Best knives for cutting vegetables suggested by expert Chefs


You always require a razor-sharp blade for smooth and fine vegetable chopping. Sometimes when you are out camping a small sharp chopping knife can be used to rescue. Flick knives are always the best option to use as survival knives apart from chopping veggies. Here are the best knives for cutting vegetables in 2022 to enthrall you while chopping.

Best Knife For Cutting Vegetables

How to level up your culinary skills with a chopping knife?

A cutting knife can make your experience good or bad. There are plenty of options available in the market claiming fine chopping. Here is a complete buyer’s guide regarding the most appealing cutting knives in 2022.

Let us dig deep to glance at top-rated vegetable knives that are decent and sharp.

1 - TUO Nakiri Knife

It is one of the best kitchen knives that is superb to chop veggies without leaving your hands tired.

TUO Nakiri - A Crownless Hero

A traditional knife is known for excellence and elegance and is perfectly compatible with veggies and agro-food. It is capable to meet all types of shredding, dicing, cutting, chopping, and peeling. It is a true kitchen companion.

The Promising Blade

TUO Nakiri is best known for its steel that is adopted by German high carbon stainless steel. It is rust retardant and can chops for years without sharpening. The rock-hard blade can bear material abuse without getting a crack or chip. The reason behind the knife’s robustness is high-tech vacuum heat treatment HRC56±2 is highly functional.

The Supreme PAKKAWOOD Handle

It is the handle of the cutting knife that makes it comfortable and handy. The full-tang handle is uniquely crafted from patent-pending high-density PAKKAWOOD composite. It is more steady and sterile than other wood handles. The knife works like a pro on a cutting board without cracking and ensures food’s beauty and safety. The ergonomic handle is elegantly designed and has a little slant towards the blade that makes it smart. The blade and handle are compatible with each other and ensure durability and matchless comfort. The handle is bolstered and polished to secure an anti-slip grip.

It is one of the hot-selling kitchen essentials that is a perfect combo of beauty, balance, performance, and durability.

2 - DALSTRONG Nakiri Asian Vegetable Knife

It is one of those knives that deserves to be your immediate pick. How it can satiate your culinary passion let us have a look at its offering and claims.

Articulately Crafted

A well-balanced Japanese steel knife is one of the best vegetable knives adored by many chefs. You can enjoy cutting veggies and dicing fruits with a perfect razor-sharp knife. You can even use it to avoid any undesirable situation, so keep it in a pocket as DALSTRONG knives can be used as rescue knives. The carbon stainless steel blade is unrivaled in sharpness among its competitors. DALSTRONG vegetable cutting knife supports an outstanding cutting edge and precise sharpness to facilitate over-the-counter activities. It is as sharp as hell can even mince chicken and meat portions with perfect ease.

Auspicious Durability

The knife is made of high-quality material that resists corrosion and rust capably. The blade is competent to hold sharpness for a long time, but a sharpening tool is a must-have need to keep it sharp and available all the time. The behavior of the knife is vociferous and the look is aesthetically pleasing. The blade material resists fruits and vegetables from sticking while chopping. An overall steel structure depicts robustness.

Sophisticated Handle

A chopping knife should have a soft and solid grip to have a proper hold on the tool to chop nicely. It is made of an industrial-grade G10 that ensures an ergonomic design to run over food swiftly. The cutting performance is incredible and one of the reasons behind it is its handy handle.

The final verdict would be yours but professional chefs strongly recommend DALSTRONG Nakiri Vegetable knife for regular home use.

3 - Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Knife

A huge bulky knife has never been a good idea. It can make you dead tired by giving you extreme hand fatigue. Moreover, a colossus chopping tool always encumbers fine chopping.

So, what Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Straight Knife exclusively offers you, let us have a look down

Slim Profile

The cutting knife is unbelievably petite, smart, and lightweight. The handle is superbly crafted and allows the holder to chop fruits and vegetables tirelessly. The ergonomic structure supports delicate slicing and dicing.

Aggressive Blade

A 3.25 inches blade is competent and belligerent which brings convenience to culinary abilities. It can impressively peel, paper-thin slicing, and mince garlic or ginger. It is truly meant for which it is designed for, a highly versatile knife that controls the cutting mania impressively.

A Five Star Reviewed Kitchen Essential

It is undeniably a knife of great value and leisure. Moreover, it is dishwasher safe and you can wash it with other kitchen utensils. It does not put a burden on your pocket either. A thin plastic handle seems fragile but cooking enthusiasts call it one of the handiest and most durable kitchen knives.

The Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Straight Paring is capable to be in your cutlery set for all the right reasons.

4 - Mad Shark Santoku Knife

If it is said that the Santoku Knife acts like a real mad shark then it would not be wrong at all. It can precisely slice up veggies in a jiffy and is the top-rated best blade survival knife.

Here are its mind-blowing features.


The high carbon stainless steel blade is pitiless and is virtually rust retardant. Its 8 inches model comes in unique styling of wide base and hollow divots. The particular feature keeps the blade surface clean and does not allow food to stick on the sharp edge.


The knife carries a feather-like weight that makes it handy. The ergonomic handle is comfortable and allows a solid and secure grip. It is perfect for experienced and novice cooking freaks to whet their cooking skills. It is capable to let you enjoy cutting and dicing even you hate these over-the-counter kitchen activities. The handle is extremely comfortable and offers tremendous assistance without causing the slightest fatigue.

Competent Performance

A curved belly knife provides all-out efficiency from chopping to mincing. A lightweight knife is a huge utility and one of the immediate picks of cooking enthusiasts. It superbly allows the user for an intense cutting and chopping experience. It has another striking feature of the flat heel that facilitates dicing and paper-thin cutting of vegetables and fruits.

The MAD SHARK Santoku Knife Professional is a swaying pick for regular kitchen activities and is highly recommended.

5 - Mercer Culinary Knife

Mercer Culinary is a product of value and puts the least burden on your pocket. It is one of the best affordable veggie knives that is capable to please the holder.

Here are striking features to embark upon its matchless performance.


The blade is strong and rock-hard. It is competent in its chopping and slicing and can go through the food prep process without leaving you sweaty and tired. It is made of high-quality Japanese steel that ensures durability. The flat sharp edge is indestructible and hardly gives any chance of cracking and chipping. It easily cuts, chops, dice, and mince food in a snap. The only drawback of the razor-sharp handle is its length and width which seems quite shorter. Though overall performance is stellar.


The handle is propitious in its huge utility of comfort and indulgence. Mercer’s handle is an over-the-top exquisiteness and it is not an over-rated statement, try it. The ergonomic neoprene handle supports a textured grip that does not lose your grip over the knife. The anti-slip feature allows the user to go through all bizarre kitchen activities auspiciously and effortlessly.

Go strong with Mercer!

6 - Gayle's Kitchen Ceramic Knife Set

Gayle’s kitchen knife set is master of all trades and gives you a feeling of a professional chef.

Let us unbox the knife set to know its resilience.


All three knives have high-quality handles to promote their convenience and performance. You can hold any knife of the set and would be amazed by the suppleness. It easily comes fit in your hand and assists all over-the-counter kitchen chores.


Handles and blades are strongly hinged with each other and leave no room for breaking off. They are made of ceramic that is equally tough and can bear any material abuse like a carbon steel blade. It avoids corrosion resulting from citrus acids. The stand-out feature is the peeler that is also placed in the knife set. It is super sharp to skin vegetables and fruits nicely and delicately.

Gayle’s Kitchen 4-Piece Ceramic Knife Set is a sleek and sharp choice and is a good option to replace your old dull knives.

7 - Shun Utility Classic Knife

If you have missed Shun, then you have no idea how a classic veggie cutting knife behaves and rules.

Durability and Performance

It is one of the most loved knives and is highly recommended by cooking freaks. It is eligible to be in your cutlery and its versatility is incomparable. It supports more intricate cutting and chopping. Moreover, it superbly deals large chopping, any particular cutting and even mincing chicken portions with perfect ease.

Perfect Size and Weight

Shun carries a perfect weight and size that is easily manageable by home cooks and professional chefs. It cuts, chops, dices, slices, and minces with precision and it makes it exclusive. It is its weight that makes it an immediate pick, the curved belly styling enhances efficiency.


It comes with a wood/plastic handle for an ergonomic and lightweight design. The handle is soft, solid, and secured which keeps your hand tight and fixed. Moreover, strong gripping makes the tool handy and picky for beginners.

Well-made Blade

The extremely sharp blade is manufactured in Japan and is known for its toughness and durability. The brand has made Shun inimitably and manifests matchless robustness. Moreover, the blade material is made of exclusive steel which was later added with cobalt, tungsten, carbon, and chromium to make it immortal. Its sturdiness is later enhanced by wrapping it with Damascus stainless steel that resists wear and tear.

The final verdict for Shun, it is an impressive kitchen knife for sharp deep cutting and dicing without letting your hands sore and hurt.

8 - WÜSTHOF Classic Chef’s Knife

It is an unruffled statement from the chefs and professional cooking freaks that WUSTHOF is an amazing product and meant for the purpose. It is the world-famous vegetable knife that is liked for subtle performance.

It crowns a few smart perquisites that stand it out from the crowd.

The Rancorous Blade

Apart from the aesthetic behavior of the knife and particular, the blade is vehement. The stainless-steel blade chops fruits and vegetables and minces garlic and chicken effortlessly. It is designed to deal with both Western and Chinese cuisines. The kitchen knife is not reluctant to cope with thick textured food and frozen hard food, though it makes you WAOO.

The Shape of the Kitchen Essential

It is designed in a round belly shape and the particular shape is good for tool gripping and cutting fruits or veggies. Moreover, the carbon stainless steel construction enhances durability and sturdiness.

Handy Handle

The durable thermoplastic handle is user-friendly and makes it possible to work for extended hours and does not let you drained. A perfect grip allows you to perform heavy-duty kitchen tasks vigorously.

The WÜSTHOF Classic 8inch Chef’s Knife is a laudable knife that keeps your hands stress-free and hassle-free, so why not give it a try!

9 - Imarku Pro Kitchen Knife

The Imarku Pro Kitchen Knife is a multi-tasking kitchen knife that is known for its matchless efficiency.

Unrivaled Blade Performance

It is as sharp as hell and is considered one of the picky skinning knives for small game. It perfectly cuts and chops both meat and vegetable. Its high-pitch functionality makes it smart and versatile to deal with any unexpected task and situation. It rules the kitchen essentials and promotes convenience. It is crafted on Western design and runs swiftly on the cutting board.

The Packwood Handle

The ergonomic handle features a Packwood handgrip that is solid and gives near to no hand fatigue. The solid grip ensures delicate slicing and dicing of food for longer hours. It is one of the top-rated knives adored by professional chefs, and the feature that makes it loveable is its balance. It can cut and deal with any food texture with utmost care.

The Imarku Pro Kitchen Knife is a hot selling kitchen item and is known for supreme handiness and user-oriented design.

10 - TradaFor Stainless Steel Chef Knife

If you are a passionate professional or amateur cook then you must try TradaFor stainless steel high carbon pro chef knife. It acts like a pro and can enhance your culinary skills.

So, if you are enthused to take your passion to the next level, then TradaFor asks you to “test me”

Crafted with High-quality Material

It is built for the purpose and it means it. The high-quality industrial-grade German steel is used in the making which gives it a single-beveled edge. The company wants to build a lifetime relationship with its customers that’s why gives a carbon finishing coat to protect the tool from rust and dirt. The protection coating not only protects the knife but also enhances the life span. A highly functional knife keenly accommodates many cutting and chopping styles.

The Pakkawood Handle

The Pakkawood handle is known for its agility and matchless durability. The handy handle makes the knife comfortable and improves its functionality. It facilitates cutting and chopping to embark upon styling and making food beautiful and delicate. The sturdy construction makes it unique and elegant.

It can be served to present someone special as it comes in a beautiful box.

11 - MOSFiATA Nakiri Chef's Knife

It is a great knife and has amazing features to influence your purchase of a vegetable knife.

Best for Novice Home Chefs

MOSFiATA super sharp Nakiri knife is made from high-quality German stainless steel that is rust retardant and shuns any corrosion and discoloration. It fines cuts fruits, chops vegetables, sliced bread, and minces meat. It is a perfect vegetable knife that is adored by culinary experts and novice home cooks.

Perfect Sharpening Angle

A good knife is a sharp knife and MOSFiATA 7 is a key to sharpness. It is hand-polished and ensures resilience. A 2.5mm thick kitchen knife`s edge is 14-16 degrees per side which is an obligatory condition for a robust knife. It is a top-rated rock-hard knife.

Secure Handle

The sturdy handle is safe and secure and ensures a comfortable grip. The handle is perfectly designed and placed which eludes hand fatigue even after long hours of chopping. The Miscarta handle comes to fit in all hand sizes. The trio-riveting design enhances reliability.

Dependable Size and Weight

Nakiri chef knife`s length and weight are compatible for comfort and appeases slicing, dicing, mincing, and chopping. It easily goes deep through large pieces of food and effortlessly cuts and slice.

It comes in beautiful packing and can be a heartwarming gift for the one you love.

In the real world, there are plenty of sharp and aesthetically pleasing knives. Nevertheless, a vegetable knife is somewhat different from a gutting or skinning knife. Though, compiled info would be helpful to bag the right knife for the right purpose.

So stay sharp and confident!

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