20 BEST EDC Knives – [Reviews and Top Picks]

best edc knife

EDC knives are of huge utility because with them you are able to perform many of your tasks regarding cutting, chopping, peeling and carving neatly. Not all the knives are reliable; some can really leave you flabbergasted. So to save your time and energy here we have come up with a detailed review of BEST EDC knives.

BEST EDC Knives in 2022

Take a look below and cherry-pick your desired knife that suits your budget and needs. These knives have been thoroughly reviewed by professionals at Ukk.

Best Everyday Carry knives under 50 dollars:

Here is a collection of knives that falls in the range of 50 dollars, glance below you might find your preferred one:

Kershaw Link Pocket Knives under 50

Kershaw is best known for its strength and longevity. The company is known to manufacture nifty knives that can be used for both indoor and outdoor use. Kershaw pocket knife comes with a speed safe handy opening.

The quality of the blade is undeniably fine as it is made of high-quality steel. This beast is strong yet easy to carry. The chromium and carbon in it help in preventing it from getting rusty secondly they also make it strong enough to use for wild adventures.

The knife has been designed in a way that it doesn’t require deep care. The blackwash finish gives the knife a worn look that also hides the scratches.

One of the best features of this knife is its pocket carry clip that functions both backward and forward. It offers an ample amount of ease to access it. Its nylon handle looks beautiful as it is glass-filled and allows a tighter grip. Kershaw weighs 4 oz which makes it a perfect tool to carry while traveling.

The 3.25 inches length of blade makes precise sharp cuts and considered appropriate for fishing, camping, hunting, and hiking. The knife with the overall length of 7.6 inches can be used for cutting ropes, cutting the branches, and for cutting bags.

2. Kershaw Clash EDC Knife


Kershaw Clash is one of the finest folding knives that are loved by campers and hikers. It comes with assisted opening and comes in hand with great comfort. Its nylon handle gives it a good look as it is glass-filled.

The knife has a four-ounce weight that is too light to carry.

It comes in hand perfectly and makes it easier for you to use it smoothly. Its drop-point blade gives the smooth cuts and the bead-blasted finish gives it a wilder look.

This knife can be used for multiple applications with unimaginable ease. For wild adventures, such a speed-safe knife will be just the ticket. This beast that comes with a closed length of 4.25 inches can be carried freely for sure.

The 3.25 blade length gives the smooth cuts for detailed projects; use it for self-defense, cut boxes and ropes, and cut down branches, etc. It is an ideal EDC tool that is considered suitable for everyday use. As it is used for a variety of applications thus you can make it the part of your survival kit.

3. Kershaw Brawler Folding EDC Pocket knife

Kershaw-Brawler-Folding Pocket-edc-Knife

Kershaw Brawler is yet another one of those awesome EDC knives that are available at an economical price. The pocket tool comes with an assisted opening.

The brawler knife is equipped with a liner lock. It is a robust knife yet it is lightweight and can be carried out easily. You will find the ergonomics quite functional. Its reversible clip facilitates the user for easy opening Kershaw Brawler Folding Pocket Knife (1990)

As far as the quality of the blade is concerned then it is deluxe because the high-quality material has been used in its manufacturing.

This 0.8 ounces EDC knife is best for outdoor and indoor adventures. The handle is one of the chief features of a knife that plays a significant role in the utility of the knife. Too small and too big the size of the handle is of no use. This Kershaw Brawler knife has an ideal length of the handle. The width of the handle is 5.6 inches that fit in the hand perfectly. The design of the handle offers a tighter yet comfortable grip.

4. CRKT Obake Skoshi EDC Knife


CRKT Obake knife is one of the amazing survival tool and EDC knives that one can rely on. It has an aesthetic visual appeal because of its blade etching. The gray-colored coated blade comes with a titanium nitride coating.

This knife is of huge utility especially because of its flipper that displays an elegant design. It boasts a blade length of 2.41 inches that aims to cut precisely. Whereas the overall length of this beast is 136.58 mm that makes it an easy to carry knife.

It weighs 2.4 ounces so you can take it along while traveling. It is simple to use, handy to carry and no deep maintenance required.

CRKT knife has an ergonomic standpoint and four-finger grip that make it one of the finest EDC knives under 50.

The handle of the knife is of perfect size and it offers a handy grip because of cord wrapped handle. The beauty CRKT comes with a nylon sheath.  This etched blade knife may seem smaller in size but still it’s big on attitude.

5. CRKT Ripsnort Everyday Carry Knife


CRKT Ripsnort is yet another awesome EDC tool that you can carry easily in your pocket. It is equipped with a unique cleaver blade that does the smooth cutting. The liner lock of the knife makes it very easy for the user to close it with a single hand.

The size of the knife may not so gigantic yet it’s a full-time brutal and heavy-duty tool with a light weight. The sleek blade it has makes it look appealing and it is capable of tackling mega tasks of cutting and carving.

The length of the blade is perfectly fine 2.831 inches with the overall length of the knife is less than seven inches. It weighs 5.8 ounces that is light to lift.

The innovative utility it offers makes it one of the finest quality EDC knives under 100. High quality of stainless steel has been used in the making of the blade. The lightweight knife is easy to carry and fairly simple to use

6. Civivi Little Fiend Pocket Knife


The Little Fiend knife is a compact EDC tool that comes with a robust blade. The blade has a modest length of 7.6 cm and its closed length of this tiny wild creature is 10.3 cm. its weight is 80 grams yes you can carry it comfortably.

This fiend knife has a G-10 handle with a drop point shape blade. It functions effortlessly and the flipper works handily to close it.

The thumbhole assists the user for an easy opening and it makes it real fun to use. The supreme quality of the material has been used.

The handle of this gear is made up of synthetic resin and fiberglass and it feels great in hand. No matter how long you keep using it you won’t feel done up as it offers an ample amount of comfort. Its blade is made up of D2 steel which is too good and tough. This material is always easy to sharpen. The only thing you must consider is to not to let it dampen the blade for longer otherwise it can turn rusty.

Best Everyday Carry knives under 100

Below are the tools that will cost you 100 dollars, lets see what they are offering:

7. Spyderco Tenacious Value EDC Knife


Spyderco Tenacious is one tough tool that gives promising performance in your everyday tasks. It is a complete package of elegance, robustness, and longevity. The finest quality of the material has been used in manufacturing this super-swanky and nifty tool.

It comes with a G-10 handle with scales and you can have it in various colors. For the rigidity, the steel lines in it work great. Tenacious is equipped with a standard fine edge and because of its combo, it cuts smoothly and sharply.

The satin finish look adds some extra grace to the knife. It is a full-size blade that gets fold easily and fits in your pocket perfectly. The overall length of this knife is 19.5 cm and the blade length is 8.5 cm. It is a lightweight tool of 117 grams that offers mega-strength when it comes to stabbing, cutting, and is considered to be one of the best skinning knives.

This EDC folding knife comes with a liner lock that offers great versatility so when you carry it you have multiple choices to go with.

8. Kershaw Leek Pocket EDC Knife


The Kershaw Leek is the finest creation of knife maestro Ken Onion that is best known for creating tough knives. Kershaw Leek is one of the best selling EC knives under 100.

It has been created with a plush quality of material. Its blade length is 3 inches whereas the overall length of this tool is 7 inches. It is a small knife that functions gigantically yet its weight is 3.0 oz which means you can slide it in your pocket effortlessly.

Its handle has been manufactured with 410 stainless steel and looks appealing because of its bead-blasted finish. It feels in your hand really strong and offers a stronger grip, even with sweaty hands you would feel a tighter grip.

Its assisted mechanism makes it so easy to open it as the thumb stud on it just needs a little push and there you go. This is one of the most appreciable features of this tool that it deploys quickly and neatly.

9. Cold Steel Recon 1 Series 


Cold Steel knife boasts some unique features that add up its usefulness. It is a well-built tool that functions neatly. Its blade length is 4 inches whereas the overall length of this tiny monster is 93/8 inches. 5.03 ounces weight of the knife is easy to carry and simple to use.

Its tri-ad locking systems sets it apart from others and its black tuff-ex finish adds beauty to its blade. It is a tough tool that can be used for multiple applications. Its handle offers a non-slippery grip that fits in the hand comfortably.

Its lock-up is unfailing and secure. As the knife has been manufactured with fine quality material thus it is durable and effective. It is not merely a daily use knife rather in self-defense situations one can rely on it for sure.

Its performance is very satisfying. No detailed maintenance is required and it’s easy to sharpen it after extensive use.

10. CRKT NIRK Tighe Razor


CRKT has again come up with some neat gear that boasts great utility and style at the same time. It is a unique tool that is well-balanced and performs efficiently.

It is an undeniably solid knife yet its lightweight makes it handy to use and carry. Its mechanism is smooth you can open and close it with a single hand, no worries at all.

The blade length of this knife is 98.43 mm and the overall length of the blade is 231.90 mm. it has a plain blade edge that cuts smoothly and precisely. 5.10 ounces is its total weight yes easy to carry.

It has a peculiar patented handle that comes in hand with great comfort. It is non-slippery material that allows you to grip it tightly. The usage of this EDC knife is not just confined to simple tasks rather it is equally efficient for tougher tasks.

11. Off-Grid Knives – Rhino EDC Knife


Off-Grid Rhino as the name denotes ‘Rhino’ that gives the knife a real savage look. The knife boasts a huge sturdy blade. High-quality material has been used in the making of the blade and it boasts plush quality ceramic ball bearings. It deploys neatly because of its well-built mechanism.

Rhino has a big ergonomic handle with scales and fits in hand finely. The blade is of modest length 3.5 inches. To carry a knife that weighs 6.6oz is really no biggie.

Rhino is a tough tool that offers huge utility for multiple applications. Its blackwash finish successfully hides the prints and scars. Its edge retention is unbelievable. It has been designed in a way that it won’t get rusty.

Best Everyday Carry knives under 150

Some awesome pieces of tools that are of 150 dollars, dig deeper to see what features they have:

12. Benchmade – Bugout 535 EDC Manual Open Folding Knife


Bugout is a great tool with some brilliant features. It has been constructed with A-1 quality material. Its sleek design looks appealing. This slim and smart knife has a lot to offer. Its blade length is 8.23 cm. This EDC knife that weighs 1.85 ounces can be carried out with ease.

The knife boasts a drop point blade of larger size that cuts, chops and craves perfectly. This robust piece gives you a real zeal as it is sharp enough to handle simple to complex tasks easily.

It has a plastic handle that is dense and large enough to allow a stronger and handy grip. It has stainless steel liners on it that serve as the Axis lock. One of the chief features of this Bugout knife is its pocket clip.  Its rider clip is low and short that can easily fit in your pocket.

It is simply fair to open the blade because of the thumb studs it has. The lock-up and deployment of the knife is absolutely smooth.

13. Benchmade – Mini Barrage 585 Knife


Mini Barrage 585 knife is a sturdy piece that boasts functionality and compactness. The knife is an ideal balance of all the essential features a knife needs to have. It comes with the assisted opening of blade that allows you to open the blade effortlessly.

It comes with a pocket clip that helps you in carrying it in your pocket smoothly. You won’t feel carrying anything as it is so lightweight.

The Mini-Barrage is a well-built tool that comes with razor-sharp blade. It is indeed a valuable tool that comes in tiny size and has a foldable nature. The finest quality of material has been used in its construction.

Material of this sharpie blade is 154 cm stainless steel and the length is 2.91 and its density is 2.54 mm. This small size monster hardly weighs 3.40 oz.

It comes with a nifty ergonomic structure with excellent durability. Mini-Barrage 585 is a precision-crafted tool with brilliant utility. Benchmade –Mini-Barrage 585 is one of the niftiest EDC knives under 150.

14. Benchmade – North Fork 15031


North Fork 15031 is a robust piece of equipment that has so much to offer in form of durability, functionality and versatility. It is a well-balanced knife that displays some great features.

This tool has a standard clip type that comes with a reversible tip-up clip position. The razor-sharp blade has a length of 7.54 cm and the density of the blade is 2.90 mm. The knife weighs 3.41 oz which means it can be picked up with great ease.

Supreme quality of material has been used in the construction of the blade that is CPM-S30V stainless steel that is tough enough to work efficiently. It is rust-resistant so there is no point of getting damaged from dampness.

North Fork is equipped with a stabilized wooden handle that offers a perfect tighter grip. The handle is capable of bearing extreme weather conditions and maintains its excellence in all conditions.

15. Zero Tolerance 0350TS


It is another cool tool that has great functionalities and excellent mechanism. Plush quality material has been used for its construction. Its blade length is 3.25E+0 inches and the overall length of the knife is 7.75 inches. The density and width of its handle offers great comfort as it fits in your hand handily.

It is a light weight EDC knife that weighs 8.6 ounces.

S30V steel has been used for its construction that means excellent quality! The coating of the knife is DLC that promises to stay durable against weather and climate hardships. This black G10 has dense stainless steel liners. The ergonomics on it are literally satisfying. The handle ensures a stronger yet very comfortable grip.

One of the best things about the knife is its brilliant retention for the heavier tool this matters a lot. Secondly, it comes with four corners clip that make the knife sit in your pocket neatly. The functionality of the knife makes it perfect for camping, hunting, fishing, working and other outdoor activities. I would totally recommend this knife for precision cutting for tactical use.

16. Spyderco Chaparral Prestige Folding Knife


Spyderco is a beautiful tool that has been crafted skillfully. It is significantly tiny from all dimensions yet it doesn’t lack anything in functionalities. It has been designed in a way that it sits so smoothly in pocket.

Its razor sharp blade has the length of 2.8o inches and the overall length of the knife is 6.40 inches.  This small size monster weighs 2.47 ounces.

The blade that has a leaf shape looks really appealing and comes with full-flat grind. The knife can be used for different applications. Its handle is made up of carbon fiber that contains stainless steel liners. It feels good in your hand as you can hold it tightly and comfortably.

Chaparral knife is safe to use and easy to carry as it is a foldable knife with lock system. Its mechanism functions finely. The knife comes with a proven clip design. This knife is of sleek design that cuts, chops and carves perfectly.

One of the most appealing features of this knife is its thumb hole that is smooth and easy.

Best EDC Knives Under 200

Yes 200 dollars, sounds pricey? You might find them totally justified after discovering their effectiveness and functionalities:

17. Benchmade – Freek 560-1, EDC Folding Knife


Benchmade is known to craft the brutal knives that are hard and durable. The mechanism of Freek works brilliantly. Its blade is made up of CPM-M4 that has been manufactured artfully. Its blade length is 9.14 cm and density is 2.896 mm. It boasts a drop-point shape.

Its axis locking mechanism guarantees complete safety. It allows a handy opening and closing. For instant accessibility all you need to do is approach the split-arrow pocket clip.

Its handle is hard and durable, its non-slippery material allows you to have a stronger hold of it. It has been built up with the finest quality of material. G10 black and gray layered handle look really nice.

The knife doesn’t only grab the attention in the first place but also convinces you of the ample amount of versatility it offers.

The quality of its blade speaks volumes. For the precise cutting and chopping, this Freek knife will be a perfect choice.

18. CRKT Provoke Kinematic EDC Folding Pocket Knife


CRKT is a great name in the industry. It is known to create the deluxe quality of tools that work perfectly for multiple applications. It offers a peculiar kind of innovation in the Kinematic EDC folding knife. Its deployment is excellent.

For deploying a little push of thumb is required and it comes out smoothly. It gives a super performance because of the finest edge retention it has.

It has great strength to offer for chopping, cutting and carving. It is significantly light in weight and can be carried out with unimaginable ease. The length of its blade is 61.21 mm and the overall length of this tool is 184.15 mm. It weighs 6.1 oz that makes it handy to use and easy to carry.

The knife doesn’t require detailed cleanliness; its simplicity demands basic cleanliness. It can be sharpened easily after massive use. I would totally recommend this knife for your everyday tasks.

19. Benchmade – 940 EDC Manual Open Folding


It is a nifty EDC knife that is a perfect blend of elegance and efficiency. This knife works brilliantly for divergent tasks. It is created by CPM-S30V steel that is a very plush one. It comes with an awesome edge retention and remains absolutely safe from rust.

It’s nimble and sharp blade functions smoothly and can be sharpened easily. Its length is 3.40 inches and density is 2.92 mm. The thickness of the handle is 10.41mm. It hardly weighs 2.90 oz which is easy to carry. The overall length of the knife is 7.78 inches.

It is a high-end knife that you can take with you where you go. It is a solid piece that comes with a reversible clip. The razor-sharp blade comes with a delicate finish. Its axis locking mechanism works effortlessly. It allows a smooth opening. For the everyday tasks, this knife is perfect, from peeling to chopping it works efficiently. Its premium design has so much to offer.

20. Zero Tolerance 0450CF

Zero-Tolerance-0450CF-Folding Knife-edc-under-200

Zero Tolerance has come up with something really wild. Its tough looks grab the attention at first sight. Its sleek design boats infinite style and grace.

Its quality blade is 3.25 inches long and the overall length of the knife is 7.4 inches. It is a lightweight knife that hardly weighs 2.45 ounces. The tool comes with a slim belt clip for attaching with a pocket. It stays in your pocket easily.

Its handle is made up of carbon and comes in hand smoothly. The knife is equipped with a low slung blade that looks extremely eye-popping. Its DLC coating makes it look great.

The sharpening coil assists you to sharpen it handily. Its magnificent stainless steel blade chops nicely. The edge retention is undeniably excellent. It is a complete package of sturdiness, durability and versatility and these factors make it one of the best EDC knives under 200. I would suggest you to give it a go and enjoy smooth cutting.

Other Important Knives:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: What is an EDC knife?

A: EDC knife is an everyday Carry knife that one can take with him/her. It’s a portable knife pocket knife with lightweight.

Q2: What is the highest quality of EDC knife?

A: The highest quality of EDC knife is that it has to be compact and have to be lightweight so one can carry it with him easily.

Q3: Where I can carry my EDC knife?

A: it can be carried with a belt, just get a belt pouch and that is how you can take it along you.

Q4: Which is the best high-end EDC knife?

A: Kershaw Blur and Benchmade Mini are known as highest quality EDC knife.

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