Best Survival Knife Sheaths you must see

Best Survival Knife Sheaths you must see

Survivalists, outdoor explorers, bush crafters, militants, hikers and professional campers know that a super fine quality survival knife becomes valueless if it is not protected by a good quality sheath. Sheath comes in different materials, offering its users a number of easy to carry options as per user demands. The listed down qualities differentiates a good sheath from the low quality one.

  • Tough, durable, well-built
  • Holds the knife securely so the it stays inside the sheath and doesn’t  pop out
  • Offers different carrying options to ensure that your survival gear is ready to out to save you.
  • It may have extra pockets so one can keep sharpening stones, fire starters and other small tools in it.
  • Neither create noise when moving the blade in or out of the sheath nor produce any kind of rattling sound when gets hit by the other gears.

Sheath is a must accessory if you actually want to keep your knife’s blade super sharp, undamaged and all time ready to provide its owners the razor sharp edge of their knives. The sheath has basically two main factors; its material and carrying methods. Usually the sheath that comes with the knife in the kit is not of good quality and fails to provide the blade complete protection as the higher end manufacturer also believes that the serious buyers will not rely on their sheaths and would definitely buy a new one according to their personal preference appropriate for their knife and them.

Different carrying options are preferred by different buyers; some like to attach their sheath to their waist some prefer to wear it on shoulders or carry it on their chest where as some also hide it in their boots, in short as many ways as you like to carry or conceal it to make readily accessible and available.

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Sheath that comes with the pack depends on the model of the knife so the most survivalists and expert hunters prefer to replace it; the followings are the noteworthy points.

Sheath materials

The sheath is selected according to the size of the knife you own and knives come in different sizes from 2” to 28” or somewhere between them.  Sheath for field knife comes generally in three kinds of material; leather, nylon and kydex. Let’s find out that which will work the best to secure your knife:

1. Nylon

Another smart choice sheaths that are too versatile with Velcro safety and retention straps. It is too easy to clean and prevent moisture. It is much lighter and less expensive than leather sheaths. A nylon knife sheath does not retain moisture, cleans easily, and is less expensive than leather.

2. Kydex

Kydex sheaths are built from tough and rigid material so they provide ultimate protection to the knife particularly fixed blade knives. Manufactured from a tough, rigid material, Kydex sheaths offer the ultimate protection for fixed-blade knives. Exposure to sun, heat, water and cold has no adverse effect on sheaths.

3. Leather:

A leather knife sheath (made from animal hide) is specifically designed to provide sound security to the knife as well as the carrier, avoiding any serious injury or cut that might be caused by an uncovered super sharp blade.  Leather sheaths are considered the best fit to the knives as they are incredibly durable and come with different wearing options.

The Best Proven Leather Knife Sheath:

After analysing and testing products to recommend you the best pick and our research has proved that the KA BAR sheath is the best in the market because of its superior quality leather which looks perfectly awesome.

It would the best choice especially for those who are the actual fans of KA BAR as it fits mostly all the knives from KA BAR just like the second skin of sharp pointed blades. This brown leather sheath looks amazing and a true fit to your knife offering multi carrying options.

It owns marvelous features to help you in all kinds of unexpected situations as stated under:

Silent drive:

The knife can be driven out without making any noise. It doesn’t make any squeaking sound.

Real Craftsmanship:

It shows the work of really skilful knife makers who know that durability and toughness are the prime features in designing a unique and versatile sheath. Your survival gadget will remain safe as long as it is duly protected by a fine quality sheath that is the smart fit to your survival gear.

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