6 Best Gutting Knife 2022 | Top Pick Reviews

Talking about hunters and hunting then the gutting knives appear as an essential part of this extremely delicate process. To make your hunting easier and quicker, a quality gutting knife having a perfect grip is no doubt an indispensable gear and a must part of your backpack.

Best Gutting Knife

Let’s make your hunting experience a safer and a memorable one with the best gutting knife covering all your needs related to gutting and cleaning. The market offers you a number of gutting knives tagged with their exceptionally smart features but the selection is all yours based on your purpose and respective usage.

Some other Knives you should check:

1. Outdoor Edge RazorPro

Outdoor Edge RazorPro

Now opening your small and large game is as easy as zipping down your zipper. The double blade has replaceable blades, the blade knife and the other is the special gutting blade that is efficient enough to make your hunting expedition an easier and joyful one. The stainless steel drop point blade is powerful enough to face all the challenges and the extra ordinary gutting quality is perfect for cleaning your large game saving your time and energy.

Its super sharp gutting hook has no match and it gets locked in the respective place securely and safely.  The blade is intended to be used for major bone work, so it handles your hunting job many times better than the other options available in the market.

The aluminum handle with rubberized coating provides the best and non-slipping grip. This secured grip provides you better control and optimized approach to use the knife and the gutting hook most appropriately. Its strength and durability is simply efficient and the best in the toughest of the conditions.

The flawless sheath is no doubt beautiful in design and functionality. It is having special and separate pockets to hold the knife, blades and saw. The gutting hook is really good for cleaning purposes. Its flawless performance will definitely amaze you with perfect skinning and cleaning.


  • Durable handle
  • Amazing sheath


  • Not any

2. Outdoor Edge Swing Blade

Outdoor Edge Swing Blade

Another worth buying gutting blade is the Outdoor Edge swing Blade which rotating swing blade works the best. It handles your big game with such efficiency that surprise you. The 3.2 inches gutting blade is built to last, to provide you the company in the hardest of the situations. Its 3. 6 inches skinning blade provides you the best quality cutting and does your hunting chores perfectly. For superb performance and better edge retention the blade is heat treated. It cuts underneath the skin without cutting hair thus considered the best for cleaning purposes.

The T handle is of 6 inches and simply good. It does not only provide a non-slipping grip but a perfect hold over the blade. It is built to last and is extremely durable and has proved to be the best in all kinds of weather. Its ergonomic shape makes it the best choice for long time use and eliminates fatigue as well. Moreover the length is good enough to handle the blade offering untiring attempts while doing gutting, the most delicate process.

The quality leather sheath with leather belt is a way easy to carry the knife. The single click lock is easier to manage the suitable sized blade, the one which is perfectly adequate for your small or large game. The way the leather sheath is worn is really comfortable and the knife smartly fits into it, eliminating the danger of getting dropped in the ground while jumping or doing any field activity. The fine quality sheath is amazing and provides the best protection to the knife making it readily available in the hour of need.


  • amazing sheath with leather belt
  • grippy handle
  • one click smart lock
  • rotating swing blade


  • not any

3. Gerber Freeman Guide Folding Knife

Gerber Freeman Guide Folding Knife

Here comes the Gerber Gear with its amazing features and awesome lifesaving products. The fully fine edge and drop point 5Cr15MoV SS blade blade is actually ferocious to play in the ground but in the hands of an expert hunter. The gutting has become a stress-free job with its gutting hook blade that allows the users to complete their hunting and emptying process without harming the inner organs and hair.

The Gerber knows that there are no second chances in the life of a hunter so have introduced quality designs in the weaponry world as they are also field tested. So the knife is not merely a blade but a real companion protecting you from any unexpected emergency. The anti-slipping light weight handle that has a Tachide on lay that provides you an easy and comfortable grip, and works efficiently in all kinds of weather, even when goes wet. The finger grooves over it offer the chasers a firm hold and control over the gutting hook blade.

The locking mechanism is really good and the user finds it cool to get their problem solving tool ready at the right time without any mess and fuss. The manufacturer knows the particular requirements of a hunting expedition so has designed the very gadget with all the possible features that may help in a shooting adventure.

The wear resistant nylon sheath is durable and provides complete protection to the blade. This would no doubt be a worth buying hunting gear at this affordable price as this is available at less than $50.


  • Fine edged blade
  • Light weight handle
  • Liner lock system


  • Needs to be sharpened frequently
  • Low quality nylon sheath

4. Benchmade – Grizzly Creek 15060

Benchmade - Grizzly Creek 15060

Benchmade, the name is the guarantee, which is considered one of the best, well designed and quality knife makers. The very product, Grizzly Creek 15060-2 Knife, is an emblem of Benchmade’s unique products. The tremendously balanced CPM-S30V drop point stainless steel rust resistant blade is 3. 5” long and does all the hunting chores including gutting with perfect accuracy. The cleaning process is done in no time with its multipurpose gutting hook.

The stabilized woody handle is equally good in all kinds of environment offering the hunters the firm and perfect grip and smart control over the blade and eliminates the chance of fatigue in case of long time usage.

The well designed, quick and smooth locking system works with a single click so appears a cool and hit option to all the expert hunters as tip-up pocket clip offers the users to get it unfold and ready to work in the hunting ground is.  The size is perfect when unfolds, thus the Grizzly Cheek has become an ideal choice for the hunters.

Benchmade is exclusively known for their best knives in the world. The finest quality gutting hook is intended to perform the gutting duties super smartly without wasting time and creating chaos.  Furthermore the life time warranty of Benchmade’s products ensures the quality and fine quality material. The price is really fair to its wonderful performance, when skinning and butchering both are done at a perfect ease and with professional accuracy. So don’t miss this superb quality product that is fully aware of your hunting requirements.


  • Fine edged awesome blade
  • Ambidextrous locking mechanism
  • ideal size for hunting chores
  • life time warranty


  • Not any

5. Gerber GE31-001159 0539-0742 Myth Field Dress

Gerber GE31-001159 0539-0742 Myth Field Dress

Another fine quality gutting knife by Gerber, which is built to perform and lasts forever. The respective one has the fine edged blade that does the gutting chore well whether the game is large or small. The blade comes really sharped but as the set also includes sharpener so it removes the risk of dull and blunt edge that can stop or might spoil your hunting experience. The complete kit offers the hunters a perfect field dressing solution ensuring the protection of the users.

The texturized rubber handle provides a firm and comfortable grip over the blade so the hunters could use them for a longer time without feeling exhaustion. The perfect size enables the hunters to get a complete control over the blade or the gutting hook to get their job done in less time.  The handle simply fits into your hands as it is made for your hands.

It comes in a smart packing with compact and puncture proof sheath having a built in carbide sharpener to make you all time ready and keep going with your hunting journey fulfilling all of your hunting needs. The pack also contains The Myth Field Dressing Kit to meet all of your needs as a true companion. In terms of its extra ordinary features it is a dependable gadget that will definitely be with you in the hour of need. It come with the limited warranty by the company and absolutely a worth to buy option as it is available at less $100.


  • the myth field dressing kit
  • perfect sheath that houses a built in sharpener
  • sharp gutting hook


  • Low quality built in sharpener
  • Some find the handle less grippy

6. Buck Knives 0691BKG Buck Zipper Fixed Blade Knife with Guthook

Buck Knives 0691BKG Buck Zipper Fixed Blade Knife with Guthook:

Buck Zipper Fixed Blade Knife with Guthook, though the last in the list but owns the equally wow features as the above mentioned tools. It has a powerful 420HC drop point gut hook steel blade, which is 4-1/8″ and provides excellent edge retention and extreme vigor that requires in a hunting expedition. It is intended to perform heavy duty tasks, thus manages the larger game at a perfect ease.

The expert hunters usually prefers a full tang blade as it offers greater functionality and extended usability. The corrosion resistant versatile and razor sharp gut hook is also appreciated by professionals and seasonal hunters. The textured rubber handle with contoured grip provides an anti-slipping and controlled grip making the cleaning task easier than ever. The studier and shinier brass pommel and guard do not add value only but beauty as well.

It comes with multiple carrying options, as the heavy duty polyester sheath allows the users to carry the knife conveniently and smartly. The belt provides the hunters a ready to access option to the knife so the knife. The clip needs just a single press and this full tang knife with a quick fastener becomes ready to play in the hunting field the way the user wants it to. In short the sheath keeps the knife securely and safely ensuring a quick and ready access to the knife.

This fantastic USA made product is the typical of Buck Knives, and comes with the lifetime warranty. The astonishing and matchless features have won the hearts of thousands of users and they actually believe in this trustworthy gear and knows that it will not disappoint them.


  • Razor sharp gutting hook blade
  • Firm and easy grip
  • Snap fastener ensuring easy and quick access


  • Needs regular oiling
  • The pommel is more likely to be ruined if not properly cared.

The above manufacturers promise to meet one’s hunting and gutting essential requirements through their unique and exclusive gears. Behind their knives there is the dedication and true devotion of a number of skilled workers and trust of professional users. Though they possess similar features thus leaving the final decision to the users to have the most suitable lifesaving gear satisfying their special and unique needs to get a successful and a pleasant hunting expedition.

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