Best survival knife for Chopping wood 2022


Survival knives come in all shapes and sizes, and some are specifically designed to fulfill one particular task of the bushcraft. While all survival knives can be used for many different things on your outback adventures, some are better than others for working with wood. Here, we list 2022’s 10 best survival knives for chopping wood, batoning and splintering that are made to make these tasks a walk in the outback!

Best Survival Knife for Chopping wood 2022 – Top Picks

Best Survival Knife for Chopping woodBlade SizeRatingsPrice
 Best Survival Knife under 100 
4.3 Inch⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
 Ideal for Military/Camping Expeditions 
6 Inch⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
ESEE Junglas
 Strongest blade Ever 
10.5 Inch⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
TOPS Silent Hero
 Best Budget Friendly Knife 
6.38 Inch⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Gerber Prodigy
 Serves the best in fieldwork 
4.75 Inch⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Condor Tool
 Large Knife under 100 dollars 
4.5 Inch⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Moorhaus Handmade D2
 Top Rated {Professionals Choice] 
5 Inch⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
SOG Boot Knife
 Special Forces Top Favorite 
5 Inch⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Condor Tool & Knife
 Best Budget Quality knife 
8 Inch⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Spyderco Delica 4
 Lightweight durable knife 
2.875 Inch⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price

1. Morakniv Bushcraft Stainless Steel – Fixed-Blade Survival Knife


Morakniv Bushcraft Survival knife is a razor-sharp knife with 4.3 inches of stainless steel doing the handiwork. At 3.2 mm thick, it is a sturdy piece that can help you survive the adventures of the outdoors. It comes with an all-weather fire starter and a sharpener to assist with all things camping and hunting. The spine of the blade on Morakniv is sharp and meant for use with the fire starter.

Morakniv’s sheath is conveniently designed with two belt clips and comes with a diamond sharpener that can be used to keep the knife in tip-top condition.  With an ergonomic handle that delivers a high friction grip, it gives you adequate control over wood chopping and is one of the best survival knives for splintering. At just 212 grams, it is a breeze to carry for such heavy-duty tasks!


  • Stainless steel that can withstand moisture and is more ductile
  • Rustproof finish
  • Diamond sharpener for easy sharpening
  • High friction handle with strong grip
  • Heavy duty fire starter that works in all weathers
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Not available in sharpened state, has to be sharpened first time
  • Plastic sheath isn’t convenient

2. SCAR BLADES Papa Bear Knife

2 - Scar Blades Papa Bear Knife

Scar Blades Papa Bear Knife is one of 2022’s best survival knives for batoning wood with its double-edged tip design and perfect for chopping and slashing in a versatile way. It works equally well for other areas such as self-defense and hunting and will serve multiple purposes in your outdoor adventures. It works well for digging or to pry heavier objects out of the way.

With a 6 inch blade, the Papa Bear Knife is heavy-duty as it is treated with differential heat making it durable and tough. This is one of the toughest bushcraft knife available in the market today and knocks its competition out of the park by a mile! What else would you expect from a Papa Bear?


  • Sturdy and heavy duty
  • Versatile usage
  • Lasts long


  • Heavy and big for some users

3. ESEE Junglas with Kydex Sheath

3 - Esee-junglas

The ESEE Junglass comes at 16 and a half inches, with 10 and a half inches of 1095 Carbon steel blade and is one of the strongest options for wood chopping available today. This is a knife that will last you a lifetime and age like wine. Working with the Junglas is a satisfaction in itself due to its ergonomic handle, and the scales on it provide not just a good grip but are impervious to water, making the Junglass a trusted companion for wetter adventures.

The sheath that comes with the product is better than any available on the market, making it easy to handle and store. The knife shows a small vibratory resistance for inexperienced users, but finding your way around with that can get easier with time.


  • Made of hardened steel
  • Ergonomic design
  • Handle scales are water impermeable
  • Durable coating
  • Great grip
  • Durable sheath


  • 1095 carbon blade steel prone to rusting
  • Missing bearing block hole
  • When new, vibratory resistance is expected
  • The handle may not be suitable for smaller hands
  • Laser-etched logo exposes raw steel

4. TOPS Silent Hero Knife – Hunting Survival

4 - tops-silent-hero-hunting-knife

The TOPS Silent Hero is a versatile bushcraft knife that is one of the best survival knives for splitting wood. Designed by Anton Du Plessis, TOPS Silent Hero features a 6.38 inches SAE 1095 high carbon steel blade in a drop point design with a plain edge and a hollow grind, finished in matte black “river wash” to make it rust-resistant and durable.

At just 340 grams, it is easy to carry for any outdoor activity. A large finger choil makes maneuvering this knife easier and there is jimping on the spine that gives better grip for the user’s thumb


  • Great camp knife design
  • A Full tang for extra strength
  • Handle materials are of great quality


  • Blade steel prone to Corrosion

5. Gerber Prodigy Survival Knife

5 - gerber-prodigy-survival-knife

The Gerber Prodigy Survival Knife comes with a serrated edge blade of 4.75 inches and a molded handle with grip assistance, making it on our list as the best survival knives for chopping wood in 2022. This lightweight knife with its lip free grip is easy to balance and cutting with this in your hands can feel like a breeze. The serrated edge reduces cutting time radically. On the other end of the handle is a pommel that is an adequate aid for smashing.

This is a military-style knife with a handful of features yet comes at the entry-level price, and that’s a bargain for the Prodigy’s performance. The Prodigy boasts a full tang and an ergonomic handle with a superb grip. While most people will find this knife comfortable, some of you who are used to working with larger knives might find the handle small for your hands. If you can work your way around that, the Prodigy makes a versatile companion for the outdoors.


  • Full tang with a good grip handle
  • Superb edge retention on blade
  • Durable sheath
  • Versatile knife
  • Good value for money


  • Handle and blade may be small for some people’s preference
  • Steel quality could be better
  • Short leg strap on the sheath

6. Condor Tool – CTK232-4.3HC Bushslore Survival Knife

6 - condor-tool-knife-for-chopping-wood

The Condor Bushslore can be your go-to outdoor knife. With a 4 and a half inches blade in a 9.5 inches knife, this knife is seriously powerful, perfect for light to medium chopping jobs. The 1075 carbon steel scandi grind blade is durable for long periods, and quick to sharpen when the need arises. This knife carves and shaves beautifully too.

The knife’s design provides it perfect balance while cutting and chopping wood, making it one of the best knives for the purpose. Splitting wood is also a fun job with the Bushslore in your hands.


  • Comes with a high quality leather sheath
  • 1075 high carbon steel is durable
  • 3mm blade does precise work
  • Handle has a good grip
  • Good balance while splitting


  • Blade can be small for larger jobs
  • Heavy duty use is not recommended

7. Moorhaus Handmade D2 – Steel Tracker Knife

7 - moorhaus-handmade-d2-tool-steell

The Moorhaus Handmade D2 Steel Tracker Knife makes it to the list of best survival knives for cutting wood due to its versatile performance. This tracker knife sports multiple edges and once you have figured out how to use it, you may never want to return to another. Its 5-inch blade comes with a full tang in the 10-inch body and is made of hardened steel that is durable.

While the knife’s performance is worth all the money alone, the Moorhaus’ sheath is a handmade beauty of leather that adds value to your overall personality and that is a cherry on top!


  • Razor sharp blade
  • D2 hardened steel blade
  • Blade is of HRC 0f 60-62, which is supreme for his product
  • Strong handle
  • Handmade genuine leather sheath
  • 30-day money-back guarantee is offered
  • Full tang


  • The handle is small
  • Grip is not the best
  • Handle and slab meet with a gap, which can be uncomfortable

8. SOG Boot Knife – Pentagon Dagger Knife Survival Knife

8 - sog-boot-knife-pentagon-dagger

The SOG Boot Knife comes with not one but two edges – serrated and beveled – making this knife one of the best survival knives for cutting wood. This one boasts a 9.75-inch length with 5 inches of blade, a dagger point with double bevel grind and satin finish, and a serrated edge. Made of AUS stainless steel, this is a durable knife with a long term edge retention.

Its synthetic rubber handle offers a strong grip with a non-slip surface, and the design is ergonomic. The handle is also durable, offering increased weather, heat and chemical resistance. The twin thumb notches provide extra control and balanced performance.


  • High-quality steel blade
  • Good for the price
  • Double-edged knife is multi purpose
  • Edge retention and sharpness on blade
  • Ergonomic non-slip synthetic black rubber handle
  • Flared checkered handle gives strong grip
  • Accurate blade orientation and control
  • Lightweight
  • Black nylon sheath and lanyard hole
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Hand guard not available
  • Half tang blade
  • Blade is on the thinner side

9. Condor Tool & Knife – Primitive Bush Knife

9 - condor-tool-primitive-bush-knife

Condor Primitive Bushcraft Knife is one of the larger bushcraft knives on our list. With an 8 inches long fixed blade, the over-all length of this beauty is 16 inches and this is for the serious choppers among you. With a 420 HC stainless steel finish, the Condor Primitive is a beast for rust, holding corrosion away for years and years, as well as making it durable. It is a satin blasted finish, which makes this knife one of the more handsome ones in the market. This knife is one of 2022’s best knives for cutting and splintering wood and forecasted to remain a great choice for the coming years.


  • Rust resistant blade finish
  • Perfect for heavy duty tasks
  • Leather sheath is of high quality
  • Blade finish is satin
  • Wood handle is good quality
  • Handle provides support for continued chopping


  • Larger blade length is a poor choice for more precise work
  • Needs to be sharpened when you receive it

10. Spyderco Delica 4 – Folding Knife

10 - spyderco-delica-4-flat-ground

The Spyderco Delica 4 is a flat ground one of the best folding knives that work well for light-duty chopping as well as a fixed knife would. At just 2.3 ounces, it is so light that it is the perfect companion for outback adventures and a great partner for all tasks camping – no need to lug around a heavy all-rounder on a family trip. With its back lock safety mechanism, the knife is safe to use when in action, and safe around kids when not. With its phosphor bronze washers, opening and closing the knife is smooth and durable.

The Spyderco’s blade is made of VG-10 steel which is premium steel and durable. The blade features a straight-edged blade and at a total of 7 inches, the 2.875 inches blade is perfect for starting a campfire or skinning. Featuring an ambidextrous pocket clip, the knife is super handy.

The knife’s handle is non slip with bi-directional texturing, made with fiberglass reinforced nylon, giving it a supreme grip. It also features a two skeletonized stainless steel liner for strength without any additional weight. The blade’s spine also has a supportive jimping.


  • Premium steel used for blade
  • String non-slip grip
  • Ultra-lightweight pocket knife
  • Sharp blade with long term edge retention
  • Comes in multiple colors
  • Made in Japan


  • Opening the first time can be hard
  • Pocket clip does not appear sturdy

These are some of the best survival knives for chopping wood in 2022, and given their high quality performances at bushcraft and varying degrees of duty, these will remain some of the hottest options even as 2022 approaches. Some of these options have kept themselves alive on the shelves for decades, and get better as they get older. Once you make acquaintance with the knife that you pick, it is only a matter of time before chopping and splitting come into rhythm with your hands.

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