10 best affordable survival knives 2022 (budget-friendly and quality knives)

Buying an inexpensive survival knife with good quality is like an impossible dream these days. This is because whenever it’s about purchasing good quality survival knives, many of us anticipate that it’s going to cost us a lot of money. However, that’s not the case because in this article I’m going to introduce you to some inexpensive survival knives that are durable and of excellent quality. These survival knives are as efficient as other top-rated survival knives of reputable brands but the plus is that these will cost you lesser money.

10 best affordable survival knives 2022 budget-friendly and quality knives

10 best affordable survival knives 2022 (budget-friendly and quality knives)

1. Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Steel Survival Knife with Fire Starter and Sheath

This is going to be the most affordable and fantastic survival gear of your life. Morakniv bushcraft carbon steel survival knife is known for its resilience and vitality. The knife is manufactured especially for getting through the toughest situations.

It comes with a carbon steel blade having an anti-corrosive coating to avoid rusting. One can not deny the fact that carbon steel is perfect for longer edge retention and easy blade maintenance. The 4.3 inches long blade of this super sharp survival knife is desirable for cutting, carving, and chopping. The Scandi grind of this fixed blade knife makes it ideal as a multi-purpose tool. This blade has a thickness of around 3.2 mm which shows that it is not too thick and that’s why it can be used for carving and other tasks. The knife has a hardness of around 56-58 HRC so that it can resist stress and pressure while in use.

The handle of this knife is specially designed for maximum grip. You can hold this knife with utmost comfort. The reason for this comfort is the handle material which is the rubber that is tough too. This handle has a special curve behind the finger guard to ensure a secure grip to avoid any injury.

Not only this but this survival knife is extremely durable and easy to carry since it is very lightweight and weighs only 5.4oz.

Now let’s have a look at the most interesting part which is the leather sheath. Every one of us loves the free stuff and this is why this sheath is special as it incorporates a fire starter and a diamond sharpener. Well, now you must be thinking that there are so many knives that come with a compass fire starter and sharpener then what’s so special about this one. So let me tell you that those are very costly and this one is not and you can easily buy this survival knife at a very affordable price, isn’t it cool?




2. GERBER Strong-arm Fixed Blade Knife with Fine Edge – Black

There are so many survival knives in the market that one can buy under 100$ but do you think all of these are durable and classy at the same time? The answer is no! Well, we have one right here which is not only affordable but is of great quality too.

Yes, I’m talking about Gerber Strong-arm fixed blade. This is a one-of-a-kind gear that is extremely sharp and resilient. Also it comes in a very decent packaging which enable you to gift it to your loved ones

It is a full tang fixed blade knife that has a 420 high carbon steel blade. 420 high carbon steel is more resistant to corrosion than the 1095 carbon steel. Also, the 4.8 inches long blade has a ceramic coating too for resisting rust and corrosion. it features a trailing point shape for better slicing and skinning when needed. This blade has a super cool edge retention quality that you can hardly find in other knives.

Well, not only the blade but its handle is also super cool because of its classy appearance and excellent grip. The glass-filled nylon handle with rubber over-mold is very ergonomic and durable. This handle has a dotted textured design which is why it is very convenient to grip. At the back, there is a hole in the handle for adjusting the cord or lanyard according to ones need. For breaking hard things the strong pommel of this knife is just perfect.

This knife is extremely durable and you can use this survival gear for decades and it won’t break. Coming towards the size so it is around 9.8 inches long and weighs around 7.9 ounces.

Gerber strong-arm comes with a multipurpose sheath that is pretty sturdy and can be easily mounted on anything you want. The belt hoops are separable so that the knife can be carried horizontally too.




3. MCDLOKA Fixed Blade Knives Outdoor Survival Camping Knife

MCDLOKA fixed blade survival knife is one of the most meticulous tools that you can have. Its design and quality both are worth the money. This is a simple knife with so many additional benefits because of its amazing composition. 

The drop point blade is around 4.72 inches long and has a thickness of around 0.19 inches. Its specialty is the material which is 420 high carbon stainless steel with grey titanium coat. This is because high carbon stainless steel is perfect for edge maintenance and easy to sharpen also it is rust-resistant too. Its grey titanium coating further adds to its durability. You can use this blade from both sides because one side is serrated and the other has a plain edge for chopping and slicing. The steel is heat-treated and hardened which makes it wear-resistant.

Its G10 handle won’t slip even if your hands are wet because of its non-skiddy ergonomic handle design. It features an anti-slip fit gesture for an excellent gripping experience. You can easily put a rope into the tactical rope holes present on the handle. The handle has a thickness of 0.75 inches which is why it’s very comfortable to carry.

It has an amazing Kydex sheath that is very light and strong. The sheath has a clip that can be used for hanging the sheath vertically and horizontally too.

This knife weighs around 11.8 ounces and has a total length of 9.45 inches which gives an excellent ratio of weight and length to the knife. 

As far as the durability of this amazing tool is concerned, this is one of the most durable knives and can be used for years without getting damaged.




4. Morakniv Companion Spark Fixed-Blade

This is a solid piece of steel with loads of advantages. Morakniv is the second name of quality in the world of knives and no one can beat this brand because of their very reasonable prices.

Morakniv companion spark features a Sandvik blade that is made up of 12C27 Swedish stainless steel. The 3.9 inches long blade is razor-sharp out of the box and has an amazing cutting edge due to the Scandinavian grind and is very easy to sharpen. It is surely a multipurpose blade that can be used for performing various tasks including cutting, chopping, whittling, and much more. As the material is rust-resistant so you can fearlessly perform your daily chores and it won’t get damaged but make sure to clean this up once you are done with your work.

The handle is of great quality and deserves appreciation for sure. The rubber handle has the quality of being used by wet hands and I can assure you that it won’t slip. It is black with red color details on the pommel and right behind the blade. There is a lanyard hole at the back of the handle which adds to the beauty of this masterpiece.

It comes with a very durable and sturdy sheath and nylon lanyard that are quite stylish. The plastic sheath features a belt loop so that you can easily hang your knife with your belt.

This knife is very light and has a total mass of 4.5 ounces which is why it is portable and easy to use too. The length is around 9.4 inches which are perfect for a survival knife also you can use it for EDC too.

Talking about the durability so yes this knife is amazingly long lasting and can be used for decades without getting damaged.




5. SOG Survival Knife with Sheath - Field Knife Fixed Blade

SOG survival knife with satin finish and amazing design is a gear that you must have if you are a survivalist or a knife enthusiast who loves collecting knives. Not only the knife quality is superb but the price is also astonishingly low.

This knife has an immensely sharp stainless steel blade that has the most perfect cutting edge. The blade length is around 4 inches and it’s perfect for chopping and cutting any material. As the blade is hard enough so it can bear all sorts of stress this is why you can use this knife for camping and EDC too. It is a full tang heavy-duty blade that has the quality of retaining edge for a longer period. What makes this clip point blade even more special is that it is completely rust-resistant and can be used in damp places easily. The blade features a straight cutting edge for better slicing and skinning.

Coming towards the handle so it is made up of thermoplastic rubber which is very solid and grippy. The material is non-slippery and the handle is very comfortable to hold. One can easily work with this handle for hours without any aches. There is a curve in the handle just behind the blade’s cutting edge which works as a finger guard to avoid injury.

Now let’s have a look at the flawless and durable sheath that is made up of glass-reinforced nylon and features a notch for hasty cutting. The versatile sheath is black just like the knife and includes a belt clip too.

Now as far as the size is concerned so it is relatively small and has a length of around 8.5 inches but that doesn’t affect the knife’s strength at all. It is very lightweight that’s is why very easy to carry.




6. NedFoss Survival Knife with Fire Starter and Kydex Sheath

Nedfoss has brought another affordable yet amazing survival knife. Which is classy durable and user-friendly too. This knife is extremely lightweight and exceptionally sharp.

It is a full tang knife with a 5 mm thick blade of high carbon steel. This drop point blade is one of those blades that can shave your hair off, extremely sharp and sturdy, and hardened to 58 HRC. It has a total length of 3.9 inches but it’s quite enough for the chopping and slicing of anything that comes your way. However, the blade is not rust-resistant so it is recommended to use it with a lot of care and make sure to clean it once you are done with your work. Also, keep it lubricated to avoid any sort of corrosion.

Handle here is the main attraction of this knife. The 5.35 inches long G10 fiberglass handle has an impressive moisture-proof design that avoids slipping of the handle. This handle is extremely ergonomic and features a lanyard hole at the back so that you can put it in your lanyard easily. Right behind the blade on the handle, there is a finger gripping space which further adds to the comfort of usage.

This incredibly strong full tang survival knife comes with a sturdy Kydex sheath along with a belt clip that can be adjusted according to your will. You can hang your knife using the clip vertically and horizontally too because the clip has a detachable system.

Nedfoss survival knife is 9.25 inches long and has a weight of 7.98 ounces which isn’t heavy at all and hence it can easily be used by anyone.

Moreover, this is one of the most long-lasting knives and it includes a free whistle and fire starter.




7. Smith & Wesson SWHRT9B High Carbon S.S.

I can bet you that you are going to love this and keep this one with you wherever you go. Smith & Wesson has introduced this amazing fixed blade knife for survival which is surely a game-changer. I’ll let you know about the price in the last because it’s too shocking so firstly, let’s discuss its specifications.

The dual-edge blade which is 4.7 inches long is something you should carry if it is you vs wilderness. Because this is an all-in-one thing that will help you on your journey and you just don’t need to carry any other blade as it’s more than enough. It is made up of 7Cr17MoV high carbon steel and has great edge retention. The blade is razor-sharp and easily accessible and dual-edge makes it a good self-defense knife too.

The handle is pretty ergonomic and has a lanyard hole at the back. Its strong pommel also offers a great hammering mechanism. As the handle is none slippery and quite easy to grip so you can perform all of your tasks easily with this one without any slipping. There is a finger guard available for safe and easy use. Overall, this TPE handle is very sturdy and durable.

Coming towards the amazing looking sheath that has a belt clip and is quite long-lasting and stylish at the same time.

The size and weight of the knife are just perfect it is around 9 inches long and weighs around 7.7 ounces which makes it easy to carry.

This masterpiece knife is not only durable but looks amazing in hand because of its simple and unique design and its black color is just like the cherry on the top.




8. Cold Steel SRK Survival Rescue Fixed Blade Knife

Cold steel is the name of the class and like all other knives, this one also has something special. This is a black-colored survival knife with a great handle, sharp blade, and excellent quality sheath.

The blade is known for its toughness and sturdiness. It is made up of special Japanese high carbon steel which is SK-5. The special thing about this steel is that it is very strong and its toughness is so on point. Also, it holds onto the edge very well. This blade has a total length of around 5 inches and has the sharpest cutting edge. Keeping the blade clean and lubricated should be your priority once you are done using this because we know that carbon steel can corrode.

This knife is preferred by militants because of its sturdiness and flexibility. It has a Kraton handle which has some sort of texture for better grip and a comfortable user experience. There is a finger guard and lanyard hole available so that you can install a cord or a lanyard in it. Overall the handle is quite ergonomic and non-slippery. Also, the material of the handle makes it durable too.

Now coming towards the amazing versatile sheath which is perfectly fit for the knife. By saying perfectly fit I mean that the sheath is neither too tight nor too loose. That’s why there are no worries regarding losing the knife because of falling out of the sheath.

This knife has a perfect length of around 9.5 inches and weighs around 5.1 ounces so this shows that it’s a lightweight gear that is very easy to carry.




9. Holtzman's Gorilla Survival Knife | Bushcraft Neck Knife Men's Gift

What makes this knife special is that it’s not an ordinary survival knife but a survival neck knife that you can wear for self-defense or for EDC too. It is a small nice looking portable gear that is going to be your companion on your adventures.

It’s a fixed blade neck knife with a full tang and has a razor-sharp D2 blade which is around 2.75 inches long. The blade has an amazing cutting edge and it is very easy to maintain. It is rust-resistant and easy to sharpen. You can use the blade easily in damp places without any fear of rusting and damage. The hardness and toughness are perfectly balanced so that the sturdiness of the blade can be maintained.

The spine has an angle of 90° and it comes with a Ferro rode so that you can spark the fire whenever you want. The package also includes a sharpener which will keep your cutting edge nice and sharp.

The handle is very comfortable and not too big. It offers an amazing grip due to its non-slippery design. This G10 handle is around 3.25 inches long which makes it a little difficult for people with big hands to hold it properly. However, for someone with normal size hands, it’s very easy to hold.

It comes with excellent quality and a durable Kydex sheath that protects your knife from external damage. This knife sheath has the option of adding and removing different parts like the cord and the Ferro rod.

It is an immensely lightweight knife so that your neck doesn’t hurt while wearing it. The length is however not so perfect from the point of view of a heavy-duty survival knife but it is perfect as a simple survival neck knife because if it’s too long it’ll hurt your neck.

The best part is that the knife comes in very special packaging so you can gift it to someone you want or you can use it by yourself too. It completely depends on you.

Not only the knife is very stylish but it is pretty long-lasting and you can use it for decades after spending on it ones.




10. Buck Knives 119 Special Fixed Blade Knife with Leather Sheath

This is a multipurpose survival knife that can be used as an everyday carry and even in the kitchen. You can use this one the way you want and it will not get damaged because it’s made up of extraordinary material that is going to last long.

Buck knives 119 has a wicked sharp blade that is ready to be used straight out of the box. The cutting edge is not only sharp but has great retention too. This easy-to-maintain blade is composed of 420 high carbon steel and as I’ve been mentioning throughout the article that this sort of steel is rust-resistant and can be used in moisture without any fear. However, keeping it clean can increase its life even more. The clip point blade is around 6 inches long which helps in cutting through the toughest things. Its hardness and toughness are also on point.

The handle has a class of its own and it’s very ergonomic too. Its black-colored phenolic handle has an amazing design for maximum friction and grip so that it won’t slip away while use. The handle has an aluminum finger guard which protects your hands from injury and it also features an aluminum pommel which adds to the knife beauty.

There is a leather sheath available with the knife that includes a fastener and belt loop for convenient carry. The leather sheath is of great quality and is quite strong so it won’t get damaged no matter how roughly you use it.

This amazing 10.5 inches long knife weighs around 7.5 ounces which is just perfect for a survival knife that is supposed to be used for heavy duty tasks.




Buying guide

Well, we all need an expert opinion before investing in anything regardless of the fact how much we are spending on the item we are going to buy. So here in this section, I’m going to guide you about what strategies you can use for selecting the affordable survival knife that is of great quality too.

1. Durability

Imagine that you successfully purchase a survival knife that is perfect for your budget and the next day after performing some simple chores it suddenly breaks. This is something that happens mostly when we opt for cheaper options in the market as the quality is usually compromised and we end up purchasing a worthless tool that is not durable at all. So make sure to select the knife that is made up of high-quality sturdy material which helps you in the longer run.

2. Full tang

This is something that I’ve been mentioning for so long that a full tang is always a big yes. Well, I’m not saying it out of my love for full tang knives. In fact, there is a reason behind this approach. Full tang knives are way more strong and can bear more tension and stress than half tang knives. Also, a full tang gives you additional strength which is a big need of a survival knife. Usually, cheap knives are half tang and this is why you have to choose carefully.

3. Fixed blade

Survival knives are something that you may need anywhere anytime so these are supposed to be fixed blades. Because if we see folding knives these are not that easy to access and in many cases, these aren’t that durable. So if you see a brand selling a survival folding knife for a lesser price it is highly recommended not to buy that. Choosing a fixed blade is always an intelligent option.

4. Blade material

The blade is the soul of your knife and the material it is made up of matters a lot. There are so many options for blade material in the market and it completely depends on your preference that which material you want to opt. For example, many people prefer stainless steel because that is rust-resistant and many of them like high carbon steel and as we go deeper there are subtypes of carbon steel as well. So if you want to know more about blade steel I’d recommend you to read our article on best steel for survival knife

5. Handle material

G10, micarta, rubber, and in many cases wood are used for handles of survival knives. While choosing the right knife make sure that the handle material of that knife shouldn’t be slippery. As in the case of a cheap rubber plastic handle if the quality rubber is not used then there is a high chance of the handle slipping if your hands are sweating while using it

6. Sheath

Mostly knives with lower prices come without sheath and if in case these include sheath it is usually made up of flimsy material. So how will you know whether the sheath is of good quality or not? Here is the answer make sure that the sheath is of the following materials:

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people assume that good quality survival knives are usually expensive and inexpensive survival knives can not be of good quality. Well, that’s not the case as nowadays there are so many good options available in the market that aren’t only affordable but offer a great quality too.

There are so many cheap survival knives available in the market. However, if specifically, you want to buy a branded one which is of good quality too then Morakniv spark companion is an excellent choice. KA-BAR and cold steel also have some good survival knives available at reasonable prices.

Yes why not, in fact, some brands like KA-BAR Spyderco and cold steel have some fantastic knives available for 60 to 100$ price range. Not only their knives are affordable but are durable too. So if you want to invest your money in survival knives and your budget is limited you don’t have to worry because now big names like KA-BAR have some very good knives available for 60 to 100$.

Only a few brands are selling survival knives for this low price but that doesn’t mean there are none. Morakniv and cold steel have knives for as low as 30$ and you can easily buy a good survival knife under 50$ if you purchase from these.

Answer: Full tang knives are usually expensive because more steel is used for the manufacture but there are some full tang knives that you can buy easily for 50 to 100$. Always read the product description along with reviews carefully to make sure that the knife you are going to buy is full tang or not. Because in many cases small brands don’t mention clearly that their knife is half tang and not full tang.

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