made up of plastic and the fire starter is incorporated in the sheath along with a diamond sharpener.

This is a 9.1 inches long knife that weighs around 5.4 ounces which means that it is very lightweight and portable.

Morakniv bushcraft survival knife is a multipurpose gear that can be used for hiking, whittling, chopping, and whatnot.

Not only this knife is very useful but it is very durable too and can be used for decades as it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

This strong and classy gear will not cost you more than just 65.96$.




3. Morakniv Bushcraft Stainless Steel with Fire Starter

This orange color knife is perfect for survival and outdoor chores and can be used for multiple tasks. It comes with a sharpener and a fire starter that can produce a spark of 3000 °F and can be used for 7000 strikes.

The blade of this knife is wicked sharp and is made up of stainless steel which is why it is rust-resistant and can be used in and around water fearlessly. The thickness of this blade is 3.2mm and the hardness is also on point. The steel used in the manufacture contains fine carbide particles which is why the cutting edge is very sharp and has a great edge retention quality. Its spine is not polished so you can use it for the production of spark by rubbing the fire starter against it.

It features a rubber handle that is very grippy and durable and has an amazing non-slip design. Usually, the plastic handles are not very comfortable in hands because most brands don’t choose good quality plastic. However, in the case of this handle, it is very easy to hold and quite ergonomic too. Also, the material they have used is very durable and the vibrant orange color makes it easy to find in case it’s lost.

The plastic sheath is of orange color too and it has both the fire starter and sharpener attached to it. Many people assume that the sheath won’t be very durable as it is of plastic. Well, that’s not true because good-quality plastic is extremely durable and won’t crack easily.

With a total length of 9.1 inches and a weight of 7.5 ounces, this survival gear is very portable and handy.

As far as the price is concerned, so what all you need to buy this knife is 52.72$.




4. Gerber Gear Knife with Fire Starter

The package includes a fire starter sharpener and an emergency whistle along with the ultimate sharp survival knife. Fire starter is available on the sheath and the striking material is on the back of the blade. This is a normal-sized cool looking knife with a lot of benefits in just a small amount of money.

It features a drop point blade that is partially serrated so that you can slash the textured material easily. This blade is around 4.8 inches long and made up of stainless steel. We know that stainless steel is a corrosion-resistant material so it won’t rust. The blade’s toughness is perfectly balanced by its hardness and the sharpness is also on point. The cutting edge is super easy to maintain and has great retention.

This knife has a very ergonomic and stylish handle with a non-slip design. It is a dotted textured grey color handle which is very durable too. The handle features a very strong pommel along with a lanyard hole. You can use the pommel as a hammer where ever you need it.

Its nylon sheath is very sturdy and has an integrated fire starter. This sheath is of the exact size of the knife. It’ll protect your knife from falling and all sorts of external damages too. You can hook your knife on the belt vertically and horizontally.

This knife has a total length of 10 inches and it weighs around 11 ounces which is why it’s a lightweight easy to carry gear.

Considering, the durability of this knife it lasts for many years.

According to many users, this knife is more like that bear Grylls ultimate survival knife, and the only difference is that it is less costly than that one.

This knife will only cost you 36.92$.




5. Maxam Mini - Survival Knife with Fire Starter

This is a knife that every survivalist should own because it’s very affordable and comes with a free fire starter. Though, the size is small but I’d recommend you to not confuse its size with its strength.

The Tanto blade is made up of stainless steel and it is very strong. You can use this blade for penetrating anything you want. This blade can easily be used in and around water and has a perfect hardness and toughness ratio. The little scraper blade is more like a magical tool for doing so many things, from cooking food to self-defense you can use it for whatever you want. It’s a 2.5 inches long blade and is very sharp, you can even slice your hairs off using this little tool.

Coming towards the handle, it’s one of the simplest yet most stylish handles you would have ever seen. This handle is amazingly ergonomic and gets fit into the hands just like it’s an extension of your hand. You can work with this one for hours without feeling any fatigue. The handle is made up of good-quality plastic. So if you have any fear regarding cracking the handle just put it out of your mind because it won’t crack unless you forcefully try to do so.

It’s a survival pocket knife because it is of very small size and has a total length of 5.75 inches and it weighs around 8 ounces only. You can simply keep it in your pocket or you can keep it in the sheath that comes with the knife which is black and it’s quite durable too. This sheath also has a lanyard.

It is one of the most affordable and sturdy knives it can easily be used for decades without getting damaged.

Coming towards the price so you can buy this knife for only 16.95$.

I’d recommend you to choose this one if you are looking for a cheap and durable tool




6. Bushcraft Survival Knife

It’s a knife that you can gift to your loved ones because of its amazing design and packaging. This knife comes with a Ferro rod, which is an easy-to-use fire starter. The package also includes a hex key along with a Paracord and a durable sheath.

The blade is razor-sharp and made up of 1095 high carbon steel which is a perfect material for survival knife blades. As high carbon steel can provide better edge retention and it is very easy to sharpen as well. This blade is around 4 inches long and can cut whatever comes in one’s way. You can slice paper off easily using this blade. The best part is the blade won’t break easily if you’ll use it on the sturdy material because of the perfect balance of hardness and toughness. Usually, a more hardened but not properly tough blade can easily break so a survival knife blade must have a proper balance between its toughness and hardness.

However, the knife can get corrode because it is made up of carbon steel so one is supposed to keep it away from water and make sure to clean it after use.

As far as the handle is concerned, it is made up of G10 material which is why it offers proper functionality and a strong grip. The handle is anti-slip and when it gets wet it offers a stronger grip because of its special material. This handle is very comfortable to use and it has an orange lining around its black colored 1.4 inches wide body which further adds to the beauty of the knife.

If you see properly the Kydex sheath that the knife comes with, has a tek look so that you can attach your knife with anything like a belt or whatever you want.

The knife weighs around 1.85 pounds and has an overall length of 8.6 inches. That’s the reason why you can use this knife as a bushcraft knife too.

I assure you that this is one of the most durable knives you have seen so far.

Though this knife will cost you 99.95$ which is a little expensive, however, the price is worth the money.




7. Off-Grid - Camping Survival Knife

For a survivalist, this survival knife is just like a gift from heaven. Now you must be wondering why am I saying so. it is because of the following reasons

The blade is composed of 5Cr15MOV stainless steel which is a very durable material. This knife is a full tang fixed blade knife which is very surprising because normally knives at this cheap price are not usually full tang. The blade is wide and features a finger choil. It’s an excellent knife for your day-to-day tasks and has a sharp, thin blade that’s good for light-duty tasks. However, it’s not very tough which is the only flaw it has but at this price point what else do you expect from it. This blade has a length of 5 inches and the cutting edge has a total length of 3.8 inches.

Its G10 handle has an amazing design and features a lanyard hole. This handle is very ergonomic and it won’t slip off from your hands easily. The handle has a very strong pommel that can be used for hammering small and lightweight things.

This knife also includes a very stylish and durable nylon sheath. The sheath is very sturdy and has a button lock and belt loop.

Its fire starter can last up to 12000 strikes and produces 5500° sparks at once.

The water filter survival straw is also of great importance here as it can filter around 396 gallons of water.

This knife is approximately 8 inches long and weighs around 7.4 ounces and it is very durable too.

Coming towards the price so this whole package will only cost you 21$.




8. Morakniv Companion Spark Survival Knife

It is not only an ordinary knife but a piece of gear that you should carry if you are a survivalist. This knife comes with an excellent quality fire starter that can yield a spark of 3000°c and can be used for 3000 strikes.

The Sandvik blade is made of 12C27 stainless steel which is a very reliable material and lasts long. It is rust-resistant and the strength it provides while cutting is exceptional. This 3.9 inches long blade is known for its great edge retention quality, you can use it for hours and it won’t get dull easily. The blade has a thickness of around 0.09 inches and it’s perfect for cutting all the sturdy and hard stuff. Though it’s a survival knife one can use this knife for whittling too because of its perfect spine.

Not only the blade but its handle also plays an important role in increasing the knife functionality. It is a special high friction handle that is very grippy and you can enjoy a complete hold on your knife while using it due to this handle. This handle has a lanyard hole and an integrated fire starter which not only increases its usefulness but adds to its beauty too.

It comes with a durable and sturdy sheath that is made up of good-quality plastic. The sheath features a belt hook and a lanyard that makes it more beneficial.

This knife is perfect for survival due to its perfect length and mass. This knife is exactly 9.4 inches long and weighs around 4.5 ounces.

With all the things so perfect and nice this knife is extremely long-lasting and can be used for years after purchase. 

The best part is that despite so many benefits it will only cost you 29.99$, isn’t it great?




9. Rtek Survival Knife

With a partially serrated cutting edge, this grey beauty deserves all the appreciation. The cherry on the top in the case of this knife is that it comes with a free fire starter and a sharpening rod. Means it’s a three-in-one gear and you can buy three gears at the price of only one.

The blade is partially serrated which is why it can be used as a heavy-duty knife and you can cut all the tough materials easily. Its blade is made up of stainless steel that’s the reason behind the knife’s sturdiness and sharpness. As it is made up of stainless steel that’s why there is no chance of corrosion and rusting and it can fearlessly be used in and around water. Coming towards the edge retention like other stainless steel blades this one can also get dull sooner when compared with carbon steel. However, for sharpening the knife there is a sharpening rod available with every package.

It’s a right-hand-oriented knife with a grey rubber handle. The handle is quite ergonomic and has a unique design that reflects strength and comfort. There are no worries concerning the falling and sliding of the handle because of its anti-slip design. The presence of a finger guard further ensures safety while use and the width increase the user’s command on the handle.

This knife includes an ABS sheath that’s very strong and has a smart locking mechanism for holding the fire starter and sharpening rod. With sheath on, the knife’s length increases by half an inch, and the length becomes 13 inches.

Without the sheath, the length of this amazing multi-purpose knife is 12.5 inches which is why it can be used as a heavy-duty survival chopper knife as well.

Now coming towards the durability so yes, because it’s made up of great quality material it’s obvious that this one is going to help you in a long run.

Above all the price is just so affordable and you can buy this for only 27.99$.




10. GIFTS INFINITY Multi - Tool Survival Pocket Knife

I’m telling you that you wouldn’t have ever seen such a knife before. It’s affordable and classy too. The best part is that you can personalize this one by asking them to write your name or anything you want on the knife’s handle and the customization is free. Plus the knife is available in many colors including pink, black, blue, gold, green, purple, grey, orange, and red.

Another amazing thing is that the knife comes with a free flint magnesium fire starter, a bottle opener, and much more.

Well, even though we have discussed so many benefits associated with this knife we still haven’t talked about the most crucial part of the knife.

Yes, I’m talking about the blade which is wicked sharp and composed of 440 stainless steel. This blade has a very sharp cutting edge and it is completely corrosion resistant. However, like other stainless steel blades, this one can also get dull easily so keeping a sharpener with you on your journey is necessary. The blade has a built-in bottle opener. This blade length is quite suitable for a pocket survival knife but you can not use this one as a heavy-duty survival gear.

The handle is pretty amazing as it’s very ergonomic and made up of entirely rosewood. Its grip is super strong and you can enjoy doing your tasks with this one quite easily.

It features a liner lock blade which is perfect for all pocket carry knives, this sort of lock ensures a safe opening and closing of the knife.

The knife is very portable and lightweight and has a total length of 8.5 inches.

It’s a long-lasting gear that can be used for years and anyone with a budget as low as 13.95$ can buy this amazing 6-in-one knife.




11. StatGear Surviv - All Knife

You can use this one for survival, camping, hunting, EDC, and whatnot. It’s a knife that can make your life easy by reducing your workload and minimizing your efforts. The knife comes with a free fire starter, sharpener, and a cord cutter. Simply light a fire by just rubbing the magnesium rod against the knife’s blade.

The drop point blade is sharp enough to be used for almost all the outdoor tough chores. It is made up of 440 stainless steel which is why it is completely rust-resistant and you can use it where ever you want. The cutting edge is sharp like a razor and can even slice the paper off easily. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is to keep the blade clean and sharpen it after rough and tough use for better results.

It has an amazing textured handle that is made up of high-quality rubber which ensures ultimate command on the knife while use. It is an anti-slip handle and has high friction design so that you can enjoy the best grip even when the handle is wet. The stainless steel pommel of this amazing survival knife is going to help you hammer whatever you want in the jungle or anywhere.

Moreover, the knife comes with a very strong and sturdy sheath that can protect the knife from any accidental slipping and external damage. This belt sheath also contains a cord cutter means putting your knife out for all the small cutting work isn’t necessary you can do it all with the cutter in your sheath.

Overall the knife has a total length of 9.5 inches and it weighs around 7.5 ounces which makes it portable.

It’s a durable knife which is why you can gift it to your father for his outdoor chores or to your husband as an everyday carry gear.

This knife will only cost you 43.76$ which isn’t a huge price for such an amazing knife.




Buying guide

In this article, I have introduced you to the eleven best options of survival knives with fire starters. However, there is a high chance that you get confused in choosing the best one for you out of so many knives. Well, you don’t have to worry, because here in this section I’m going to let you know about the strategies of choosing a good survival knife along with a good quality fire starter.

1. The quality of fire starter:

There are so many factors that we consider while checking the quality of the fire starter some of these are:

a. Environmental friendly material

It’s always good to choose a fire starter that is made up of environmental-friendly material. By environmental friendly, I mean nontoxic waxes like beeswax, sawdust, and shredded wood because such materials cause no harm to the environment.

b. Flexibility

It should be waterproof so that the erratic weather condition in the wilderness doesn’t affect your journey. This is how you’ll be able to easily ignite the fire with the help of your waterproof fire starter even in rain.

c. Easy to use

When it’s about survival kit so make sure whatever you put into it must be very comfortable to use. The same goes with the fire starter.

2. The durability of knife and fire starter

Your knife along with your fire starter must be very durable and long-lasting so that you can use these for the long run. The durability of the fire starter can be judged by the strikes it can yield. Normally a good fire starter at least should produce more than 3000 strikes, however, some fire starters can even last up to 12000 strikes. For checking the durability of the knife you should always check the material it is made up of.

3. The right balance of toughness and hardness

This is something that I’ve mentioned so many times lately. A perfect balance of toughness and hardness can make your survival knife sturdy and it gives the knife additional strength. Knives with this sort of balance are wear-resistant and work well for a long period.

4. Which material to choose for longer edge retention?

The cutting edge of the knife is the most crucial part of any knife because this decides how easily you can perform your task using the knife. That’s why it’s important to have a sharp cutting edge with a longer edge retention ability. Now, this is very important to note that not all blade steel has longer edge retention, only high carbon steel has this ability. So if you want a knife with longer edge retention then go for a blade that is made up of high carbon steel.

5. What fits your needs?

Firstly and most importantly, you’ll have to figure out why do you need the survival knife, Is your demand for a survival knife only for light-duty tasks, or do you need it to perform heavy-duty stuff. Only that’s how you’ll be able to find a perfect knife for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many things that one has to keep in mind while choosing the right survival knife including the blade length, its materials, the handle material, and whether it’s ergonomic or not. Also, the durability of the knife and the balance between toughness and hardness plays an important role while knowing about the quality of your survival knife.

The flint fire starters are good to be used with knives because these can easily last up to 3000 strikes and are very easy to use.

Yes, these are because Ferro rods last longer than lighters and will never run out of fluid. On the other hand, a lighter can maybe last for 1000 or maybe 2000 sparks but eventually, you’ll have to go for a refill or have to buy a new one. Ferro rods are easy to carry too along with your knife.

The Answer is Ferro rod and it’s because of the following benefits.

It lasts longer

You don’t have to go for a refill as in the case of lighters

These are easy to carry and usually, the sheaths have place for these so you won’t lose it.

Yes, In fact, it’s like a two-in-one treat sort of a thing and you can buy two survival gears while paying for only one. Also, there is a misconception that when you buy two tools while paying for only one there is a high chance that one or another is not of good quality and that’s not the case with the knives we have listed.

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