Best Small Survival Knife in 2022

Small survival knives let you encounter dangerous situations with subtle ferocity. It prepares you to embark upon through thick and thin. So, here we came up with useful information on the best survival knife 2022 to facilitate your knife-related choices.

Best Small Survival Knife

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Are you in the quest to get the best small survival knife?

Take a quick look below to cherry-pick your desired knife

1 - Gerber Gear Ultimate Survival Knife

This drop point blade-shaped $36 knife proves a one-off gear of your protection kit. Here are its enchanting features to give it a go.


It is a smart and professionally crafted pocket-sized tool that is superb for its diversity utility. It is good for survival, hunting, and tactical vulnerability.

Rock-hard blade

The Gerber Ultimate Knife is one of the best survival knives that come with a saw-toothed drop point blade that makes it best for edge retention and cutting rope.

Top-up gear

It is additionally ensemble with stainless steel hammer pommel, an emergency whistle, sharpener, and firestarter

Secure grip

It has an Ergonomic textured rubber handle to give an exact non-slip grip

Capable to last

It is loaded with innovative ideas to muddle through emergency needs of fire needs with the starter that locks into the sheath and striker on the back of the blade. A pocket-sized survival knife is a pro to encounter all possible wild fears. It functions proactively to explore, defend and SURVIVE

Lifetime endurance

The surviving tool is capable to serve you a lifetime due to its durability and reliability.

2 - Morakniv Bushcraft Stainless Steel Survival Knife

A $52 survival knife is a smart cog to stumble upon wild. Here are what it holds to surprise its holder.


A finely crafted 4.3-inch fixed blade with a fire starter and diamond knife sharpener


It is surprisingly promising for survival, camping, emergency, and tactical relevance

Taut handle

Its high-friction non-greasy rubber grip is made up of an ergonomic handle with a high-friction rubber grip

Additional components

A blade sharpener and an integrated fire starter is also included with the 4.3-inch fixed blade survival knife

Distinguishing feature

The stand out feature of the Morakniv survival knife is its fire starter that yields 7,000 strikes and produces a 3,000-degree Fahrenheit spark, and it can also work even when wet


The 9 inches protection tool weighs 212 grams with a 3.2 mm blade thickness and offers promising durability.

Survivalist’s priority

It is preferred by survivalists for its sturdiness and edge retention. The survival tool is handy and easy to sharpen. Food preparation and lighting of the camp are superbly done by it.

So you should give it a GO

3 - SOG Fixed Blade Survival Knife with Sheath

It is one of the lightest weighing $28 surviving knives of the discussion and embodied by most ravishing traits.

For instance,

Capable to face pitfalls

It is suitable for hiking where you can face challenging circumstances.

Hard and fast blade

It is a fixed blade full tang working knife with a stonewash finish. It has a 3.8 inches long corrosion-resistant blade to enhance the durability

Master of all trades

When it comes to field working its versatility is second to none to meet all outdoor chores.

Weather friendly

SOG survival knife is capable to overcome weather flings. The rust-resistant fixed blade has superb edge retention.

Comfortable sheath

It is an ensemble in a distinctive belt clip sheath with a comfortable TRP handle to give a none-tiring working for long hours. The cord-cutting groove also works like a seat belt cutter. The knife is properly placed in the sheath that has versatile designing includes additional attachment points to enhance horizontal mounting options

The manufacturer ensures to consider repair and replacement requests.

4 - ALBATROSS 6-in-1 Survival Tactical Military Knife

The foldable $15 survival knife has striking traits to give it a try

Additional gears

Its multi-functional property is matchless. For instance, a folding knife is comprised by

  1. Bottle opener
  2. Firestarter
  3. Glass breaker
  4. Seatbelt cutter
  5. LED light

Value to money

A $15 economical knife is handy and comfortable to cope with daily indoor and outdoor chores.

Zero tolerance blade

3.5 inch long blade is made of high-quality stainless steel that is black-finished coated. Its sleek and brutal blade is wear-resistant and intolerant to hard objects

Handle meant to hug your palm

5.5 OZ knife has an Aluminum Anodization handle that makes it strong and durable.

If you have a camp lover then it could be an excellent gift for him\her.

The manufacturer ensures to consider repair and replacement requests.

5 - Victorinox Swiss Army Outdoor Hunting Pocket Knife

It is a lightweight $239 adult range pocket knife that’s entailed by primo features

A true companion

It is an exquisite surviving tool that can be a beautiful gift to strengthen a relationship. Its cut is far and away to face and conquer any adventure head-on. The manufacturer builds trust by promising a lifetime guarantee and also a money-back guarantee.

Hardy blade

The Swiss-made stainless steel blade is sleek, thin, and highly resistant. It is undeniably an icon of utility and smart design.

Size and design

8.7 inches long survival knife is full tang and has a slimmer profile. It is accompanied by a back blade fire starter, drop-point blade with Scandi grind, handle with Micarta scales, Kydex sheath.

6 - HX OUTDOORS - Fixed Blade Tactical Survival Knife

A $39 fiberglass knife is a sturdy creation of HX OUTDOORS. It is enchanted by some striking features

Enthralls the holder

It gives you the buoyancy to explore, camp, hike, and hunt. The durability of the fixed blade tactical knife is multiplied after getting heat treatment. A high-quality 9Cr18MOV stainless steel blade makes it second to none.


It has an exclusive feature of surface metal that makes it better dust resistant.

Strong grip

It minimizes user fatigue by offering an Ergonomic and durable non-slip Grip.

The brand offers an amazing unconditioned money-back guarantee up to 2 years after purchase for unsatisfied customers.

7 - NedFoss Survival Knife with Fire Starter and Kydex Sheath

The $35 survival knife is superb for its multitasking property.

Here are its primo features

A daring tool

The product is an excellent craft for hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, bush crafting, and rescue. Its fiberglass handle is smart and comfortable to hold.

Fierce blade

4 inches 5Cr13Mov stainless steel blade is razor-sharp and good to hit hard objects with the least effort and energy. The apparent beauty of the blade is mesmeric and distinctive due to the parallel fine lines on it. NedFoss survival knife has a full tang blade and heat treatment makes it fiercer than your average survival knife.

Smart handle

Ergonomic handle design protects your fingers and gives you a cushy grip. It is unusually exquisite for good abrasion resistance, moisture-proof, non-slip grip, and insulation.

Weather friendly

It is accompanied by a fire starter that is weather friendly and can produce a loud survival spark and the integrated whistle makes it a must-chosen survival tool.

Adjustable sheath

A sheath comes fit to any belt size and can be adjusted horizontal, vertical, and oblique. The survival tool with holster is the best compeer for all outdoor survival goings-on.

8 - K EXCLUSIVE Sawback Survival Knife

 K EXCLUSIVE  offers clip point survival knife that is recommended for adults.            

The protection gear is enchanted by following pros

Nifty survival tool

The product is handy and comfortable to use. It has a simulated leather sheath. A built-in compass with cord wrapped handle is of great utility. The blade built in the knife is craggy and has corrosion resistance. Best for bush crafting and chopping as its blade is sharp enough to cut 8 inch thick branches with ease.


The belt loop on the sheath comes fit to any belt size, and it gives a comfortable feeling to hold one of the best survival knives of 2022. A single survival knife is a worthy investment.

9 - Survival Folding Knife with Leather Sheath

The $29 foldable hunting tool is crafted to plum for. Here are characteristics that make it an immediate pick survival tool

Rock-hard blade

8.85 inches knife has a sharp and strong stainless steel retro engraved blade that gives the holder confidence to encounter worse fears.

Unfeigned grip

Bolsters on the handle give an amazing convenient grip. The strong gripped handle is matchless in safety, reliability, and compactness.

Meant to protect

When it comes to a survival tool a pocket knife is always a good option. Good at camping, hiking, bush crafting, survival, and meeting all outdoor bustles

The manufacturer Offers to resolve quality problems on contact.

10 - BlizeTec Survival Knife

It is an everyday carry protection gear that is capable to surprise its holder. You need a look at its promising features

A petite tool to cope with crisis

A pocket-sized emergency tool is accompanied by a nylon pouch to keep your product safe and secure. It ensures safety and is meant for the purpose it is made for. It is a lightweight stellar knife that is capable to show the holder’s moxie.

Functional gears include

  1. Pocket clip
  2. Seatbelt cutter
  3. Window breaker
  4. Blade lock
  5. Magnesium alloy fire starter
  6. Serrated saw
  7. Bright LED flashlight

Built to guard

Blize Teck survival knife is made to guard you whether you are at hunting, camping, hiking, or are stuck in an undesirable situation. It is one of the hot-selling skinning knives. Apart from protection, it is second to none in doing tough outdoor chores. For instance,

  • Lighting fire with a fire starter in a need
  • A good assistant at repairing and sewing hard material of boots and camp
  • Carving wooden figurines and shrubs with ease
  • Perfect at butchering skinning a mature animal
  • Cutting off food packages

Ardent grip

A palm-fitted knife is a useful rescue tool that gives you a hassle-free grip. Its flexible carry options make it a must-have tool.

Decent blade

The blade of the tool is very sharp and keeps fine even after the demanding time of hiking, camping, and hunting. The brand offers a blade sharpening facility to enhance reliability and durability. The blade is black oxide coated and it’s for survival purposes not appropriate for kitchen usage.

Lifetime warranty offered by the brand to ensure customer satisfaction relationship.

11 - Ontario Air Force Survival Knife

$55 fixed blade knife is crafted by Ontario Knife.

Let us dig out what brand offers to you

Meant to embark upon disasters

It is usually carried by pilots for decades to cope with the emergency. A tough tool you can blindly rely on. Saw teeth on the spine are accompanied by a natural leather holder.

Stanch blade

A knife has a full tang 5-inch Parkerized craggy blade and a bolted base to perform multiple activities. Its compactness is matchless as it is crafted to perform hard chores like sawing through aircraft skin and acrylic windows. It is equally good at hammering and breaking glass in an emergency. Surely, a tough tool you can blindly rely on. It proves to be a tougher knife than any average survival knife.

Durable sheath

The leather-made sheath has a pocket inside to hold a sharpening stone for unrelenting reliability. It owns all possible benefits a survival knife made for.


It deserves to be cared for and loved by keeping it polished with LT grease to make it weatherproof.

12 - Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife

$269.99 survival knife is coupled with the following attractive features

Extremely powerful blade

The survival knife is black with a stainless steel rock hard-blade. It is handy and well crafted. Spear pointed blade is capable to be an irreplaceable tool in your protection gear kit. Full tang knife goes through the handle completely and does not let the holder give a little miss at the grip. Following its features and structure, it is strictly prohibited for beginners.

Safety and durability

It requires hand wash care to keep it safe. It is built for excellent performance. Sweden-made survival tool is matchless for its durability. It is an all-purpose heavy-duty tool and deserves to be in your wilderness survival kit.

Sturdy sheath

Black Zytel sheath is comfortable and comes fit to any belt size.


It is crafted on the water-repelling impression to cope with extreme weather conditions.

13 - EGKH-18 Predator Knife and Survival Machete

The brand offers an exclusive wood-handled silver predator knife that is apt to its $232 price.

Let’s have a look at what it offers to amuse its holder

Tough spring steel blade

The blade is razor-sharp and heavy enough to carry its weight to do chopping without letting you exhausted. It has a full tang blade comprising thickness about 3/8 at spine with rosewood handle.

Quick to cut

The razor-sharp blade is unpolished and made of high-grade carbon steel and is best at

  1. Skinning animals
  2. Camping
  3. Can opener
  4. Cutting meat and vegetables
  5. Digging
  6. Slaughtering animals
  7. Chopping
  8. Firewood


A marvel knife is equally good for domestic and general farm use. To avoid rust use the following mentioned ways to keep the tool clean and rust-free

  1. A Japanese rust eraser
  2. Flitz metal polish
  3. Fine grit sandpaper

14 - StatGear Surviv - All Knife

$44.99 knife is highly recommended for camping. A survival knife is crafted for adults.

Here are its mind-blowing features

A nice little rig

Full-tang stainless steel knife is apt for outdoor bustles. It is capable to hold and hit hard objects with ease and durability.

Tough blade

Drop pointed blade is coupled with a blade sharpening stone in the back of the sheath to give permanent sturdiness.

A true companion

The sheath is comfortable and includes a fire starter and cord cutter. The cord-cutter is razor-sharp and can work well alternatively.

A perfect pick

StarGear survival knife is a capable protection tool that is fitting for outdoor activities. It is a perfectly practical choice to defend and hike.

15 - Talon Tactical Survival and Self Defense Knife

Alloy steel $30 knife weighs only 0.35 Pounds.

Let us dig deep to know its striking features

Hard and smart grip

It is built with high-quality material of 1.4116 steel hardened to 59-60RC for exceptional edge retention. It strongly holds your hand.

Available colors and accessories

It includes accessories three replacement 550 paracord handle wraps. Available in two audacious colors

  • military green
  • military black


It has a good fit on any belt size. It is comfortable and made of some hard stuff to place the tool well.

16 - SOG Small Fixed Blade Survival Knife

$53.85 survival tool is crafted by SOG in brass color.

Let us have a look at its claims and offers.


It is a trustworthy lifesaver, one of the true rescue knives on which you can blindly rely.

Tough hard blade

The survival knife has a compact fixed blade knife suitable for hunting and survival.

The structure and features of the tool fall under Neck knives that are trending to keep. As it is a wearing item its weight matter and should be as light as feather. The mini weapon is 4.3 inches in length including sheath. The pocket knife is satin polished is made for outdoor activities.

Fixed blade

Its durability is nearly imperishable. The fixed blade handle for smooth camping.

Wearing options

It is superbly designed to offer a solid grip for both varieties. Moreover, a tactical pocket knife and boot knife with a sheath and clip and a neck knife with a chain.

The brand claims lifetime durability and offers to consider all repair and replacement requests

17 - TITANER Titanium EDC Folding Pocket Knife

TITANER offers a $42.00 foldable Titanium Alloy pocket knife that offers the following traits

Sleek tool

The lightweight survival tool is small in size and has high strength resolution. It is made of Grade 5 Titanium Material. Its strong non-slip grip enthuses the holder. The mini survival tool is Corrosion-resistant to acid and base and is crafted on rust repelling concept.

An everyday carry item

You can include it in your everyday carry items with ease along with a built-in EDC keychain hole. It gives a unique experience to enjoy an ultra-sharp dagger blade with a compact folder. It weighs only 1oz and measures 5.5 inches once opened.

Blade replacement options

It is a great utility to perform daily tasks like box cutting and package opening. It includes 6 additional carbon steel blades to make precise cuts. It allows a swift blade replacement option.

Feel comfortable to make contact for any undesirable situation.

18 - GERBER LMF II Survival Knife (Black)

Gerber Gear’s $108.79 survival knife weighs 1.3 Pounds and was originally crafted to rescue aircrew from a downed aircraft.

  It is embraced by following smart features

  • It is designed to hit and cut hard objects like the fuselage of an aircraft
  • It is purposefully built to hit hard and sustain shock like hammering
  • Handle is made of glass-filled nylon with TPV over mold
  • USA crafted knife’s sheath is made of ballistic nylon with fire retardant coating

Above mentioned survival knives are good and meant to buy. All are strong, full tang, and sharp and are eligible to get a place in your survival gear kit.

Go strong with the best survival knife 2022.

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