Best Schrade Survival Knife in 2022

The survival knife is one of the endeared items in your wilderness survival kit. Schrade is trustworthy in crafting reliable survival knives to get you out of a life-threatening situation. It instinctively believes that surviving thought should be a part of the wilderness, and a life-saving knife is an all-time awake sixth sense to guard you.

Best Schrade Survival Knife

Best Schrade Survival Knife

Yet to choose a rugged enough survival knife to compete for hard chores?

Nothing can save you from a precarious situation but your wits and gears. Scroll through to buy top-notch Schrade survival knives with superior quality sheaths. Now jump to the category to bag the best survival knife 2022.

1 - Schrade SCHF9 High Carbon Survival Knife

It is one of the best survival knives crafted by Schrade over years. This 12.1-inch monster is a true value of money. Its amazing features result in a wealth of surprisingly versatile tools.

Flinty Blade

4.5 inches fixed blade knife is meant to do hard chores with perfect ease. A drop-pointed 1095 High Carbon Steel blade is extremely sharp. The blade is securely placed and the front quillon, thumb jimping, and finger choil will not let it slip. The spine of the blade is nice and thick and is crafted to cope with weather flings ensuring its durability and reliability.

Felicitous Grip

The handle of the tool knows how to hug your palm and doesn’t let you move and loosen its grip overhand. It is made of Thermoplastic Elastomers. The black color hefty knife weighs one pound only. It is one of hot selling rescue knives that is well-built, comfortable with a full tang design, and a lanyard hole. It supports several gripping options to give an appropriate clutch over the tool.

Molle-Compatible Sheath

Strap able sheath is molle-compatible with a plastic liner. It has a detachable pouch to give a huge utility to the tool. A ballistic belt sheath is well placed for an everyday carry.

This knife is a one-stop bush crafting, hunting, and batoning beast and undeniably a great value for money.

2 - Schrade SCHF3N Full Tang High Carbon Survival Knife

Schrade SCHF3N is a multi-color survival tool that weighs 1.38 Pounds and bags distinctive features for a loud “yes”.

Handy Handle

The micarta-made handle gives a decent strong grip that is superbly fitted and properly finished to hold the tool that is capable to save you. The perfect handle grip makes it one of the best wilderness tools. The handle is large, spacious, and secure in your hand.

Vindictive Blade

The spine and the blade’s edge are perfectly straight and balanced and effective at bush crafting and batoning. The 8Cr13MoV High Carbon Stainless Steel blade (6.4 inches) in these survival knives is meant to fight and defend to untangle fears. The shape of the blade is versatile and drop point that is good to be in your daily carry.

Functional Sheath

It is made of ballistic nylon. Belt loops are thicker and more comfortable to adjust sheath, and that’s it! It is ready for action. There are multiple ways to attach a sheath with your survival knife. Moreover, para-cord can also be attached to the sheath.

It is an impressive and formidable tool that is hard to shun.

3 - Schrade SCHF37M Frontier Stainless Steel Survival Knife

It is undeniably a great bang for the buck. The survival tool is 12.4 inches in length with a 7 inches blade and weighs 15.9 ounces.

The knife features a Ferro rod, sharpening stone, and a lanyard hole accompanied by several enchanting traits.

Wear-Resistant Blade

The high-end knife has a rock hard blade that is made of 8Cr13MoV Powder Coated High Carbon S.S.

Its ¼ inch thickness makes it super stocky for delicate brutal chopping. If you are a survivalist you must be known about the symmetry between the blade straightness and its edge, and it is superbly unrivaled. The 20-degree edge is flawlessly symmetric all along the blade.

Wieldy Grip

A dependable Micarta handle gives confidence to the holder with a secure anti-slip grip due to the finger choil and jimping. The stout grip makes Schrade Frontier knife do-all-solution a best rescue knife.

Convenient Sheath

The Sheath is good and has a convenient grip with quick and easy access to the polyester belt sheath making it ideal for EDC.

4 - Schrade SCH911 Folding Survival Knife

A multi-color knife is a true value of money. It is an 8.4-inch long survival tool that weighs 5.6 ounces. What it enchants requires a skimpy look to its features.

Unmalleable Blade

The blade is extremely sharp and ruthless. It is 3.4 inches in length that are made of 4034 High Carbon Stainless Steel.

Solid Grip

The tool is manageable and supports a firm and taut grip over the tool. It is made of nylon that ensures an anti-slip grip to tightly hold the survival weapon to cope with the wobbly situation. It is a true epitome of craftsmanship that gives confidence that the blade will not slip due to the security of the safety lock, liner lock, and jimping. It is assembled with the nifty pocket clip, M.A.G.I.C assisted opening, finger flipper, and dual thumb knobs making it an innate wilderness in your survival kit.

Additional Components

These Rescue knives are coupled up with mounting gears. For instance, a strap cutter, glass break, and oxygen tank wrench make it perfect to cope with an emergency by survivalists.

So, it deserves to be your must-have pick.

5 - Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival Fixed Blade Knife

A multi-skilled survival knife has impressive features. It is amazing to have such a level of expertise from a single tool that would be irreplaceable once enters your survival kit. A medium-large knife is 12 inches in length that comprise 6.4 blade length and weighs 15.9 ounces.

Pitiless Blade

It has a dulled tip that has a deep full flat plod plain edge. Survivalists usually prefer blunted over a pointed one because of its durability. It is good to perform thrust cuts for delicate slicing, chopping, and for stabbing as well. The steel on the SCHF9 is 6mm thick at its widest point and the blade is good to do a deep full flat grind. It is a hatchet-like survival weapon and matchless in splitting wood, chopping, and slicing. As the blade is not partially serrated it is usually loved by professional daredevils because the blade is easy to sharpen. The SCHF9 is made of high-quality single solid piece 1095 High Carbon steel that serves great for survival knives. High Carbon steel holds an edge over stainless steel to manage undesirable situations. A tough Teflon coat to the blade helps to minimize the chance of rust.

Secure Handle

The handle is made of Kraton that is a hard rubber to give an excellent grip. It is very grippy lightly textured and has 3 finger choils to hold easily with or without gloves. It is a well-designed handle that allows the holder to chop and split the woods like a pro. It is a great and comfortable experience to use a rough rubber scaled handle. Moreover, 3 finger choils on the handle support a variety of gripping options.

Good Sheath

SCHF9 comes with a perfect Cordura sheath that is made of heavy-duty plastic with an adjustable retention strap to amuse both right and left-hand users. The sheath can be attached with a strap to the belt loop.  You can avail yourself of additional options of Velcro and eyelets for para-cord to strap the sheath to your belt, leg, vest, whatever you want. The sheath has plenty of options, for instance, a large pocket on the outside for extra storage.

It is a wonderful knife that comes in an ideal combination of the blunt tip, deep full flat grind, and plain edge is an absolute victor.

6 - Schrade SCH603Ti High Carbon Folding Survival Knife

It is undeniably a great value of money and should be your wilderness companion in a worse situation may occur. The featured product is foldable and adjustable. Item weighs 0.14 kg with a 7.9-inch overall length.


Steel colored blade is Tanto pointed with a blade length of 3.5 inches and weighs 4.8 ounces. It is made of reliable D2 Titanium Coated High Carbon Tool Steel.


It comes in a titanium handle with a convenient adjustable pocket clip that allows you to carry the monster with great ease. Moreover, the frame lock and jimping will not let slip the security tool. Schrade SCH603Ti 7.9 supports dual thumb knobs and a lanyard hole that makes it an immediate pick.

7 - Schrade SCHF48 Drop Point Blade Outdoor Survival Knife

It is one of the spectacular creations of Schrade. It is a full tang re-curved fixed blade knife with a lanyard hole and comes up with the following striking features.


In an overall length of 18 inches, the blade is 11.9 inches means the blade is longer than usual and the survival tool as a whole weighs 1 pound 9.9 ounces. The blade length proportion is perfect for all intended purposes. The Blade is drop pointed and made of reliable 8Cr13MoV Titanium Coated High Carbon 3Cr13 stainless steel which is weather friendly and rust retardant.


The handle is elegantly crafted with black thermoplastic elastomer handle slabs to provide an anti-slip grip. Moreover, finger guard, choil, and grooves protect the tool and will not allow the blade to slip anywhere.

Comfortable Sheath

The survival weapon is one of the desired knives of daredevils because of its black thermoplastic belt sheath that makes them enthused to make it an everyday carry. It has Velcro straps, a rigid loop for the belt, and an adjustable sling to hold the knife nicely.

8 - Schrade SCHF64CP Cleaver Blade Survival Knife

It is a flat-cut tipped knife is a saber-style grind profile that comes in a semi-gloss dark grey finish.

Let’s dig deep to know how deep it can cut.

Brawny Handle

The handle is made of Thermoplastic Elastomers and strongly hugs your palm and do not let loose the grip over the tool.


The 8.4 inches blade is extremely sharp and made of reliable 1070 Carbon Steel. It is capable to cut deep on the hardwood and make quick cuts while preparing firewood or clearing brush during your camping adventures.

Handy Sheath

Full tang with lanyard hole knife has convenient polyester belt sheath with a convenience to attach it with a leg strap. The provided convenience makes it effective for several intended purposes.

9 - Schrade SCHBOLO Stainless Steel Fixed Blade Survival Knife

1.12 kg a bit heavy cutting tool comes up with additional components. Let’s find out how it can amuse you.


It is made of Safe-T-Grip with a lanyard hole and is comprised 14 inches in length. It holds great to your hand and is effective at cutting large logs with angular cuts and is perfect for batoning.


The blade is ruthlessly sharp and is made of Titanium finish 3Cr13Stainless Steel. It is superbly good for all types of cutting hazards and can cope with any life-threatening situation.

Additional Gear

  • Shoulder Carry Sheath
  • Removable Storage Pouch
  • Extra Large Ferro Rod
  • Sharpening Stone

It is an amazing protection tool that has promising features and deserves to be in your desired safety tools.

10 - Schrade SCH112 Dual Edge Blade Survival Knife

8.4 inches black beast weighs 0.84 pounds.  The fixed blade survival knife has the following brilliant features.


It is made of high-quality Thermoplastic Elastomer and supports an anti-slip strong grip to perform several cutting tasks without getting exhausted.

Dangerously Sharp Blade

Be careful while using the tool because the 5.2 inches blade is Karambit fixed, 5.21’’ Double-edged blade Hawkbill, and made of 8Cr13MoV High Carbon Stainless Steel. It is crafted to cut everything and is meant for the claim. The full-tang dual-edged tool is extremely potent and is capable to give it a go.

Schrade is reliable for an extreme survival lineup. It is capable to craft survival series keeping you protected. It comes up with upgraded safety gears so go strong with Schrade.


Survival and fighting back are everyone’s rights. Moreover, the digital podiums have enlightened the ways of protection and people flock to get knives to keep them safe. There are several highly rated Schrade knives that are incredibly sharp and can influence your purchase decision. They are phenomenal and a great deal for the price.

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