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best butterfly knife

If you came here you must be in search of a balisong which is commonly known as a butterfly knife. You might need it as a gravity knife, as a cool and aesthetic tool to carry or maybe you just have seen that famous flipping scene of “Streets Of Fire” and now you also want to practice that fascinating flipping trick and for that, you need a butterfly knife.

Well, whatever are your intentions we are here to help you find out what is the best butterfly knife for you.

So in this article, we are going to introduce you to some budget-friendly but good quality butterfly knives that you would love to carry.

So, what are you waiting for?

let’s scroll down to find out the best one for you.

Best Butterfly Knife in 2022

1. MSGumiho - Butterfly Knife (RAINBOW)

This is the knife for someone who is just starting learning balisong flipping because this beautiful butterfly knife is designed especially for beginners.

This colorful stainless steel knife has ergonomic handles that will make your flipping easier and faster. If you focus on the design a little bit then you can see a couple is carved on it which gives it an aesthetic look.

Weight is only 4.8oz which is perfect for a trainer knife because it would be super easy for you to flip if you are a beginner, as lighter balisongs are easier to be flipped when compared with heavy ones.

You can easily practice using this butterfly knife because it comes with an unsharpened blade so there are no worries concerning any sort of cut or injury and It’s perfectly safe to give this to your kids as a gift.

It’s very easy to balance in your hands and this trainer looks exactly like a real butterfly knife because of the visible bite edge.

You’ll receive an extra screw pack and a black bag along with this knife.

In our opinion, it’s the most recommended butterfly trainer knife for beginners.



2. TOPCOM Butterfly Knife Trainer

This trainer butterfly is a perfect gift for your teens so that they can get into the balisong world of flipping art.

The handles are so handy and comfortable to hold that anyone can learn through these within a few days of practice.

Coming towards the weight so yes! 5oz is a bit heavier but if you want to become a pro at flipping techniques then it’s ideal for you.

The blade is dull as it’s designed for training and not for harming so it’s also a plus for you.

This 8.3 inches balisong is very well-balanced and you can enjoy flipping without any fear of slipping.

The package also contains extra screws and tightening keys so you can use these whenever you feel the need.

Coming towards durability so it’s made up of stainless steel which is corrosion resistant and you can use this beautiful butterfly knife for decades.



3. MARCOLO Tool Knife

Marcolo just launched this Blue colored knife having a very classy look. Anyone who wants to learn flipping with an aesthetic knife than this would be perfect for them.

The sandwich-type handle is made up of G10 metal and is very ergonomic you can keep on practicing for hours without any aches.

As far as the weight is concerned so it’s around 138 grams, which is neither too heavy nor too light for flipping.

The blade has a clip point shape and is made up of stainless steel but it isn’t sharp enough to cause any damage so you can practice flipping fearlessly.

Overall, the length is 9.45 inches and that’s a good length for a butterfly knife to maintain balance.

When it comes to durability so yes it is very durable and can benefit you for long time.



4. Andux Land - Lightweight with Replacement Screws

It is one of the most comfortable knives you will find on the internet and you can perform multiple functions using this one from opening bottles to flipping and much more.

The black color Handle is made up of fiberglass and is extremely easy to grip so you can perform all of your tasks through this very easily.

The design is not so fancy but very elegant and nice looking.

Talking about its blade so it’s made up of stainless steel and won’t rust at all even if you put this in water for hours

It’s very lightweight as it weighs around 123 gm and this makes it very easy to carry and flip.

You can maintain a good balance on it because of its suitable length and weight.

One can enjoy using this butterfly knife for the long term because of its long-term durability.



5. MSgumiho Finger Strength Stick Tool

Just look at this beauty don’t you think it’s the perfect tool you have to add to your collection.

It has a G10 Micarta handle which is so handy that you can easily use it by using only one hand and this is what a gravity knife is all about.

It’s designed especially for learning purposes that’s why the blade isn’t sharp at all and has a curved or rounded tip.

The knife has ball-bearing pivots which makes it easy to flip and rotate.

Being only 4.16 oz it’s very lightweight, hence easy to practice with.

The design is super classy and anyone would love to have this as a gift so you can gift this to your loved ones.

Its material is very durable and worth the money.



6. AIFUSI Butterfly Knife Trainer

This multifunctional knife is all you need in your pocket. It works amazingly portable and can be used for various activities.

The grey-colored knife has a skull design handle that gives it a very fancy and stylish look but looks aren’t what all this handle has as it’s very ergonomic too.

Coming towards the blade so this 6.5-inch knife has a 3-inch long unsharpened blade that is made up of alloy steel which makes the knife rust-resistant and nice-looking.

It is very lightweight and weighs around 3.2oz, the reason why anyone from a child to an adult can use it very easily.

This knife can be used for various purposes; you can use it as a bottle opener and it can also be used as a nail puller other than this it’s a perfect flipping knife as it is well-balanced.

Talking about durability so you can use it for years easily.



7. Grand Way - Balisong Trainer CSGO K10-B

Grand way brings you an amazing butterfly knife in as low as 13.99$ so what else do you need.

It is the best affordable balisong and yet it’s very reliable.

This blacks colored 9.25 inches long knife has an unsharpened stainless steel blade which is safe to practice with as it won’t injure you during your practice.

The black-colored handle is very ergonomic and made up of metal you can use this for practicing for hours without any fatigue and it is ambidextrous so one can carry this in whichever hand they like to.

Coming towards the weight so it is very lightweight and due to this reason, it is easy to flip.

You can use this butterfly knife for years and the looks will remain the same so yes it is durable too.



8. NaBalis G10 Ultra-Lightweight

If you’re in search of a good butterfly knife that not only looks good but also works well then this one is for you.

It has an amazing white-colored, ergonomic handle made up of stainless steel having red color triangular pattern over it.

This is a perfect gravity knife and can be used for different activities because of its unique design.

The blade is unsharpened and made up of stainless steel the reason why it is rust-resistant and can work for the long run.

Specially designed to learn the flipping tricks that’s why it is 7oz.

This is a durable knife and can be used for the long term without getting damaged if used appropriately.

Highly recommended from our side.



Buying guide:

how to choose the right butterfly knife

Now as you have checked out our list of best butterfly knives. You must be wondering which one is perfect for you and most probably for you, it's hard to choose that what would be a perfect balisong according to your need.

So here are the certain characteristics that you have to check in your butterfly knife before buying it.

- Weight:

If you need a trainer balisong then weight should be your first concern as you can not flip a very heavyweight balisong easily and as we know that balisong is a gravity knife so a very light one would not open on its own when you flip that with one hand, so go for the one that is neither too light nor too heavy.   Normally, 3 to 4 ounces are good.

- Length:

The length is also a very important factor for butterfly knives one can not flip a very long balisong easily and flipping will also be difficult for short ones too so buy a butterfly knife with a length of around 28 to 32 centimeters.

- Balance:

Balance is a key while flipping so you have to check that before purchasing whether the knife you are going to buy is well-balanced or not.

- Material:

Material is also as important as any other factor because if your butterfly knife isn’t made up of good material then it won’t be durable. After all, there can be chances of rusting, corrosion, and breakage.

- Blades:

If you are buying it only for learning purposes then the blades should not be sharpened because in that case, you can hurt yourself or the one you are buying it for.

So go for the balisongs that have rounded tips and unsharpened edges.

- Legal or not:

In most parts of the world, these butterfly knives are illegal, so if you are going to buy one check out whether it’s legal in your country or not. However, these trainer butterfly knives are considered to be legal almost everywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are also known as balisong and are a kind of knives having two handles that can rotate around the tang and you might have seen this before in movies where the hero or the villain perform different tricks by using it which they call flipping.

yes, these are a type of gravity knife because we can open and close these by using only one hand.

Not all butterfly knives are safe for you to practice. Only those which are known as trainer knives are safe for practicing or learning flipping techniques as these have unsharpened or dull blades.

They can but only trainer butterfly knives and not the real ones with sharp blades.

28cm to 32cm is good for practicing

3oz to 4oz is good for learning.

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