Best Blade Length for Survival Knife

Best blade length for survival knife

No one plans to get into a real survival situation but going for an outdoor adventure and not fully equipped with the perfect tools and weapons then you risk your life even more. Survival knife having impeccable features specifically appropriate blade length and sharpness help you overcome every possible issue in an unexpected catastrophe.

Perfect blade length for your lifesaving Survival Knife

Any knife you use in a life-threatening situation to ensure your survival is a survival knife. There are some particular features that make it good and versatile to withstand hardcore activities performing a multitude of jobs at the same time. It will do everything to keep you alive. You have to make it sure that it has a blade length suitable for your outdoor adventures giving you an exceptionally strong, stable and safe grip.

Knives with different blade sizes:

There is not any set standard size for a survival knife, the size has to be adapted according to you with which you are comfortable and find easy to get your desired job done easily and safely. Let’s have an outline of what the knife can do with different blade sizes.

0 to 1 inches:

0 to 1 inches

Our general utility knives fall in this category. They can be used in a variety of tasks even to deal with an unexpected situation. Though they are cheap but smart enough to be carried with you when going for your outdoor venture.

This blade length is perfectly suitable whether for the daily chores in the kitchen or somewhere out to do other tasks like cutting cardboard or paper or opening packages and cans. Everything which we can possibly think can be accomplished with utility knives far easily. Miscellaneous cutting tasks can easily be done with this ideal and suitable length.

2-4 inches:

2 to 4 inches

You will find this blade length in most of the pocket knives and small fixed blade knives. They are portable and work amazingly. Considered ideal for indoor and outdoor activities. This handy tool works appropriately when hunting a small game. You can simply do your everyday cutting and chopping jobs with it and similarly it performs other variety of tasks with superb efficiency.

You can have it in your pocket without any legal issue and do various duties ranging from simple cutting to hunting or field dressing in short whatever you wanna do with it as it is a multipurpose tool.

This category of blades is extremely lightweight but gives a wonderful satisfaction and ease when doing the hunting stuff, whether hunting the animal is the job or skinning the prey is to be done. All the rigid blades are of this length and have been successfully in use for years.

5-7 inches:

5 to 7 Inches

This one is the most popular size among all the other sizes of the blade for survival knives. Its perfect magnitude makes it versatile and effective in every task which is part of any survival situation. As we know that the size of the best blade depends on the hand size and comfortability of the survivor, it is actually the preference and safe grip which matters a lot.

Such a size of the blade is considered the most reliable one to complete a number of tasks whether indoors and outdoors.  The survivors will choose the best according to the suitability of their hand and easiness to have a stronger and relaxed grip.

This size of blade usually fulfills almost all the survival needs and works really better in case of hunting, chopping, skinning, dicing, cutting and other necessary functions needed in an emergency.

8-10 inches:

8 to 10 inches

This one is specifically designed for the tough and hard experience of an experienced and expert outdoor adventurer. This heavy-duty blade works wonder if treated properly and manly. Its major function ranges from butchering to slicing and cutting woods.

This very size is not very common among survivors while facing a life-threatening phase of their lives. But here it is worth mentioning that you as a survivor must be able to seek the size best suited to the purpose you are using it for.

11 and above 11 inches:

11 and above inches

Such blade sizes are actually true machetes or knives. They are not handy because of larger blade size but can work well against any threatening condition. They are really heavy duty blades and perform great jobs including chopping cane and bamboo, clearing the path, cutting the dense forest and really helpful in self-defense against a predator whether a man or a beast.

They can work like an axe, a big dagger, a small sword in a nutshell knife having this blade length are multipurpose serving you in a number of ways. Survival knives having different blade sizes as mentioned above are equally useful and amazing in their respective qualities.

It’s you to decide which size works best for you. As this is the most important asset for you to fight with a number of unpredictable conditions. So be careful while making a selection as this is the ultimate survival gear capable of saving your life in any bad circumstances. The survivor needs to make sure that his survival tool is adapted to him to reduce the possible risks of outdoor explorations.

This versatile weapon must have a great match with your personality and definitely to your particular aim. You must be well aware that what size and what kind of blade of your survival knife is generally forbidden to carry in your country. Having a knife of appropriate blade length will be the most efficient and work the best. The more you are trained and learned the ways of tackling your only lifesaving weapon having different blade sizes the more you will enjoy your outdoor ventures.

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