A good knife is simply crucial for camping chores, whether you want to open a can, ensure your survival, or slice your vegetable. A versatile perfectly balanced and durable camping knife ensures your safety and a possible survival in a hazardous situation. So give yourself a confident move with this part and parcel tool as your best camping companion to conquer the limits and fears.

Best Camping knives in 2022

Here, just check our top 10 camping knives in 2022 and discover their respective use so you could pick the one that suits you the best. This multi-purpose weapon will perform many camping related stuff at perfect ease from setting your camp to cleaning your meat. So get ready to hit the trails with your amazing, quality backpacking knife.

1. Kershaw Camp 10 (1077) – Fixed Blade Camp Knife

kershaw 10 fixed blade camp knife

What a superb addition to the camp family series from Kershaw. The monstrous 10″ blade constructed with tough, strong 65Mn carbon tool steel made this knife a real beast tackling all the trekking issues with great effectiveness. No doubt the product is specifically designed to deal with tough situations and life-threatening circumstances.

The multi-purpose blade is highly corrosion resistant and is covered with a basic black coating preventing all kinds of weather variations and other damage. Its razor-sharp blade works wonder and does all the camping chores well including cutting, slashing, hacking, ripping, and splitting.

Kershew10 enjoys a wonderful secured grip with a built-in handguard. It provides a superb contoured grip making the hardest task the easier one. The non-slipping handle is durable and smart enough to give you a firm grip over the heavy-duty blade. Moreover, it has front and back lanyard holes for versatile carrying options. It has an attractive appearance and exceptional performing skills.

This matchless camping companion comes molded sheath having nylon straps that can easily be attached to your belt or backpack. This smart gadget is with you any time you need it so follow the new trails and explore the unseen with this toughest weapon capable of controlling the roughest phenomena.

The knife is simply flawless and powerful enough to work in all kinds of environments. It provides incredible versatility, functionality and utility and what’s more this handy tool is cost-effective.


  • Heavy-duty blade
  • Contoured handle
  • Easy carrying options


  • Nil

2. KA-BAR Full Size US Camp Knife

ka bar full size camping knife

This 7” fixed blade camp knife is famous around the globe due to its extraordinary features, great fighting ability and smart applications. So give you this lightweight tool to conquer the mountaineering issues with confidence. The leading manufacturing company KA-BAR is itself a guarantee to its high-quality weapons and versatile tools.

Its 1095 Cro-van steel blade is durable and highly functional. It performs the jobs of piercing and slicing at perfect ease. Though the knife is not a full tang knife but performs all the camping chores easily. The razor-sharp blade holds a fine edge that makes it worth buying.

The non-slipping, grippy and stacked leather handle is built of compressed washers of leather having some insertions that are sunken deep. These insertions make it highly suitable for outdoor tasks providing a firm grip in different kinds of weather. The solid pommel also works as a great pounding tool that knocks the rival hard. It has finger grooves on it guarding the fingers to have an extra strong grip over the blade while doing a harder task.

This USA made knife comes with a 100 percent leather sheath. This Mexican made sheath is a symbol of KA-BAR quality and unique craftsmanship. The sheath provides a sound and secured accommodation to the blade. The leather loops are quite smart to be attached to a belt. It features a leather strip with a snap that actually keeps the knife in the sheath and thus prevents the blade from any damage.

This KA-BAR is one of the best camping knives under 100 dollars. It is legendary among the knife manufacturers and offers high-quality designs fulfilling all of your needs whether you are going on an adventure or to a camping trip. So equip yourself with this unique tool, offered by KA-BAR and experience the difference.

Also check some of the best survival knives under 100 dollars here.


  • 1095 Cro-van steel blade
  • Solid metal pommel
  • Nice leather sheath


  • Designed for combat purposes

3. Cold Steel AD-15 – Tactical Folding Camp Knife

cold steel ad 10 hiking knife

Another wonderful pick, the most reliable and user-friendly tactical folding knife Cold Steel AD-10 and AD-15 owns a multipurpose blade and a super safe scorpion lock. The spear point blade has a perfect ability of piercing and precision cutting.

The folding options can be controlled with one hand easily to have an accurate approach. This high-performance huge sabre ground blade is built with tough S35VN steel to tackle the situation. The razor-sharp blade is super easy to sharp. The scorpion lock which is considered the toughest lock in the folding knife industry adds value to the knife and makes it really cool. It’s pretty cool to get the lock work, just use your thumb and get the yolk falls snugly into a deep notch in the blade’s tang.

The handle is really unique and a fusion of many qualities. The lower part or the bottom has 3D-machined G-10 scales coupled with steel liners, whereas the upper portion is crafted with 3D-machined 6061 aluminum billet. This particular design of the handle makes it durable and provides the user a smart grip over the knife and its versatile blade.

The sheath is extremely fine and accommodates the blade fully protecting its sharpness and preventing it from any kind of damage.

No doubt, it is an excellent pocket knife for camping under 150 dollars. It comes with an incredible locking system that is highly functional. The incredible alloy simply justifies the price and make it worth to buy. This handy tool possesses monstrous power and extraordinary features that makes your hiking expedition a memorable one.


  • Incredible locking system
  • Powerful blade 


  • The scales may tear the pocket
  • Re sharpening is a bit difficult

4. Schrade SCHF28 Little Ricky – Full Tang Hiking Knife

schrade scf28 outdoor camping

A perfect outdoor knife fulfilling all the requirements of a good survival knife is 14.1″ long. It’s 7.9 inches heavy duty blade is made of the most reliable 8Cr13MoV Titanium Coated High Carbon Stainless steel is the strongest companion while exploring into the wild. The full tang blade owns wonderfully sharp cutting edge and cut the trees with great easiness. It has a lanyard hole making the carrying option super simple.

The blade is really sharp do the relative chores fast. The sharpening carbide stones are used to smooth out the tiny imperfections left by the manufacturing company. It is a symbol of innovative design, high quality and trust. The black textured thermoplastic elastomer handle has finger grooves on it to provide you the most comfortable and secured grip. The finger grooves make it anti-slipping and enable the user to have complete control over the blade.

The sheath is really impressive and holds the heavy knife fully secured and protected. The thermoplastic belt is extremely convenient to wear and readily accessible. This fixed blade camping tool has proved its abilities whether survival is the issue or trekking is the real purpose. So feel the power and get your objective fulfilled with the help of this brute gadget.


  • Extremely comfortable handle
  • Razor sharp blade


  • Heavy Sheath

5. KATSU – Camping Pocket Folding Knife

katsu camping pocket folding knife

A beautiful pocket knife having a razor-sharp blade is highly efficient in all the outdoor tasks no matter what is the purpose behind. The 3.9 inches VG-10 Steel stonewashed blade is extremely sharp. The blade is perfectly centered. The sharpness is really matchless with its affordable price where it features all the qualities of an expensive knife.

This folding tool has an impressive style and unique design with an overall length of 9 inches when it is open and the length remains only 5 inches when the blade is folded. The Titanium & Carbon Fiber handle provides a comfortable grip and is highly durable.

It has a frame lock that keeps the blade in place while it’s open and it is super easy to close the knife by using one hand. The thumb notches opening lever and ball bearing system enables the campers and hikers to have ready and fast access to the weapon. The lock is perfectly tight and fit.

The sheath is of superb quality and made of 100 percent leather. It is no doubt a super-duper offer at this low price. The logo of KATSU is engraved in the knife’s blade and looks stunning. The Japanese style lock is durable and inspiring, the user feels it delightful when he opens or closes the knife.


  • Razor sharp blade
  • Titanium & Carbon Fiber handle
  • 100 percent leather sheath


  • Nil

6. SOG TFSAT8-CP Flash II – Black Tanto EDC Knife

sog black tanto edc knife

Another famous pick is from SOG which is a US-based company is known best among the world knife makers as they build tools to last and assist the user when he needs them. It is a quick open everyday folding knife that has super cool carrying options. So carry it with you all the time as a self-defense gadget. You just need to give it a flick and you will get the blade open. Its closed length is 4.5 inches that is considered the most appropriate as a pocket tool.

Its 3.5 inches stainless steel blade is perfectly sharp and reliable. The titanium nitride-coated blade is made of AUS-8 Stainless Steel and is specifically designed to work well in all the outdoor ventures. The blade is uniquely designed having a powerful drop point and centered position for severer piercing cuts. It is extremely lightweight and can be carried anywhere easily.

It has a glass-reinforced nylon grip offering the users a comfortable holding ability and a non-slipping firm grip. It has a piston lock that secures the knife and makes it ready to access by the users. This straight edge pocket knife has a fast opening clip to release the knife quickly and get it ready in hands to act as your best companion during your adventure.

The company believes in the effectiveness and the quality of its products thus it proudly announces that it accommodates all the repairing issues and replacement request. So whether you are the beginner or an expert this very knife will probably fulfill your respective needs with great efficiency.


  • A perfect blade
  • Smart piston lock


  • The locking mechanism is a bit annoying.

7. Kershaw Leek Pocket Knife – Best Camping Knife under 50 Dollars

kershaw leek pocket knife

It is a unique article of Kershaw knife series, Leek. It enjoys a modified drop point blade of 3.5 inches made with 14C28N steel. This steel is considered the best one for making knives as it is highly corrosion resistant and possesses great edge retention. This is really a typical of Kershaw’s quality products, innovative designs and solid highly reliable knives.

Its closed length is 4 inches whereas it is 7 inches long in open form. The handle is made of 410 stainless steel alloy offering full resistance to corrosion giving the blade extra power and strength. The handle provides a firm grip to the user and great durability too. It often has patterns, ridges or lines so it won’t get slipped from campers’ hands.

The frame lock gives the knife a slim and smart look. The speed safe assisted opening enables the climbers to open the knife with no effort but the functionality and usability is superb. A wonderful pocket tool that opens easily and works wonder. The price adds to its value as such an exceptional tool has the same attributes as any excellent tactical knife owns. Just a little pressure to the thumb stud opens the blade smoothly

The knife provides the campers wonderful carrying options so they can choose the one that suits them the best. It comes with the reversible pocket clip that lets the users choose their most preferred way of carrying the knife, whether tip-up or tip-down. So it is the time to please your passion in your own way.


  • A stylish pocket knife
  • A superbly reliable blade
  • Various carrying options


  • Nil

8. Benchmade – Bugout 535 – Camping Folding Knife

benchmade bugout 535 manual camping folding knife

A fine, high-quality product from the famous Benchmade, a renowned name among knife manufacturers is considered an ideal folding device particularly for hiking, camping and backpacking. It is an extremely lightweight gadget that can be carried anywhere.

The drop point blade possesses great edge retention and resistance against corrosion. The versatile blade is made up of CPM-S30V steel which is the most powerful blade to control the harder situations confidently. The blade is perfectly centered and super sharp.

The ergonomic textured handle is modeled with glass-filled nylon providing great grip and durability. The handle is perfectly suitable for everyday use as it is highly comfortable and grippy.

The locking mechanism is completely safe and allows the campers to open and close the knife smoothly and smartly. It has a reversible clip so the trekkers can carry the knife in a way as they feel suitable and easy. It is undoubtedly an impeccable addition to your EDC collection. So enjoy the perfect knife with super-smart features fulfilling all the needs of a worthy camping knife.

The price is the real attraction as the offer seems quite cheap as compared to the features it possesses especially the locking process which only the expensive knives can enjoy.


  • Amazing lock
  • CPM-S30V steel blade
  • Grippy handle


  • Nil

9. CRKT Homefront Aluminum Camping Pocket Knife

crkt home folding pocket knife for camping

This handy tool is a classic and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. It is an amazing creation of world-famous knife designing expert Ken Onion. The knife has an impressive design and proves to be your fast companion during any hard day’s experience. Its take apart fieldstrip allows the campers to maintain this tool well, and keep the knife clean without doing much effort.

Its high carbon stainless steel drop point blade is extremely sharp and is 3.5 inches long. The overall length is 8.25″ when the knife is opened and when the knife is closed it becomes too short as of 4.728″ only which is considered the ideal length for a pocket knife. It offers an easy cleaning process as the disassembling and reassembling is quite easy. You just need to push the front release lever up when the knife is closed, then spin the release wheel and pull the handle away from the blade. To reassemble the knife, the same process is reversed and you will get your knife ready to serve you.

The 6061 Aluminum handle is extremely comfortable and provide the users a firm grip. The handle is durable and sturdier to hold the blade so the campers get a balanced control over the knife. This folding knife looks smart and the locking liner increases its usability.


  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Impressive design
  • Razor sharp blade


  • Nil

10. Spyderco para Military 2

spyderco paramilitary camp knife

A ‘wow’ offer and the most popular and highly demanded design of Spyderco series. The respective folding tool is designed specifically as a portable tool used to face any life and death situation. Its fine quality super cool full flat ground blade is highly efficient and reliable.

The G10 ergonomic handle is narrowed at the end providing a comfortable grip. The handle is really smooth and durable. The handle has a jimping surface to remove all kinds of uncomfortable angles when the knife is closed. The locking mechanism is way easy to manage. The blade is readily accessible through a four-position pocket clip and large lined lanyard tube2.

Paramilitary 2 is among the perfect EDC cutting gadgets that features extraordinary power, strength and reliability. It is a user-friendly device having an excellent ambidextrous one hand opening. Spyderco’s Para Military 2 comes with a wide variety of different blade and handle options.

So face the mountains and climb the rocks with this handy knife by Spyderco which has smart unique features just like any heavy-duty versatile knife. It fits into your pocket and ready to work in the hour of need like your friends. Embrace the hardest tasks with confidence when you have Spyderco with you.


  • User friendly lock
  • Reliable blade


  • The material used to make it more grippy sometimes tears up the pockets.

The above are the top most picks under the best camping knives of 2022 satisfying the climbers in terms of functionality, quality and utility. The very presence of any such knife adds confidence and capability of the camper to camp and change the impossible into possible. So enjoy your next trekking adventure or your outdoor expedition by using the above most convenient easy to carry tools. The selection of the right tool depends on your own suitability and convenience.

Why do you need a knife when Camping? Uses of a Hiking and Camping Knife?

The camping world is full of adventure where the next moment is a mystery. The camper would be in a real threat without a versatile camping knife it is no doubt a must-have tool. It is the only essential tool you have to do many practical jobs preferably to ensure your survival in case of any hazardous situation.

1) Self-defense:

The very companionship of a knife is actually to guarantee your survival in the backcountry so whatever the situation you face while trekking or camping, your knife fights for your defense.

2) Firestarter:

You can’t carry every tool to your camping trip. Whenever you need you can easily use your survival knife to light a fire whether for making a signal or for preparing a meal.

3) Clearing paths:

Don’t expect a plain walking path when you are heading into the wilderness or going for mountain climbing. Your knife will do this job well for you and you will get through the dense forest safely. These wilderness survival knives are also great for this purpose.

4) Hunting a small game:

While exploring the outdoors you may face the shortage of your food storage and feel the need to hunt a small game to get yourself some food. Your folding knives would work as a spear when attached to a long stick.

5) Skinning:

After hunting, skinning is the first job to be done properly. Your good camping knife is highly functional in doing this and removes the fur of your game in no time. Do check some other knives best for skinning.

6) Can opener:

Your canned food doesn’t have any automatic system to get open when needed by the user you have to do it manually and for this, your all-purpose camping gear is the actual solution that can work as a substitute.

7) A digging tool:

You need to dig the holes for various purposes during your trekking. No matter what the purpose of digging is, but only a sturdier blade can do the digging task handily.

8) A useful first aid tool:

Your camp knife becomes really handy when you have any medical emergency. It helps you not only to clean your wound but to tear the bandage or to make bandage becomes easier with the super sharp blade of your knife.

9) A signaling device:

Your rock climbing survival gears confirms your survival in all kinds of life and death situation. When you are lost or want your friend to locate you, use it to call them. So hint the people who have come to rescue you with this versatile weapon just by reflecting the light of the sun with its super shiny blade.

Remember the story of Aron Ralston whose knife saved his life, you must take this must carry a weapon with you to your hiking trip. Life has no backup so avoid making life-taking terrible mistakes and make sure this is the first thing of your backpack. Owning the right and appropriate tool will pave your way towards your success.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should you carry a knife when camping?

Campers know the importance of a knife during camping or trekking. It is no doubt a must-carry tool in your backpack when you are going for an adventure and the design selection depends on the purpose. A folding knife that is highly portable is an ideal one for hiking and camping chores. But at the same time, the non-folding fixed blade knives perform a superb job as they are unbreakable and own a versatile sharpened blade.

2. What is the best camping knife for the money?

KATSU Camping Pocket Folding Japanese Knife, Kershaw Camp 10 (1077), Fixed Blade Camp Knife, Spyderco Paramilitary Folder 3.0 in Plain G-10 Handle are some of the best camping gear available at the best affordable price.

You can also find some of the best affordable survival knives here.

3. What is the best quality of a camping Knife?

A 4 to 7 inches full tang, fixed quality carbon steel blade having a solid synthetic handle proves to be of the best quality to deal with all the camping chores.

4. Where to keep a knife while hiking or camping?

While hiking keeping the knife in a safe place where it is easily accessible and can’t fall in case of climbing is a must job. The trekkers must keep their knives in a fanny pack so they could easily carry them. The hiking/camping backpack has a separate compartment for such weapons, so the knife must be placed there safely.

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